A Night-time Swim

Deputy Franklin escorted me out of the aquatic center in handcuffs. He carried my shirt in his hand, so I was only in my bikini top and shorts. He'd cuffed me before I even had a chance to put the shirt back on. This somehow added to the embarrassment. At least it was late at night, and that meant nobody else was around to see it.

I had decided to come to the public pool for a swim after hours with no crowds there. I had just taken my shirt off, and was about to take off my shorts as well when the deputy came by on his regular patrol route, and saw me through the fence. That led to my arrest, not only for trespassing, but breaking and entering since I had defeated the entry door's lock using an expired gift card. If only I had done this a month prior, when I was still seventeen. Now I would be in adult legal trouble.

As we made our way into the parking lot, another cruiser arrived, this one unmarked. A woman who looked to be in her late thirties stepped out. Deputy Franklin stopped to talk to her.

"Investigator Mitchell. How have you been?"

"I'm alright. I was passing by and saw your car. I figured I'd pull up and see if you needed a hand."

"We're good here. Just a trespassing with B&E (breaking and entering)."

She looked at her watch then.

"You're just about done with your shift, aren't you?"

"Yeah, this will be my last bust tonight."

She looked at me with a slight look of sympathy in her eyes.

"Hmm. I'll tell you what. How about I take this one in, and that way you can go on home, and you won't have to worry about paperwork?"

"You don't mind?"

"Not at all. I know you and Claire are still newlyweds, and she's a bit of a night owl like you, so you'll probably get to spend some time together before you turn in."

"I certainly appreciate it. Suspect's name is Sierra Copeland."

'Suspect's name.' He said it as if I weren't standing right there. Investigator Mitchell then took hold of my arm and escorted me to her car. The Deputy handed her my shirt, and she set it on the back seat as she helped me get in. The Deputy drove off after she got in the driver’s seat, then she began to speak.

"Quite a jam you've gotten yourself into."

"Yes ma'am," I replied.

"Sierra, have you ever been arrested before?"

"No ma'am."

"I'll tell you what, we don't have to be so formal. My name is Erin."

I felt only slightly at ease now. Erin paused for a moment like she was thinking about something. She chuckled slightly before speaking again.

"When I was younger, if I had gotten arrested for charges like this, my parents would have come and bailed me out. But, I knew I'd get the belt when I got home, and good.”

I cringed at that thought. Erin continued.

“Did you ever get spanked growing up?"

"Not since I was maybe eight or nine years old, ma’am."

"What did your folks use?"

"Just their hands."

"I see," Erin replied, nodding.

"I hate to see you have to go to jail, and have a criminal record follow you around. I have an idea. You're not gonna like it, but it'll allow you to avoid all these criminal proceedings, and allow me to avoid paperwork."

"Um, what's the idea?" I asked rather hesitantly.

"Well, instead of arresting you, I'd take off my belt, and give you a good whipping, like I would have gotten growing up. After that, I'd just take you home instead of to the station, and we'd consider the matter settled. I'll leave the decision up to you."

Although both options sounded pretty bad, I strongly considered her alternative offer. I still needed just a little more information to make an informed decision.

"Um, how many licks would I get?"

"Well, let's see. I'll have to make the punishment fit the charges. Over those shorts, I'd give you fifteen for the breaking and entering, and five for the trespassing charge. Then, just to help discourage future illegal activity, I'd give you an extra penalty of five on your bare butt."

That sounded incredibly painful, but at least it would be done relatively quickly. I just had one more question to ask her.

"Are you going to do it right here?"

"No, I know of a place that would give us more privacy. Like I said though, it's up to you. We can still go to the station and get you booked in if you'd rather do that."

Even though I didn't like this idea, it still seemed better than having an arrest record. I rendered my decision quickly.

"Okay, I'll take the spanking."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay," Erin replied as she started the engine.

Erin drove us just a few minutes up the street to a municipal baseball field. She explained that this property was currently owned by the county, and there was a building on site that had once served as a locker room, but was now being used for temporary storage. Erin had a key to the building, and she knew that no one else would be there at this time of night. She parked the car and got out, then came around and opened the back door to let me out. I was still in cuffs and wishing that she had let me put my shirt back on. Even though we had complete privacy, I still felt a little exposed.

After unlocking the door, Erin escorted me inside. She then locked up behind us, and brought me to the center of the room. I looked around and saw shelving, furniture, and boxes all around. Erin walked to a space off to my right and came back with a small four-legged barstool which she set down right in front of me. The stool had some padding on top, and it was about at my hip height. She then uncuffed me and gave some instructions.

"Alright, when I tell you to bend over you'll need to bend over the stool, and grab onto the front legs with both hands. You'll keep your hands on the stool and your feet on the floor until I tell you to get up. If you leave that position at any time, then the last lick you took will get repeated. Understand?"


"Good. Just to review, it's gonna be fifteen for breaking and entering, and five for trespassing, over your shorts. Then an additional penalty of five on your bare butt. In order for me to not file charges, you'll have to take every single lick, and it's gonna leave you really sore for a while, but it'll put things square. Once we're done, I'll take you home. So, based on what I've just told you, are you sure you'd rather take this whipping than be arrested?"

Erin had spoken so authoritatively that I reverted back to addressing her formally. I was a little surprised that she accepted my response as it came out a hesitant, "Y-yes ma'am."

"Okay," she replied. She then unbuckled her brown leather belt, removed it, and folded it into a loop. I felt terrified at the sight, knowing that it was going to sting horribly when lashed across my bottom. Then she gave the command I was dreading.

"Bend over."

I complied silently and grabbed the legs of the stool with both hands, while my feet were firmly planted on the floor. I felt my bikini bottoms and thin cotton shorts stretch tight across my backside. I thought to myself that these two layers of clothing weren't going to offer much protection. In just a moment I would be proven right, much to my chagrin. Erin walked around behind me and issued a verbal warning that she was about to begin.

"Alright girl, here it comes."

The room was so quiet that I could hear the faint sound of the belt swinging through the air before the snap of its impact. I felt it land right across the center of my backside and leave behind a burning sting. My jaw dropped open, but that was my only reaction. Perhaps it was the shock of it happening so suddenly.

About five seconds passed and another lick landed a little below the first. I gasped at that one. The third lick drew an "Ow!" out of me. Erin continued at the same pace and I did my best to not make a fuss. My efforts proved futile, though, as Erin was quite adept at this. I let out a loud yelp when number five lashed across my sit-spot. I repeated the reaction when her expert aim landed number six in the exact same location. She continued on and by number eight my eyes were filled with tears. I wanted to beg her to stop, but I remembered what she said about having to take every lick. I didn't say anything, save for my yelps and groans as she continued to whip my bottom without mercy.

Finally, when she reached the fifteenth lick, she stopped for a moment.

"Alright," she said. "That's fifteen for the breaking and entering. Just take a moment and catch your breath."

I held my position and steadied my breathing. Already, I felt so sore, and I knew it was only going to get worse. I silently cursed myself for getting into this situation. Erin's voice brought me back to reality again.

"Okay, next five are for the trespassing charge. Get ready."

I braced myself as Erin lashed the belt down again. She brought it down hard and expertly aimed at my most tender areas. Her precision might have been impressive to me if it weren't so excruciating. I yelped and screamed at each strike as it stung my bottom so severely. Eventually, the fifth of this series landed and finalized my penalty for trespassing.

"Alright, I'm gonna give you a little break before the next five. Go ahead and stand up."

I slowly brought myself to a standing position and rubbed my aching backside. The rubbing did only a little to soothe the pain, but it was better than nothing. I then wiped away tears that were now streaming down my face.

"Hard lesson, ain't it?" Erin asked.

I nodded in response. About two or three minutes elapsed as I composed myself.

"Okay, we should probably go ahead and finish things up so we can get on with the night," Erin said. "Now, for these last five I'm gonna have you count each one out loud. If you miss one, I'll have to repeat it. You understand, sweetie?"

"Yes," I replied, nodding.

"Alright, go ahead and bare your bottom. Pull everything down to your ankles."

I pulled my shorts down first, then my bikini bottoms. Erin had me get back in position over the bar stool. When I bent over this time, things felt even worse. I had to deal with the anticipation of those last five licks, and the embarrassment stemming from the fact that I was essentially naked except for my bikini top. Erin's voice broke the silence.

"Okay Sierra, are you going to break into any more buildings after hours?"

"No ma'am," I replied nervously.

"You'd better not. If you do, and another officer catches you, you'll be arrested. If I catch you, I'm gonna whip your bare bottom until it's purple. Understand?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Get ready, girl."

With that she swung and landed the first lick on my now bare bottom. The sting was much more intense without the extra fabric. I counted out. "Ow! One!"

She landed another viciously stinging lick, this time directly across my sit-spot. "Nggghh! Two!"

The next one followed suit, hitting the exact same spot again. She was definitely getting her point across in no uncertain terms. "Ahh! Three!"

I tried to comfort myself with the notion that I was nearly done, and only had two more to go. "Uuuugh! Four!"

I breathed heavily and reminded myself that the next strike would be the last. There were only a few seconds between each lick, but the seconds before that last one seemed to drag on. When it finally arrived, I almost felt a slight sense of relief, even though the sting was horrible. "Ohhh! Five!"

"Okay Sierra, there's no rush now. You can stand up and get dressed whenever you're ready."

I stood up slowly, and then pulled up my bikini bottoms and shorts. My backside felt like I had sat on a hot burner. Erin gave me a few moments to calm myself before she put the stool back up and escorted me back to her car. This time there were no handcuffs. Erin reached into the back seat and handed me my shirt before she opened the front passenger side door for me. I eased into the seat trepidatiously, and with much discomfort. The conversation was much more friendly on the drive home. When we arrived, Erin parked by the curb in front of the house.

As I opened the door, I looked at her and said, "Thank you."

"For the ride home?" she asked with a slight grin.

"That and not arresting me." I hesitated a moment before including, "Also for the spanking."

After I said it, I thought that must have sounded pretty weird.

Erin just smiled and said, "I understand, sweetie. Have a good night."

Back in my bedroom with the door closed, I got undressed. Before putting on my pajamas, I checked my rear end in the mirror. The lower half of it was crimson with some dark purple bruises in a few spots. It took me five days to be able to sit comfortably again. After that, I decided I would stick to swimming during the pool’s normal business hours.

The End