Lay It On Hard, Please

“Do come and sit down, Emily,” the headmistress got up from her desk and waved the eighteen-year-old towards the three comfortable armchairs around a circular coffee table to one side of her large study.

“Are you sure, headmistress?” Emily smiled ruefully as she half-turned towards the armchairs. “Shouldn’t I be standing in front of your desk like any other naughty girl?”

“For heavens sakes, Emily,” Miss Hermione Carter replied, taking the girl’s arm. “You’re our Head Girl. That entitles you to certain privileges. Cup of tea?”

“Yes, please.”

As Head Girl, Emily Howard visited the headmistress’s study several times a week to discuss various school matters, usually about sports and educational events, problems involving her small team of prefects, or other matters raised by any of the girls. Miss Carter had a particular liking for the tall, blond-haired girl and they got on well together. She always prepared for Emily’s visits by having one of the school secretaries prepare a pot of tea and a small plate of biscuits.

“I must say, Emily, I was extremely surprised to find you amongst the group of girls caught off the school premises without permission.”

“My pen stopped working, headmistress. I took a chance and popped down to the local shopping mall to get a new one. I know I should have a spare pen, or asked permission from the duty teacher to go and buy a new one, but it seemed easier to just take a chance.”

“Yes, or you could have come and asked me. I’m sure we would all have given you a note allowing you to leave school and get yourself a new pen. It’s a pity you didn’t do that.”

“I realise that now, of course. I hope I haven’t given you a problem, headmistress.”

Miss Carter took a sip of her tea.

“Mrs Trubshaw wasn’t actually looking out for truants, you know. She was just doing a bit of shopping herself.”

“Yes, she told me that just before telling me she’d have to report me along with the three fifth formers she also spotted in the shopping mall.”

“She didn’t really have a choice, did she? Having spotted all four of you, she had to escort you all back to school. Otherwise, it would have been a clear case of favouritism.”

“Yes, I completely understood her position. We were all caught in the same boat, so to speak.”

“My problem now, Emily, is what to do with you.”

Emily smiled sheepishly. “I hear the other three are having to serve a two-hour detention on Thursday evening. Is that correct, headmistress?”

“Yes, that’s correct, Emily.”

“So, presumably I shall have to do the same, headmistress, unless you have something else in mind for me?”

“It’s highly unusual for a sixth form girl, let alone our Head Girl, to be put in detention, Emily.”

“Yes, but we’re not exempt. It’s only because sixth form girls tend not to break the rules.”

“That is true, Emily.”

“So, detention for me too? Is that to be my punishment?”

“It’s going to be rather embarrassing for you, Emily, being in detention with the other three. And I expect there will be at least a couple of other girls there too.”

“I’ll just have to endure it, headmistress. All part of my punishment, I guess. Perhaps I should be grateful you didn’t send the others to Miss Henderson for the slipper,” Emily smiled.

“I think you’re forgetting something, Emily.”

“I’m sorry?”

“It’s a two-hour detention, Emily. You’ve supervised enough detentions to know what happens after the first hour.”


“Yes, exactly. Everyone serves the first hour, but anyone having a second hour to serve is offered the choice of serving it or taking four whacks with a slipper. It’s possible the other three girls will be keen to get home, so they’ll take the slipper. You’d have the same choice, of course.”

“Of course,” Emily said pensively.

“What would you do if that happens?”

“I think I’d have to do whatever they do.”

“So, perhaps you should wear trousers on Thursday,” Miss Carter suggested with a smile.

“Perhaps I should, headmistress,” Emily replied, also smiling.


Towards the end of Thursday’s lunch break, Emily checked the prefects’ rota to see which prefect would be supervising that evening’s detention. She found the duty prefect would be Fiona Harris, a shy, friendly girl with a well-developed figure and short, honey-blond hair. Quite tall, Fiona was well-known as the school’s first team hockey goalkeeper. It didn’t take long for Emily to catch up with Fiona in the corridor leading to the sixth form common room.

“Fiona, can I have a word, please?”

“Sure,” Fiona answered as she looked round, pleased to find Emily standing there, someone she very much admired, and had a bit of a crush on. “What can I do for you?”

“I, er, just wanted to warn you about the detention you’re supervising after school this evening.”

“Warn me? That sounds ominous.”

Emily smiled. “It’s no big deal really, just that I’ll be attending detention this evening, for two hours.”

“When you say ‘attending’, are you going to be there to make sure I do things correctly?” Fiona frowned.

Emily blushed. “No, not exactly. I got caught out of bounds earlier this week.”

“Yes, I heard.” Fiona paused, before asking, “So, what does that have to do with it?”

“Er, I’m in detention with the other three?”

“What? You’ll be there, like, as your punishment?” Fiona was incredulous.

“Exactly,” Emily answered, blushing even more. “I just wanted to warn you and to say you shouldn’t treat me any differently to any other girl in detention.”

“Okay,” Fiona said doubtfully. “I’m sorry, it’s going to seem a bit strange, somehow.”

“Yes, I know. For me too.”

“Is it one or two hours detention you have to serve?”

“Two, so I’ll be there from the start, right through to the end.”

“Okay. I’ll see you there, then.”

“Just one thing, Fiona.”


“You know what happens after the first hour is up, don’t you?”

“I’ve only supervised twice, Emily, and I only had girls with one hour to serve.”

“Still, you must know what happens.”

Fiona thought for several moments.


“Yes, oh!”

“Emily, I can’t slipper you! You’re our Head Girl.”

“I’m afraid you must, Fiona. I’m going to take the same as the other three girls who were caught out of bounds. If they all stay on for the second hour, then I’ll stay on as well, but, if they choose to be slippered then I think it’s best all round if I do the same.”

“I’ll have to remember to bring a plimsoll with me.”

“Don’t worry, there’s always one in the teacher’s desk drawer in that room.


At just after four o’clock that afternoon, Emily Howard left the sixth form common room with the other sixth form girls watching her and gossiping quietly about the Head Girl being required to serve a two-hour detention. Her friends tried to convince themselves it was the honourable thing for the Head Girl to do. The others were simply amused by the spectacle of Emily having to present herself for detention while they all headed off home.

As Emily arrived at the open door to the classroom numbered ‘24’, the room used every Thursday evening for the detention session, she could see several girls, mainly younger than her, already sitting at desks. When she entered the room, she found Fiona Harris sitting behind the teacher’s desk with a list of names in front of her. Fiona smiled weakly as she saw Emily enter.

“Hi’, Emily.”

“Hi, Fiona. Reporting for my detention.”

Emily Howard, two hours,” Fiona said. “Take a seat, Emily.”

When all nine girls on Fiona’s list had presented themselves for their detention, Fiona spoke.

“Okay, girls, four of you are here for two hours and five for one hour. You may read, but not do homework. You will sit in silence. If you wish to speak to me then just raise your hand. You will not speak to each other. Is that all clear? Good.”

Like the other detainees, Fiona had brought a book to read. The session continued in silence. There were a couple of times where Fiona had to issue a caution when two girls tried to speak to each other, but otherwise they all sat silently, bored, but dutifully serving their punishment.

At the end of the first hour, Fiona closed the book she was reading and announced, “Okay, girls, that’s the end of the first hour. Those girls with just one hour detentions may now leave.”

She waited while five of the girls put their books back in their bags and left the room. Emily and the three girls who had also been caught out of bounds remained.

“Okay, girls,” Fiona continued. “You all know the score. We can sit here for another hour or we can go for the quick option and get off home. It’s up to you.”

Emily looked round at the other three girls. None of them seemed at all surprised by what Fiona had said, so Emily presumed they were all familiar with the school’s tradition.

“So, who wants to stay on for the second hour and who doesn’t?” Fiona asked with some trepidation evident in her voice.

The three fifth form girls sat with rueful looks on their faces, with all three stealing sideways glances at Emily, the Head Girl, fascinated to discover what she would choose to do.

“Girls?” Fiona asked again. “Who is staying on for the second hour?”

Fiona looked at Emily, who continued to sit at her desk, although she had put her book down and was watching the events unfold with some interest.

Fiona reached down and pulled open the bottom drawer in the teacher’s desk. She soon found a large size ten gym shoe, white in colour, although it was quite grubby, with a thin, well-worn, thin rubber sole.

“Come along, girls. You all know it’s another hour of detention or four whacks. It’s entirely up to you. There’s the slipper. What do you want to do?” She placed it on top of the desk.

Emily’s heart missed a beat. She began to understand what was happening. The other three girls were waiting to see what she would choose before making their own decisions. It was not going to be a matter of her following the others, they wanted to follow her.

“I do have things to do this evening,” Emily announced. “So, may I take the slipper, please Fiona?”

The initial look on Fiona’s face suggested she wasn’t at all thrilled to hear that.

After a short delay, she replied, “Yes, of course, Emily.”

“Is anyone going to join me?” Emily asked the other three, when Fiona failed to do so.

After some hesitation, one girl confirmed she would also choose the slipper. Immediately, a second girl opted for the slipper, and then, with some reluctance, the final girl agreed she would join them.

“Um, okay,” Fiona responded. “Um, how shall we do this?”

“It’s up to you, Fiona,” Emily answered.

“Okay,” Fiona said, standing up and taking the large plimsoll in her right hand. “Um, how about you all come out to the front and bend over the front desks in each row?”

Slowly, the four detainees stood up, moved out to the front of the classroom and turned their backs towards Fiona. Assuming Fiona worked from left to right, it meant the three fifth form girls would be dealt with first, and Emily would be last.

The three fifth form girls were wearing a different uniform to Fiona and Emily who, being sixth form girls, simply wore dark blue trousers and white tops. Two of the girls wore blue and white tartan skorts that had become so popular, while the third wore black leggings that were an allowable alternative. All had uniform white long-sleeved cotton tops with the school’s badge on the left side of the chest that were the school’s uniform during the summer months.

“Please, could you all bend over the desks in front of you?” Fiona repeated, her voice distinctly shaky.

The three fifth form girls looked at each other and then at Emily, no one wanting to be first.

Emily soon realised they were waiting for her response, so she carefully bent over the school desk in front of her, laying her upper body down on the hard wood surface and bending at her knees to present her bottom for punishment. Slowly, the other three girls all followed suit.

Fiona found her heart-rate increasing as she looked along the line of four girls bent over the front desks, unsure of where to start. Furthest to her right, Emily lay poised to receive her punishment, while to her left the girl in black leggings waited anxiously. The thin leggings were tightly moulded around the girl’s shapely backside and revealed the outline of very brief panties under the outer garment. Fiona moved towards the girl and shuffled around as she strove to find the perfect stance to punish the girl.

“Ow!” The girl cried as Fiona applied the first of four strokes. She continued squealing as each of the remaining whacks were applied firmly to her bottom.

“Sorry, but you did ask for it,” Fiona said before she moved over to the next girl in line.

The second girl, wearing blue and white tartan skorts, tensed as she saw Fiona was now going to deal with her. The skorts were made of a thicker material than the first girl’s leggings, and Fiona felt more confident about delivering the four whacks. The punishment was received in silence and just two small jerks as the slipper met its target.

Fiona moved to her right again and lined herself up to deal with the third fifth form girl.

“Ready? Fiona asked, more to warn the girl her punishment was about to start.

The girl didn’t answer, but clearly braced herself. Fiona delivered the four strokes carefully and firmly across the seat of the girl’s blue and white tartan skorts, noticing a slight flinch at each swing of the slipper, but no sound coming from the girl’s lips.

‘Did the skorts make the punishment less effective?’ Fiona wondered to herself.

It had taken just three or four minutes to deal with the three fifth form girls, and now Fiona had to deal with Emily, the Head Girl, the one girl she most looked up to. Fiona moved cautiously to stand behind Emily, who was still looking to her left, having watched Fiona deal with the other girls.

“Well done, Emily,” Fiona whispered. “Good job.”

“Can we get up now?” One of the three fifth form girls asked.

“Um,” Fiona said out loud without thinking. “Perhaps you’d better wait where you are while I, um, do Emily.” That would at least restrict their view of the Head Girl being punished.

“Don’t worry, Fiona,” Emily responded, realising her colleague’s motivation. “Let them watch, if they want to.”

“Oh, okay. Yes, you can get up, girls,” Fiona agreed, then added, “You can leave if you want to get off home.”

“Some chance!” Emily whispered.

As the Head Girl suspected, the three fifth form girls got up from their bending positions, and two rubbed their bottoms. They hovered at the front of the classroom, all keen to observe the Head Girl getting her dose of the slipper.

“Go on, Fiona,” Emily encouraged. “Lay it on good and firm.”

Fiona looked down at Emily’s bottom, the Head Girl’s blue trousers already quite tightly stretched, and then even more so as Emily pushed her bottom back to make a good target for her prefect colleague.

“Sorry about this, Emily,” Fiona said quietly, with the other three girls all watching and listening.

“Do what you have to do, Fiona,” Emily replied. “I was a naughty girl, just like the others. You should probably spank me harder than the others, just because I’m the Head Girl and should know better than to try and cheat the system.”

“Okay,” Fiona answered, and lined the slipper up. With a much larger backswing than she used on the other three, Fiona delivered a stroke that impacted the taughtened seat of Emily’s dark blue trousers with a mighty bang that resonated around the room.



“No, don’t be sorry. It just stung more than I was expecting. Give me another three like that, or harder.”

Encouraged, Fiona took her time and applied another really hard stroke across the Head Girl’s bottom.


Fiona just managed to stop herself from apologizing again, but she hesitated rather than continue the punishment.

“It’s fine,” Emily encouraged. “Go on, really wallop me!”

Out of the corners of their eyes, both Fiona and Emily could see the other three fifth form girls were savouring every tiny detail of the punishment being meted out to the Head Girl.

The equally hard third stroke caused Emily to gasp as she cried, “Yeeow!”

“Taking a deep breath, Fiona took her time aiming the slipper for the fourth and final time, then swung it with as much force as she could muster. The plimsoll smacked across Emily’s bottom with a loud bang that again reverberated around the room.

Emily jerked her whole body as she gasped at the force of the impact.


“Are you okay, Emily?” Fiona asked, fearful she’d been just too forceful.

“I’m fine,” the Head Girl stuttered as she slowly got up and started rubbing her bottom. “That was some spanking! Thanks, Fiona.”

Turning to the three fifth form girls, Emily continued, “I hope you girls are satisfied I got my punishment along with you three, and got no special favours from Fiona here?”

None of the girls replied, their stunned expressions proving sufficient.

“I’m sure you’re all going to spread every detail of my slippering around the school, girls,” Emily continued. “That’s fine, but please do make it clear I didn’t get preferential treatment. Okay?”

Each of the three girls stammered some sort of acknowledgement and quickly left the room when given permission by Emily. As the sound of their footsteps diminished, Emily immediately started rubbing her bottom furiously through the seat of her trousers.

“Wow! That really smarts!”

“I’m really sorry, Emily,” Fiona said as she watched the Head Girl. “I thought you wanted me to really lay it on.”

“I did! Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’d just forgotten how a hard dose of the slipper stings your bottom, that’s all.”

“Are you okay? Really?”

“Yes, I’m fine. I got what I deserved. Hopefully, my spanking will impress those fifth form girls and they’ll sing my praises when they tell their friends.”

“So, we’re okay then?”

“Of course we are. Mind you, if you happened to step out of line yourself, I might enjoy a little revenge,” Emily said, with an evil grin on her face.

Fiona half-smiled.

The End

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