By the Paddle Divided

Caitlin Evans and Britney Rodriguez sat side by side outside the vice-principal’s office, neither finding anything to say, which was unusual for them. Both were close friends. Along with three others in the eleventh grade, they were known for being the ‘cool girls’ of the class.

They were attractive seventeen-year-olds, Caitlin with long dark hair and Britney with short, collar-length blond hair. They paid a lot of attention to their make-up, pushing the limits of what was allowed under school policy. They dressed casually for school, although their blue jeans carried an expensive label and were well-tailored, showing off their nicely rounded backsides to perfection. Even their T-shirts, white for Caitlin and red for Britney, fitted just that bit better than the ones most girls wore. And of course, their trainer shoes carried top labels. None of this would cut any ice with Mr Robson, the vice-principal who dealt with student discipline.

There was a certain irony in their silence, for both were thinking similar thoughts. Both were regretting leaving campus during the lunch break, especially since their purchase of cannabis could have waited until later in the day, after school. They both blamed their impatience on boring morning classes and even more boring classes set for the afternoon. At least they’d had the good sense to leave the cannabis back at Britney’s house, secreted in her secret hiding place behind her tall chest of drawers. Foolishly, they’d forgotten to also leave the packets of cigarettes they’d also bought, and had been required to hand them over to Mr Robson for confiscation.

This had meant they faced two violations of the school code; off-campus without permission and bringing tobacco onto the school grounds. That predestined them both to five swats with the paddle rather than just three for the off-campus violation. The chairs outside Mr Robson’s office were thinly padded and that served only to heighten their fears of how their backsides would be feeling in a few minutes’ time. Yes, they’d been offered Saturday detention as an alternative, in keeping with school policy, but Saturday detention was for losers. They’d lose far too much face if it became known they’d opted for detention rather than take the licks with the paddle.

Footsteps in the hallway made both girls look up. Miss Peters, one of the athletics coaches and a modern languages teacher, approached. She smiled uncertainly at the two girls, tapped on Mr Robson’s door and entered his office just as he was calling out to invite her inside. Miss Peters, in her late twenties, dark-haired, and wearing a dark blue tracksuit, had clearly been summoned to act as a witness to the girls’ paddlings. At least the waiting would soon be over.

Several minutes passed before both girls were awoken from their thoughts by the door to Mr Robson’s office opening with a scrunching sound. The near bald-headed vice-principal peered through the open door and invited Caitlin to join him in the office. Britney looked up as Caitlin rose from her seat, but her friend ignored her and focused on entering the office while the vice-principal held the door open.

Britney could hear muted conversation between Caitlin and Mr Robson, with Miss Peters also having something to say, but the precise words were not fathomable outside the office. When the conversation stopped, what seemed like several minutes’ silence followed, although in all probability it lasted just a minute or two.

Then five distinct bangs resonated from inside the room, each with five or more seconds in between. Britney’s heart quickened. She shivered, and then jumped as the door opened and Caitlin emerged in tears and with one hand caressing her backside through the seat of her jeans.

“Bad?” Britney whispered, looking up into her friend’s face.

Caitlin ignored her, swept past the still-seated girl, and continued along the hallway, her hand now resting on her jean-clad backside. Only the office door self-closing with a scrunch drew Britney’s attention away from her friend and onto her own fate. All too soon, the door was pulled open again and Mr Robson was standing in the doorway.

“Okay, Britney, we’re ready for you now.”

The blond-haired girl stood awkwardly and passed by the vice-principal as she entered the office and nervously looked around. Miss Peters stood a little to the right of the vice-principal’s desk and smiled in welcome as Britney approached. Britney attempted to smile back, but it wasn’t convincing.

“Soon be over,” Miss Peters said quietly as she tried to be helpful.

Britney, though, could see the paddle lying on the desk and it took all her attention. She immediately began to ask herself if she would be able to keep herself together and take her punishment. She so desperately wanted to appear ‘cool’ and brave, able to take her spanking without being unduly affected by it, especially in front of the young, attractive teacher she rather admired. Somehow, though, her nerves were in danger of getting the better of her.

Okay, Britney, it’s five licks,” Mr Robson said as he reached for the paddle. “Now, I want you to stand a couple of feet back from the desk, bend over and place your forearms flat on the desk. Get your head down and stick your butt out.”

Britney moved closer to the desk until she reckoned her feet were just two feet from it and leaned over. As she placed her forearms on the hard wood surface of the desk, she realised her bottom was already straining against the material of her tight- fitting denim jeans. The position felt good enough for someone to aim five hard licks at her backside, so she froze.

“Get your head down and stick your bum out,” Miss Peters whispered loud enough for Mr Robson to hear perfectly clearly.

Britney pressed her face closer to the desktop and thrust her backside even more firmly against the constraining material of her jeans.

“That’s fine, Britney,” Mr Robson confirmed. “Now I just need you to hold perfectly still. Ready?”

“Yes, sir,” Britney answered without thinking, then realised she had effectively given the vice-principal permission to start spanking her.

When the paddle suddenly slammed into her backside, it came as a massive shock that she wasn’t expecting. She leapt up and clasped both hands to the seat of her jeans.

“Aaahh!! My god!”

“Britney, it’s a spanking!” The vice-principal’s tone was sarcastic. “It’s supposed to hurt!”

“Sorry, sir.”

As soon as the apology left her lips, Britney regretted saying it. Just that one strike had left her bottom smarting like she’d never experienced before, and she had four more to take. He’d have to accept her reactions, like it or not.

“Okay,” Mr Robson responded more compassionately. “Now, settle back down into position. Okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

Dutifully, Britney lowered herself back onto the desk and pushed her backside out. At least this time she would not be caught out by the sudden shock of the paddle slamming across her bottom. Within moments, a fresh burst of agony spread like wildfire across her entire bottom.

“Yeeow!” At least this time she stayed bent over the desk, just wriggling her hips to try and mitigate the severe agony.

Mr Robson watched as Britney finished her squirming and held her jeans-clad bottom still, which he took as a clear message she wanted the next spank to be administered. He hastened to oblige.

“Oh my god!!” Britney exclaimed as the paddle crashed across her bottom.

By this point, Britney had become accustomed to the massive pain provided by each swat of the paddle. She knew it was coming, and she knew it was going to hurt. Thus, a writhing of her hips was all she allowed herself before holding still. From experience, the vice-principal knew this was a turning point in the spanking, and the final two swats could be applied with much less reaction from the girl.

As he looked down at Britney’s tight jeans-clad, quite shapely bottom, Mr Robson decided to spank her low down, knowing it would add to the girl’s discomfort when she later tried to sit down. With something of a smirk on his face, the vice-principal slammed the paddle right where he had been aiming.


Mr Robson knew his intended action had worked. Where now to deliver the final spank?

Britney began gently swaying her bottom from side to side, not to mitigate the intense pain she was still feeling, but more because she wasn’t sure where the paddle was now going to strike her backside. As soon as she stopped, Mr Robson swung the paddle hard and fast. It spanked Britney just as low down as the previous swat.


Mr Robson stood back as Britney slowly raised herself up and pressed both hands to her backside, rubbing gently to ease her suffering.

“Take your time, Britney. You’re free to go when you’re ready.”

The vice-principal’s gentle, caring tone seemed incomprehensible to the girl who was struggling to come to terms with the soreness and agony that refused to dissipate, despite her efforts to massage it away.

“Sir,” was her only acknowledgement.

She turned and began walking slowly and painfully towards the door.

The End

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