My Sister and Me

My family lived in a rural town in South Georgia. There were us two girls. I was 22 years old and was going to be a senior in college when I was home on a summer break. My sister, Megan, was 16 and was going to be a junior in high school. We both were smart and pretty. We made excellent grades in school and were members of various civic clubs. We both had our mom’s good looks. Megan was super petite with straw blonde shoulder-length hair. I had a slightly curvier build that come with me being a bit older and I had bleach blonde cropped hair.

Our dad was the Superior Court Judge in our county, and he was a single parent. Our so-called mother had run off years ago. She valued her freedom more than her kids and family, I guess. Our dad was doing a fine job at raising us, and we had few complaints. He raised us kinda like he run his court room; strict, firm and fair.

My sister and I were enjoying the summer together, as it might be the last one before I would be graduating the following year and getting a job. I also wanted Megan to get as much enjoyment out of her summer as she could.

One day, she come home from hanging out with her friends and asked dad if she could go to a party Saturday night. He asked several questions about who was going, what times, and where at. Megan said the party lasted until 1.00 am. Dad said she could go, but she would need to be home by 11.30. Megan threw a bit of a fit. She told dad that curfew was 1.00 am. Dad, being a judge, said he knew when curfew was but his curfew in this house was 11.30, so she’d better make sure she was home by that time. Seeing that going until 11.30 was better than not going at all, she agreed.

When Saturday came around, I told Megan I had an idea.

“I will tell dad I will stay up and wait for you to get home, if he wanted to go to bed at his normal time of 10.00 pm. Then you can stay at the party until 1.00 am and dad will never know.”

Megan was sceptical.

“If dad doesn’t go to bed at 10.00, I will text you and you can come home at 11.30,” I told her.

I dropped Megan off at the party and told her she would have to get a ride home. As it got closer to 10.00pm, I told dad I could wait up for Megan, if he wanted to go to bed. Just like we planned, he went on to bed. I texted Megan and told her she was good to stay at the party until 1.00 am.

Shortly before 1.00 am, Megan had her friends drop her off at the end of our driveway, so as not to wake dad up. She run down the driveway, and I was waiting for her at the front door. I gently opened it and let her in.

Just as she got in, I told her she better get to bed and I was going to bed also. We were both excited she got to stay and enjoy the party. Just as she started towards her room, her cellphone started ringing. She fumbled through her purse trying to find it so she could hit the mute button. Soon, dad’s bedroom door opened and he came walking down the hallway.

“Why are you girls not in bed?” He asked.

He looked at Megan with her shoes still on and her purse in her hand, as he glanced at the clock.

“Did you just get home? It is 1.10 am!”

Megan burst into tears. She couldn’t lie to daddy. She knew she was caught, so just nodded her head, yes.

“I’m sorry, daddy. I am so sorry!” Megan exclaimed.

“No need to ask for forgiveness now,” daddy shouted. “You asked for permission and I said no. You not only broke curfew but you also deliberately disobeyed me. You know the rules in this house and you know the consequences. Go to your room and wait.”

Daddy turned and went back into his bedroom and came back with ‘the belt’ in his hand. Daddy had an old leather belt that hung in his closet. As a judge, he always wore a slim professional-looking belt. This belt was an old black belt that didn’t even have a buckle on it. My sister and I knew it really only had one purpose.

As dad walked by, I pleaded with him to only ground Megan. “Please, daddy, don’t do this to her. Please!”

He walked right past me and didn’t acknowledge I had even spoke. He went down the hallway to Megan’s room as I followed him, still pleading with him to only ground her. Daddy told me to stay out of it. He was the parent, he made the rules, he chose the consequences.

I stood outside Megan’s bedroom door with tears in my eyes, still trying to convince daddy of some other punishment. Poor Megan was sitting on her bed in a white tank top and really short jean shorts. She had tears running down her face.

“Megan, you know better than this. You stayed out later than I said you could, but most of all you directly disobeyed me. Come here and get over the end of this bed, and do it now!” Daddy said forcefully.

Megan got up and walked to the end of the bed and turned and faced the footboard.

“Go ahead and drop your shorts, young lady,” daddy told her.

Megan unfastened her short jean shorts and pushed them down. They fell to the floor. She stood at the end of her bed in just the short white tank top and pink bikini panties. Daddy told her to lay over the end of the bed. He told her he hated to do this more than anything. As he raised the belt, I yelled for him to stop.

“Daddy, I can’t stand to hear this happen. I can’t bear to hear what is about to happen to my little sister! Please don’t do it.”

“You better go downstairs and turn the TV on and turn the volume up, or go to the garage, get in your car and listen to some music, because it is going to happen!” As he said this, he raised the belt again.

“Daddy! No! It is my fault, not Megan’s. I told her to do it. I told her I would see that you were in bed and let her in when she got home. It was my idea, not Megan’s. Megan didn’t even really want to go through with it. I convinced her otherwise. I take full responsibility.”

“Megan, is this true?” Daddy asked her.

Megan nodded, yes, still crying.

Daddy looked at me and told me he really didn’t know what to say. He said Megan still deserved to be punished, and he intended to follow through with it. As for me, I was a grown woman at 22 years old and even though I lived under his roof he didn’t really know any way to punish me. As an adult, I should feel bad for what I had caused, and that would be punishment enough, he assumed.

“Now go on to the basement or to the garage, if you don’t want to hear this,” daddy told me.

“Please just ground her, daddy!” I pleaded one more time.

“She is getting a whipping and grounded. That is my decision. Unless you want to take the whipping instead, then she can just be grounded. I am not gonna make you, since you are 22 years old, but it is either you or her.”

I slowly shook my head and started to walk away.

I could hear daddy telling Megan how disappointed he was in her, that he would have thought I would be a better role model for her and not have led her in the wrong direction, and that she was grounded for a month.

I turned back towards Megan’s room and yelled: “Okay, I will take it. I cannot stand for my little sister to be punished for what I have caused!”

Daddy looked at me with the black belt in his hand and asked me if I was sure. I nodded, yes, as tears ran down my face.

Daddy told me to go to my room and wait.

I got to my room and lay face down on my bed. I just couldn’t believe the issues I had caused, nor the punishment I was about to receive.

Soon, my dad knocked on my door and came in, as I sat up on my bed.

“I am in disbelief you would influence your younger sister to disobey me,” my dad said. “It is honorable that you stood up for your actions and are taking responsibility for them. You are a young adult and have every right not to accept this, but I hope this will teach you to respect my rules, both for you and what I have set forth for your sister. Now come to the end of the bed.”

I got up and walked to the end of the bed, trying not to look at my father. I turned and faced the footboard without being told. I knew the process. I hadn’t been in this situation since I was about 15, but I remembered it all too well. It was always over the end of the bed wearing just underwear to cover the bottom. My dad never punished us bare butt in respect for our modesty. I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them before pausing.

“Go ahead and get your jeans down and elbows on the bed,” he said.

I pushed my tight jeans down past my hips, revealing my skimpy blue panties. I generally wore stylish panties. They covered the parts that needed covering, but not a lot else. I bent over and put my elbows on the bed. I could feel my butt cheeks were mainly not being covered by my panties. This was probably not the best choice of underwear for what was about to happen, but it was not like I could just change out of them for something less revealing.

My dad gave the much same speech as he did Megan; about how he couldn’t believe I influenced her to disobey him. I really just wanted to get this over with. Here I was, at 22 years old with my butt almost bare, and my dad is giving me a lecture. I then felt the cold leather touch my backside softly, and knew that it was getting ready to get real.

I then heard the whistle of the belt slicing through the air before it landed on my mostly bare backside. I screamed with pain. My dad told me to take my punishment like a woman, but that was hardly possible. Before he could get the words out of his mouth, he hit me again with equal force. Then it was about three more licks, one after another. I screamed with pain at every stroke. As badly as it hurt, I was thankful it wasn’t Megan in this spot. She was quite petite, even for 16 years old. I’m sure it would have been extremely painful for her as it was for me.

My dad wasn’t speaking a word, and with his silence came three more violent lashes followed by a five second break. I was crying out, not trying to be dramatic but I really couldn’t help it. By the time three more strokes came, I had really lost count, and then without a word my dad walked out of the room. I lay on my bed sobbing and crying for a good ten minutes, and thinking about what had just happened.

I finally kicked my jeans and panties the rest of the way off and walked to the bathroom that adjoined my room to look at my bottom in the mirror. I tried to dry my eyes so I could see. My bottom was pretty red and sore. I slipped my pajama pants on and went along to Megan’s room where we hugged before I returned to my room for bed.

The End

© Seymour Jay 2020