A New Teacher Joins the Line

“What on earth are you four girls doing?” Jessica Evans asked as she rounded the corner behind the old groundkeepers’ shed.

The school’s team of five groundkeepers now had a new concrete-built base on the opposite side of the campus. This old timber-built shed hadn’t yet been demolished, even though it was now surplus to the school’s requirements.

“For goodness sakes, Jess! You scared us half to death!” Mary Plumber, the tallest of the four students, put her cigarette to her mouth, her hand still shaking.

“I kind of figured this was the place to go for a quiet cigarette,” Jessica explained as she took a packet of cigarettes from her bag, selected one, and offered the packet to anyone who wanted another cigarette. But they all had their own lit cigarettes.

“You do know we shouldn’t be doing this, don’t you Jess?” Another student, Daisy Calhoun asked. “Students are not allowed to even possess smoking materials on campus, let alone actually light up. And I’m sure the same applies to staff members too, by the way, Jess, especially probationary teachers like yourself.”

“Yes, I heard that too. But I won’t tell if you won’t,” Jess replied. “I mean, as a probationer teacher here I’d prefer not to have any kind of blemish on my record during my first year, but I’m sure it would only be a reprimand if I was caught. Presumably, the same would apply to you girls, now you’re in year eleven.”

“Actually, no,” Madison Albright, nearly as tall as Mary, and blond-haired responded as she threw her cigarette to the ground and used her right heel to grind it into dust.

“What would they do then?” Jessica asked.

“They’d likely paddle us.”

“Paddle you? Are you kidding?”

“No. I mean, smoking isn’t as popular now, so fewer kids are getting caught, but those that are tend to get paddled.”

“So, why take the risk, Madison?”

Madison shrugged her shoulders.

“The thing is, Jess, they only check around this area once in a blue moon,” the fourth girl, Charlene Templeton, replied. “The chances of getting caught aren’t great.”

“Okay, but what if you do get caught?”

“Then I guess we’d just have to go take our licks.”

“And you’d accept that?”

“We’ve been coming here at least once a week for the past couple of months or so. No one’s caught us so far.”

“Have you now? I’m sure the school principal will want to know that,” a new voice suddenly cut in.

Jessica and her four students all looked round.

“Mrs Waterman!” Jessica blurted out.

“I saw you heading over this way, Jessica. I wanted to have a private talk with you about maintaining a professional distance with your students, but seeing you smoking cigarettes with them goes way beyond what was on my mind. A long way beyond.”

Jessica blushed.

“You four students, you need to hand me any smoking materials you may have on your persons and go sit outside the principal’s office. I’ll be along shortly to discuss what’s going to happen with Mr Lee. I think we all know sitting down this afternoon won’t be so comfortable now, don’t we?”

The four girls sullenly handed over packets of cigarettes and lighters, and started slowly heading for the main school administrative building. When they were safely out of earshot, Mrs Alice Waterman turned to the young probationer teacher.

“Jessica! What on earth were you thinking? Smoking on campus is prohibited for everyone, staff and students alike. Once you’d found those girls smoking you should have reported them, not joined in!”

“They are eleventh grade, Alice.”

“And you’re five years older than them. That still doesn’t give you permission to sneak behind this old building and have yourselves a little smoking den.”

“No, I realize that, Alice. What do you think will happen to them? Will they really get paddled?”

“Without a doubt, Jessica. If you’d reported them like you should have, you might have earned yourself some bonus points with Mr Lee. As it is, I really don’t know what he’s going to say.”

“Yes, I realize I’ve goofed. Maybe I should have just told them to stop and perhaps confiscated their cigarettes.”

“There’s no ‘maybe’ about it, Jessica. Anyway, we need to get over to Mr Lee’s office and sort this all out.”

The two teachers barely spoke as they walked together towards the main school administrative area. That at least gave the probationer teacher time to think. While Jessica was pleased with the way she’d established good relationships with students, especially those in eleventh and twelfth grades, from what Mrs Waterman said it seemed her seniors might not be so enamored. Jessica might have a fight on her hands to keep her career going, at least at this school.

When they neared the school principal’s office, they saw Mr Lee in the hallway talking to the four girls. He looked round as he heard Jessica and Alice Waterman approaching.

“Alice, Jessica, I think we need to talk.”

“I believe we do, Tom,” Alice Waterman replied.

Tom Lee, in his early fifties, swept a hand over his short, silver-gray hair and held his office door open for the two women teachers to enter. He invited them to sit in two of the four armchairs surrounding a circular coffee table, over to one side of his office. He sat down with them.

“Okay Alice, what happened?”

“Tom, I saw Jessica heading over to that old timber shed the groundkeepers used to use. I was going to have a quiet talk with her about maybe she needed to be more formal with her students. Sometimes I get the impression she treats them more like friends than young people she’s in charge of.”

“Okay Alice, sounds good so far.”

“Well, as I went round to the back of the building I saw those four girls and Jessica all smoking cigarettes together. I confiscated the cigarettes from the students and sent them over here, then Jessica and I followed a few minutes later.”

“Thanks, Alice. Jessica, you are aware staff members as well as students are prohibited from bringing smoking materials onto campus, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“So, why do it?”

“Okay, so I’m a smoker, sir. I freely admit that. Mostly, I just keep my cigarettes in my bag and no one is any the wiser. But this morning was a tough morning. I felt really drained and frustrated and needed a cigarette to calm myself down. I thought no one went behind that old shed any more, so I’d be safe.”

“Whereupon you came across those four eleventh grade students?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And rather than report them like a member of the teaching staff should, you joined in with them?”

“Yes, sir. I really goofed up. No excuses.” Jessica looked suitably ashamed as she stared down at the coffee table, thus avoiding eye contact with the principal.

“Even though you know they are seventeen and therefore not told enough to legally possess smoking materials?”

“Yes, sir.”

Tom Lee leaned back in his chair while he considered things.

“Okay,” he suddenly said, making Alice and Jessica both jump. “Those four students seem fully aware of the consequences of their actions. I’ll give them each four licks of the paddle and send them on to their afternoon classes. Sitting down on our hard plastic chairs for a few hours with their backsides still sore from a spanking should be enough to persuade them to stick to the rules!”

“I agree, Tom,” Alice Waterman smiled. “Hard plastic and a sore butt will give them the message plain enough.”

“As for you, Jessica,” Tom Lee continued. “I’m not sure what to do. I like you, Jessica, we all do. The students like you too, and you’re a good teacher. I think Alice has a point that maybe you need to establish more of a teacher/student relationship with some students. Too much informality can lead to problems later on.”

“Yes, I’m beginning to see that, sir.”

“Good.” The school principal took a few moments to think. “Jessica, I’ve a mind to have you witness the punishments I’m going to inflict on those four. That will give you more of an idea of how we feel about those who break the rule on smoking.” He chuckled, then with a smile he added, “Let’s call it your little punishment for doing the same!”

The attempt at humor was lost on Jessica. She simply nodded thoughtfully. The girls waiting outside were four of her favorite students and the thought of watching them bending over and taking four swats of the paddle was going to be hard for the probationer teacher.

“I’m only five years older than they are,” Jessica finally articulated.

“I guess. So, what’s your point, Jessica?” Tom Lee asked quietly.

Jessica wrung her hands together, hunched her shoulders, and was clearly extremely tense.

“I don’t know. It’s just that I’m feeling a part of me is equally as responsible as they are.”

“There’s no getting around you broke the rules just like they did,” Alice Waterman commented.

“I know.” Jessica toyed with her fingers. Something was clearly on her mind. “I’m kind of feeling I should be standing in line with them right now.”

Tom Lee and Alice Waterman looked at each other, their expressions showing neither understood what Jessica was saying.

“I guess I can appreciate why you feel that, Jessica,” Tom finally spoke. “But, you’re a member of our teaching staff, not a student. Yes, I do think you’re at fault, but as a probationer you need to learn from this and move on.”

Jessica nodded thoughtfully.

“Jess, you’re not asking to be paddled yourself, are you?” Alice Waterman suggested.

“Now, just hold on there!” Tom Lee called out. “There is most certainly nothing in the school code that allows teaching staff, even junior teaching staff, to be paddled!”

“I understand that,” Jessica replied. “Of course, I understand that. It’s just going to be so awkward watching them getting paddled when they’ll all be thinking I’m just as guilty as them.”

“That’s kind of why I want you to be the witness, Jessica,” Tom Lee responded. “I can add in a one week suspension without pay if that will help.”

“I probably deserve that too,” Jessica replied. “But a week off work might be more like a vacation for me, and the loss of pay wouldn’t be more than a minor penalty, if I’m being honest.”

“Tom, I presume you’re intending to paddle the girls yourself, are you?” Alice Waterman asked.

“Well yes, I normally do the paddling, don’t I?”

“But, you could delegate to a vice-principal, couldn’t you?”

“You mean, a vice-principal like you? Yes, but you’d still need a witness, Alice.”

“I know. And I also know I could have dealt with those four girls myself, rather than bring them to you.”

“Yes, you could have, Alice.”

“So, you could forget I sent them to you, couldn’t you?”

Tom Lee looked suspiciously at Alice. “What are you suggesting? Or perhaps I’d be better off not knowing what you’re suggesting?”

Alice Waterman smiled. “I’m sure you’ve got enough work to be getting on with, Tom. Why not leave this to me?”

The school principal raised his hands. “Okay, all yours, Alice.”

“Come along, Jessica, we’ve left those four stewing outside for far too long already.”

“One moment, Alice,” Tom Lee said. “You’ll need this.” He reached down and pulled a wooden paddle from the bottom drawer of his desk.

“Jessica, would you bring that with you, please,” Alice replied.

Jessica took the paddle and followed the vice-principal out through the door. Holding the paddle by its handle, it felt a little blade-heavy, and the use to which it would be put made Jessica shiver.

“A change of plan, girls,” Alice announced as four worried-looking girls looked up at her.

“We’re not getting paddled?” Mary Plumber asked hopefully, before she saw the paddle in Jessica’s hand.

“Yes, you are. But by me, with Miss Evans here as a witness. We just need to find somewhere a little more private. Follow me.”

With Alice Waterman leading the way, followed by the four girls and then by Jessica, they went along several hallways, climbed two sets of stairs, and arrived at a small room once used by the school nursing staff, who had now been allocated more spacious accommodation elsewhere on the campus. As they walked, each girl at some point looked around to take a look at the wooden paddle being carried by Jessica.

“No one comes here now,” Alice said as they all crowded into the small room.

They all looked around. The paint on the walls was old and green, and the only remaining item of furniture was an old examination table made of metal. One old pillow remained propped up at one end.

“What are we doing here?” Madison Albright asked suspiciously.

“Would you care to explain, Jessica? Or shall I?” Alice suggested, looking at the probationer teacher.

“Um, okay,” Jessica replied. “The thing is, girls, Mr Lee advised your punishment was to be four licks with the paddle. I think that was about what you were expecting?”

“Probably,” Madison confirmed, still unsure what was happening.

“You see, my punishment for encouraging you by lighting up a cigarette with you was to act as the witness for your spankings.”

“I can see Mr Lee’s reasoning,” Mary Plumber replied cautiously.

“Well yes, but watching you all getting spanked might have been mentally challenging, but not a great hardship. It didn’t seem enough somehow.”

“Okay,” Mary confirmed, still guarded. “I get that.”

“So I, um, kind of felt I should have been standing in line with you four.”

“What do you mean?” Daisy Calhoun, her face screwed up in bewilderment, cut in.

“Miss Evans feels she should suffer the same punishment as you four,” Alice Waterman answered.

“Huh?” At least three girls exclaimed.

Jessica simply nodded.

“I’m still not getting this,” Mary Plumber stated. “At least, I don’t think I am.”

“Miss Evans will be standing in line with the rest of you,” Alice Waterman clarified. “She will witness for me when I paddle you four, and you will then witness when I paddle her.”

“What?” Several girls mouthed, then looked at each other in astonishment.

Jessica found it hard to look straight into the four girls’ eyes, but explained, “It seems only fair. I’m just five years older than you. I broke the rules like you. I simply would not have felt comfortable witnessing you all getting paddled and feeling I deserved the same, yet knowing my butt was safe.”

“You don’t have to do that, Jess,” Charlene Templeton responded. “We probably were more aware of the rules than you. We can’t complain if we get spanked. We knew the consequences of getting caught, and we took the risk. You’re still relatively new here, and I guess you didn’t give a thought to what might happen.”

“Of course,” Alice broke in. “There is nothing in the rules that states a member of staff, even a probationer like Miss Evans here, can be paddled like a student, so this is all highly unofficial and will not be recorded anywhere. This will be strictly between the six of us in this room.”

“You know, I kind of like this idea,” Mary Plumber said, nodding thoughtfully. “Jess, you have become more of a friend to us, more so than any other member of staff. I like that you’re prepared to acknowledge your guilt and stand with us, even to paying the same price as us.”

“So, we get spanked with Jess as our witness, and then we all act as witness for her paddling?” Daisy Calhoun asked.

“Exactly right, Daisy,” Jessica responded.

“Okay, I can go along with that.”

Madison Albright and Charlene Templeton shrugged their shoulders, but then confirmed they had no objections.

“Does this mean our paddlings don’t get recorded?” Charlene asked.

“Yes, I think this little arrangement of ours should remain between us and no one else,” Alice Waterman confirmed. “I presume that’s acceptable to everyone here?”

All four girls nodded their agreement. The off-the-record paddlings meant their parents would not be informed by the school, and that was good for at least two of the girls.

“Okay, so I’m going to place this pillow in the center of this examination table. I can raise or lower the table to suit each of you, so it should prove ideal for you all to bend over,” Alice Waterman explained. “It’s nice and stable, so it will support you just perfectly. Jessica, would you hand me the paddle, please?

“Now, in accordance with usual procedure, I’m going to send you all out into the hallway, so you don’t get to witness each other being punished. That doesn’t include you, Miss Evans.” Alice smiled. “Miss Evans will then call you in, one by one, and I will apply your four swats. You will then wait outside until the four of you have all had your paddling, and then you will come back in while I deal with Miss Evans. Is that all clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” all four girls confirmed and were sent out of the room.

“Jessica,” Alice began when the two of them were alone. “I’m going to let you select the order for those four’s paddlings. It might make you think when you have to go out there, face a girl, and tell her she’s getting it next. Okay?”

“I understand, Miss Waterman.”

“Then I suggest you go out and select the first girl.”

Jessica turned towards the door, and felt her heart beating faster. She was hot and flushed as she reached for the handle. All four girls looked anxiously at Jessica as she stood in the doorway. Jessica felt equally anxious as her eyes flitted from one girl to the next. Mary Plumber stood out as the tallest girl, and a little more substantially built than the others. Mary was wearing tight-fitting light brown jeans and a blue cotton shirt with long sleeves.

Jessica’s eyes fixed on Mary Plumber.

“Mary, would you like to step inside?”

“Not really,” Mary said quietly as she squeezed between Jessica and the door frame. She smiled teasingly as their eyes met.

Jessica placed a reassuring arm on Mary’s shoulder, not sure for whose benefit that was, as they took the few steps to the side of the examination table.

“Let me raise this up a bit,” Alice Waterman suggested as she weighed up the girl’s height.

She used the table’s pump lever to raise it up a few inches and stood back.

“Okay, Mary, try that out for size.”

Mary used both hands to gather together her long dark hair and move it to drape forward over her right shoulder, then she bent straight across the pillow that was now positioned in the center of the examination table. She let her arms dangle on the far side as she reached out for, but couldn’t quite touch, the floor below. Her already tight-fitting jeans stretched even more tightly around her chubby backside.

“That’s fine, Mary. Now hold nice and still,” Alice Waterman said as she began lining up to deliver the first spank. “You watching closely, Jessica?”

“What am I actually watching for, Mrs Waterman?”

“Just make a mental note that I’m spanking her on the seat of her jeans, and that I haven’t pulled her jeans or panties down. For the school’s benefit, make sure I’m spanking her hard enough. For her benefit, make sure I’m not spanking her too hard. That should just about do it. Okay?”

“Okay, Mrs Waterman.”

It took the vice-principal around five seconds to apply four spanks to the seat of Mary’s jeans. Each swat seemed to echo round the room, and Jessica jerked as each one slammed into Mary’s backside, almost as much as Mary jolted. The spanking over, Mary pushed herself up from the examination table and rubbed her now sore bottom.

“We all satisfied with that?” Alice Waterman asked, with a glance towards Jessica.

“Yes, ma’am!” Mary answered.

“I guess so,” Jessica added.

“Go wait outside, Mary,” Alice instructed. “Jessica, you hold on for a moment.”

Mary, still rubbing her clearly tender backside, quietly exited the room and closed the door behind her.

“Was that the first spanking you’ve seen, Jessica?” Alice asked.


“What did you think?”

“I guess it was hard but fair?”

“Yes. It was a pretty typical school paddling. The paddle hurt when it slammed into Mary’s backside, and it’ll feel sore for a couple of hours. Later, she’ll be reminded she got a spanking today whenever she sits down, but that’s no bad thing.”


“So, Mary’s had a few minutes while her friends sympathize with her, and she tells them how hard she got spanked. You ready for the next one?”

“Um, sure.”

“Go choose the next one, then.”

“Perhaps I could ask them who wants to go next?”

“No. That will only get them delaying things while they discuss it. They’ll all be fighting their corner and fretting while they do it. Far kinder to call one in. Then there’s no argument. Only one has to worry and the remaining two can breathe for a few more minutes.”


Jessica felt a little easier heading for the door this time. She opened it, looked briefly at the three worried faces, and noticed Daisy Calhoun, a small, blond-haired girl wearing a white loose-fitting cotton dress, was looking particularly frightened.

“Daisy, in you come.”

The expression on Daisy’s face suggested she couldn’t quite believe her ears.


“So you can get it over with,” Jessica tried to explain.

“I-I’m frightened,” Daisy stammered, looking up at Jessica with eyes that were already filling with tears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” Jessica said, pulling the girl towards the door and placing an arm around her shoulders. “Come on, let’s get it done.”

As Jessica closed the door behind them, Daisy stood rooted to the spot the moment she saw Mrs Waterman standing by the examination table with the paddle in her right hand.

“Come on,” Jessica whispered. “All you have to do is bend over the table. It will be over with in just a few seconds.”

“Let me lower the table for you, Daisy,” Mrs Waterman said with a kindly smile.

Jessica helped the small girl move towards the table, and by the time they got there it had been set at a suitable height.

“Just bend over,” Jessica whispered.

“Actually, you might want to gather your dress around you, Daisy,” Mrs Waterman countered. “I just need your butt to stand out enough so I hit accurately.”

“Oh god!” the girl murmured.

“Come on, Daisy. I’m with you,” Jessica said as she propelled the girl towards the table. She gathered the loose-fitting dress around Daisy’s hips and bottom, and held it in place with one hand in front of her while persuading the girl over the table with the other hand between the girl’s shoulders.

Alice Waterman stood back and allowed Jessica to get the girl into position, bent over the table, resting her body on the pillow, the dress snugly fitted around Daisy’s bottom.

Jessica looked up and with a raised eyebrow questioned whether Daisy was properly positioned for her spanking. Alice nodded.

“Shall I hold your hands, Daisy?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, please,” Daisy replied between sniffing back her tears.

Jessica went around to the opposite side of the examination table and grabbed both Daisy’s hands. Alice Waterman immediately took a step forward, quickly aimed the paddle, and within just three seconds she delivered four firm spanks to Daisy’s bottom.

Daisy immediately yelled out, but Jessica’s tight grip on her hands prevented her from moving enough that the paddle would miss the target.

“All done, Daisy,” Jessica declared as she released the girl’s hands. “You can stand up now.”

“It hurt so much!” Daisy declared as she eased herself off the table and started rubbing her bottom. Tears streamed down her face and made the bodice of her dress almost transparent with the moisture.

“It’s only fair you all get the same spanking, Daisy,” Alice Waterman explained as she stood back and allowed Jessica to cuddle the girl in her arms.

“I know, I know,” Daisy managed to say. “Thank you for spanking me, Mrs Waterman. Thank you for helping me, Jess.”

“You’re welcome,” Alice replied, amused at being thanked for giving the small girl a sore backside.

“Let’s get you out to your friends, Daisy,” Jessica suggested.

Daisy nodded, and allowed herself to be escorted out into the hallway.

“Do they often thank you for paddling them?” Jessica asked when she was alone with Alice Waterman.

“Actually, yes, it happens quite frequently.”


“I’m not sure. I suppose they’re pleased their punishment has been concluded, and they’re grateful you didn’t criticize them about how they took it.”

“You want the next one?”

“You’re really getting the hang of it now, aren’t you just?”

Jessica ignored the question and went to fetch the next girl. In the hallway, Mary seemed stern-faced and Daisy was still mopping up tears with a small handkerchief. The two remaining girls appeared just apprehensive.

“Charlene, come with me, please.” Jessica could sense the decisiveness in her own voice.

Charlene, a slim red-haired girl wearing faded blue jeans, looked dejected but complied with the young teacher’s instruction. As the door closed, she continued towards Mrs Waterman and the examination table.

“Over here?” Charlene queried, looking down at the pillow.

“Yes, please,” the vice-principal confirmed, and waited as Charlene bent straight over the table. “Is the table set a little too low for you, Charlene?”

“A little, ma’am.”

“And is there something in the left-hand back pocket of your jeans,” Jessica added.

“Oh, yes, sorry,” Charlene said as she got back off the table. “I guess I forgot to check.”

“Well spotted, Jessica,” Mrs Waterman said with a smile towards the junior teacher.

Charlene removed a folded piece of paper from her back pocket and handed it to Jessica as the table was raised around three inches to accommodate this girl’s five feet five inch frame.

“Should I get back over now?”

“Anxious to get it over with, Charlene?” Mrs Waterman asked.

Charlene blushed, but smiled at the vice-principal who had clearly recognized the girl’s motive.

“Yes, you can bend over now,” Mrs Waterman confirmed, patting the wooden paddle against the palm of her hand to show she was ready to carry out the next paddling.

Charlene immediately bent over the table, rested herself comfortably on the pillow, and waited for her punishment to begin. She’d listened intently to her two friends getting their spankings, and knew hers would come fast and hard, but soon would be over with.

Four loud bangs resonated around the room. Charlene screwed her face up as the paddle bit into her bottom, but managed to avoid crying out. As soon as the four spanks had been administered, she immediately rose up from the table.

“Wow! That surely stung my behind,” she exclaimed as she used both hands to try and massage some of the pain away.

“That was the idea, Charlene,” Mrs Waterman told her with a smile.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You can go wait outside now, Charlene.”

“Yes, ma’am. Shall I send Madison in now?”

“No, give Miss Evans and me a few moments, please. We’ll call Madison in soon enough.”

“Here’s your bit of paper, Charlene,” Jessica said, holding out the piece of folded paper.

“Thanks,” Charlene replied, going red in the face.

“Why the delay with Madison?” Jessica asked. “She knows she’s next.”

“Just to give her a few moments to prepare herself,” Alice explained. “She’ll have been bracing herself to come in bravely and take her licks, but the sight of Charlene going out there will still have set her nerves jangling again.”

“Yes, I see that.”

“How are your nerves doing, Jessica?”

“Mine? Oh, fine.”

“You’re not forgetting who is next in line to go over that table after we’ve dealt with Madison, have you?”

Jessica blushed a deep red. “No, ma’am.”

“Good. So, when you’re ready, let’s have Madison in.”

Madison Albright, her long blond hair flowing down around her shoulders, was almost as tall as Mary Plumber. She looked startled when Jessica opened the door to beckon her into the room.

“My turn?” Madison asked when Jessica looked at her without speaking.

“Your turn,” Jessica confirmed.

Madison appeared a little unsteady on her long legs as she entered the room with Jessica following. The sight of Alice Waterman waiting with paddle in hand didn’t make the short walk to the table any easier. She smoothed her hands down the side of her fairly tight-fitting brown skirt as she approached and looked down at the pillow.

“Hold on, Madison. I’ll need to raise the table a mite,” Mrs Waterman said.

“Yes, ma’am. I guess.”

Madison ran her hands through her hair as she watched the vice-principal adjust the height of the table.

“May I have a moment, ma’am?” Madison asked when she saw the table was ready for her.

“Sure. But it doesn’t get any easier, Madison.”

“I know. I know.”

Madison took a number of long deep breaths, letting each exhale slowly.

“Do you mind if I tie my hair back, ma’am? Otherwise, it will fall around my eyes when I bend over and get in the way.” She began pulling her hair tightly back and holding it into a ponytail. “I don’t suppose you have a band I could use, do you, ma’am?”

“I do,” Jessica offered, and began searching her shoulder bag. “Here you are.”

The two teachers waited patiently while Madison threaded her hair into the bright red rubber band. Jessica helped her.

“Is that okay?” Jessica asked. “It looks really secure now.”

“Yes, thanks.”

“Ready when you are,” Mrs Waterman said as a prompt for Madison to bend over the table.

“Oh, okay.”

Madison still hesitated. Jessica put an arm around her shoulders.

“Maddie, you have to be spanked. It’s not an option. You have to bend over and keep your butt still while Mrs Waterman applies your four licks. It’s going to hurt. We both know that. The sooner you bend over, the sooner it’s done.”

“Yes, yes, I know that. Really I do.”

“So, come on then. Let’s do it.”

“Okay, but please stay with me, Jess. I need your help.”

“You’ve got it, Maddie. No problem.”

“What do we have to do?”

“Come with me and stand by the side of the examination table. That’s all you have to do for now.”


Madison allowed herself to be escorted the few feet it took to reach the side of the table. She looked down anxiously at the pillow.

“Now what?”

“When you’re ready, just bend over so your tummy is over the pillow. It’s nice and soft.”


With tears in her eyes, and Jessica helping her, Madison managed to bend over the table and rest herself on the pillow. In doing so, Madison’s short skirt rode up and revealed a little of her pale blue panties. Jessica immediately gave the hem a quick tug down, but whilst it covered her panties, it also molded the skirt even more tightly around the girl’s backside.

“Well done, Maddie. Now, just relax. Okay?”

“Relax? Are you kidding?”

“This will be over within seconds, Madison,” Mrs Waterman said, hoping to be helpful.

“Okay. Can you start, please Mrs Waterman?” Madison asked, her voice trembling.

“Yes, of course,” Jessica replied automatically without thinking, then stood back to allow her fellow teacher room to operate.

Alice Waterman quickly administered four hard spanks to the seat of Madison’s tightly stretched skirt.

“Yeow!! My god!!” Madison shrieked.

“All done, Madison,” Mrs Waterman confirmed as she backed away to allow Jessica to move in and help the girl.

“Come on, up you get,” Jessica said softly, and she started to pull the girls up and off the table. “That wasn’t so awful, was it?”

“It certainly smarted!” Madison replied, rubbing her bottom hard. “Wow! I’m going to be a really good girl from now on.”

“Good to hear, Madison,” said Mrs Waterman.

“Do you need a tissue, Madison?” Jessica asked.

Madison shook her head.

“Am I done here?”

“You can go out to your friends, Madison,” Mrs Waterman confirmed. “Please wait with them.”

“Eh?” Madison looked at Jessica. “Oh, okay.”

“You’re a very good person to have as a witness, Jessica,” the vice-principal said when they were alone in the room. “Do you mind if I recommend you to Mr Lee?”

“You’re joking, right?”

“No, seriously. You handled it all magnificently.”

Jessica smiled, pleased she’d managed to do something right.

“Now, you don’t have to do what was suggested we do next, Jessica. The girls will understand.”


“You don’t have to be spanked.”

The young teacher thought carefully. Mrs Waterman clearly was a determined spanker, who would treat Jessica just the same as the four girls she’d just dealt with. It would hurt, seriously. Yet, to back out now would send the wrong message to the girls. She would lose their respect, possibly, and maybe their friendship, which had become important to Jessica.

“No, I want to go through with it, Mrs Waterman.”

“You’re sure?”

Jessica nodded.

“Okay, I’ll give you a few moments to prepare yourself.” The senior teacher looked hard at the pale blue pants suit Jessica was wearing. “You might want to lose the jacket so it doesn’t get in the way.”

Jessica looked puzzled, but replied simply, “Okay.”

Mrs Waterman then left the room. Outside, with the door closed, she addressed the four girls.

“Now girls, I’ve spoken with Miss Evans and told her she doesn’t need to go through with taking the same spanking as I gave you girls.”

Two girls appeared disappointed, but Daisy Calhoun said, “That’s fine, Mrs Waterman. We understand.”

“Hold on. Miss Evans is insisting she gets exactly the same as you all got. So, I want you all to remember you had no choice but to take the paddling. But she did have the choice, and she’s decided to take her place in the line along with you all. Okay?”

“Okay,” all four girls replied.

“Brave choice,” Mary Plumber added.

“Okay, let’s all get in there and get this done,” Mrs Waterman announced.

Inside the small room, Jessica was standing in the pale blue pants from her suit and a cream-colored blouse. The girls understood her nervousness. The young teacher smiled sheepishly back at them.

Mrs Waterman picked up the wooden paddle and stood by the examination table.

“Miss Evans, I need you to bend over this pillow and stick your butt out. You know how this works now.”

“Can I hold your hands for you, Jess?” Daisy Colhoun offered.

“That’s real nice of you, Daisy. Yes, I’d like that.”

Jessica moved to the side of the table and took a deep breath. She was anxious about the next few minutes, both about the pain she was about to experience, and the desire to appear stoical and take her paddling with even more resolve than the girls had done. She could feel everyone’s eyes boring into her, waiting for her to assume the position.

“Here goes,” she said to no one in particular and dived across the pillow. She wriggled about until she felt as comfortable as was possible in this situation and tried to thrust her behind out so it made a good target. “Is this okay?”

“That’s fine. Let me know when you want me to start,” Mrs Waterman replied.

“Take my hands, Jess,” Daisy said from the opposite side of the table from the vice-principal.

Jessica offered out her hands and Daisy took them firmly.

“It’ll soon be done,” Daisy added, trying to be reassuring.

“Thanks, Daisy. Okay, Mrs Waterman. Go for it.”

Alice Waterman took careful aim with the paddle, decided she would pound the lower part of the young teacher’s backside, and let fly. In the space of just four seconds, four hard smacks of the paddle collided with the seat of Jessica’s pants.

“Oh my god! That really smarts!” Jessica screeched, her voice a number of decibels louder than she intended. Daisy released her hands and allowed Jessica to get up and rub her hurt backside.

“Good. All done. I’m going to return Mr Lee’s paddle. You all have classes to get to inside ten minutes. Don’t any of you be late. You hear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the four girls and Jessica all replied.

“You really didn’t need to take the spanking, Jess,” Mary Plumber said when they were out in the hallway, Jessica carrying her suit jacket over her shoulder. “But it’s kind of nice that you did.”

Jessica smiled, and gave her backside a rub.

“That paddle really smarts, don’t it just?”

“Could you kindly remember that when you get to paddle one of your students, especially me?” Daisy asked with a grin.

The End

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