School Trip to a Wildlife Park

It was a warm and sunny Friday lunchtime in spring. The upper sixth were going on a quick trip to the local wildlife park which was only 20 minutes’ drive from the school gates. As part of their A-level course, they were doing a presentation in two weeks’ time on how animals have adapted from their original habitats. In the park, these habitats had been recreated fairly well, even by modern standards of animal welfare. With ten girls aged 17 and 18 years old and two teachers, Mrs Vera Pope the biology teacher, and Mrs Gwen Owen, the deputy headmistress and mother of one of the girls, Debbie. She was as thick as thieves with two of the girls, Barbara (Babs) Smith and Izzy Welch. Mrs Owen was friends also with both their mums, as they belonged to the same tennis club around the corner from the school and had been friends since the girls started infant school together. So, what could possibly go wrong?

The minibus set off and was soon entering the wildlife park. Being a school day, it was very quiet and the group were met by Jim Wilson, another acquaintance of Gwen as his wife is president of the tennis club.

"Good morning Mrs Wilson, Mrs Pope, girls," he greeted them brightly. "You have chosen a glorious afternoon for your visit. The keepers know you are coming and will answer any questions you have. However, please respect the animals and obey the warning signs around the park. More importantly, have a great visit and I hope you get a great deal of information for your course work. Mrs Pope," he said, handing over to the teachers.

"Alright girls, you have your information pack and sitemap. Before you go, we have our phones. So, if you need anything, give Mrs Owen or myself a ring. Our numbers are in the information pack. Any questions?"


"No? Great, off you go and have fun."

"Coffee time, Vera?" Gwen suggested, and they headed straight to the onsite cafe, having missed lunch preparing for the trip.

The girls spread out in three small groups. Debbie, Izzy and Barbara made a bee-line for the elephant enclosure. Izzy had a thing for them and always loved to see and smell them.

"Come on, Babs, we have a lot to get around," chided Izzy in her quest for a look at the giant African beauties. Two minutes later, their goal was achieved and they were met by a blaring trumpet sound from the huge bull elephant, almost as if he was pleased to see her.

"What a magnificent beast, and look at the size of that," Izzy commented, meaning his trunk.

"No wonder you have the hots for him!" Debbie laughed.

Izzy blushed beetroot red, realising she was the butt of Debbie’s smutty humour once again.

"Cheeky," Babs chipped in before getting a few good shots on her phone and making notes about the elephant’s physiology for the presentation.

Barbara asked, "So where next? Giraffe or Hyena?"

"Giraffes. I loathe the hyenas, evil looking beasts with mean eyes!" spat Izzy. "Then again, they are adapted for killing small prey and scavenging, so that would be a great example for the presentation. With any luck it will be feeding time and we can see them ripping their dinner to shreds," said Izzy, totally changing her mind as to what they should see next.

The afternoon flew past and the girls were totally engrossed in the project and the animals. However, as usually when you put three 18 year olds together in a place like this, eventually someone is going to do something a little bit silly! That was to come at the penguin's closure.

"Hi, we are with Mrs Owen's group. I am Debbie, her daughter," Debbie said politely to the lady sweeping behind the public barrier; her name badge read as Penny.

"Oh, hi, yes, Mr Wilson told me to expect some inquisitive young minds grilling me today. Are you having a good time, and more importantly, learning a lot today?" Penny asked cheerfully.

"Oh yes," Izzy chipped in. "Looking at the animals from an adaptive evolutionary point of view, you see them in a different light," she said trying to sound brighter than she is. "But can I ask, why are they coloured black and white?"

"That is actually a very good question. We only see them on land or swimming about from the side of the pool. Think of it in the open sea, deep water and bright sky or cloud cover. They feed on fish, so they don't want to be seen, so they have a white belly to camouflage themselves. Their backs are black so they blend into the water so large seabirds cannot see them easily, so they are safer from predation themselves," Penny explained carefully. It was a good question, but one she has often been asked.

"So, what about being eaten by polar bears, Penny? Are they able to avoid them too? They are quick swimmers but slow on land," Izzy asked.

Debbie and Babs rolled their eyes and laughed. Penny, too, had to smirk. It was Penny who answered the question.

"They have the best defence of all; keeping their distance. You see, polar bears live in the Arctic, in the northern hemisphere of the world, penguins all live in the Antarctic or seas abutting the Southern Ocean type areas; South America, South Africa and Fairy Penguins in Australia, but none live in the wild in the north. So you see, the perfect defence!" Penny chuckled.

Izzy, whilst trying to keep a straight face, was not happy with this answer, as it made her feel stupid. She turned away and took some photos on her phone, while Penny went about her work and disappeared from sight after she left the enclosure and walked behind them towards the staff canteen.

"Oh, must be coming up to feeding time," Babs broke the atmosphere by spying a large bucket of herring inside the enclosure, just out of reach of the flightless birds. "Come on, whilst there is no one here!" With that, she hopped over the low barrier and into the enclosure. "Come on, Izzy, let's have a bit of fun," she added as Debbie joined her friend on the edge of the enclosure.

"Sod it!" Izzy said, climbing over as well. "Let's feed the little buggers a little early, shall we?" Izzy leaned forwards and picked up the fish bucket which was heavier than it looked.

"Oh, do you think we should?" ask Babs, suddenly getting cold feet about the idea.

"Chill out, Babs! Five minutes and we will be gone and no one will know what has happened," Debbie assured her.

In truth, the 3 CCTV cameras that the girls were currently visible on would somehow make that argument mute, as just then the guard in the gatehouse, which was right at the opposite end of the park, was just coming back from a comfort break and placing a freshly brewed cup of tea on his workstation when he spotted movement in the pen. He thought nothing of it as Penny, with whom he was smitten, was due there right about now. He often zoomed in on her glorious bottom as she worked. He had not yet plucked up the courage to ask her out. It was then that he realised there was more than the one person he was expecting in the pen. He reached for his radio.

"Penny, where are you? It's Mick here on the front desk!" he asked urgently.

"Hi Mick, what's up? Can't find me on the CCTV?" she quipped kindly, clearly aware of his affections. "Listen," and she hit a spoon against her coffee mug. "Is that a big enough clue?"

"Penny, stop messing. Where are you? Are you in the penguin enclosure? Yes or no?" he asked more sharply than intended but it got her attention.

"No, Mick. I’m in the recreation room having a brew, why? You sound agitated," she was becoming concerned.

"You'd better leave that and get back. I think we have some pesky kids in the penguin enclosure," he continued.

"I'm on my way now," she assured him.

Meanwhile, Jim Wilson picked up the chatter and set off from the gatehouse in an electric buggy. "I'm on my way too, Penny," he said on his radio. Seconds later, he stopped by Gwen's side. "Hop in Gwen, some kids are in the penguin pen, I have a feeling it is some of yours!" he warned.

At the pool side, the three girls were tossing fish into the pool and the penguins were chasing them and having a feast. The bucket was nearly empty after a couple of minutes. and the girls began to feel that they should leave. Along the edge of the pool from where they climbed over, one of them had inadvertently dropped some fish guts. Izzy turned to scamper back to the exit and trod straight in the mess. The blood guts and fish oil, coupled with the wetness of the pool side, was more than enough to cause her to slip.

"What the, ahh!" Izzy cried as her feet slid from under her. Landing hard on her bottom, the seat of her jeans was now covered in the same mess. As she slithered uncontrollably forwards and inevitably almost in slow motion into the pool with a splash, the penguins scattered in all directions, just as Penny arrived on the scene.

"What the heck is going on here? Out! Now!" Penny bellowed.

Babs and Debbie didn't need telling twice as Izzy stood in the shallow edge of the pool covered in fish scales and gunk.

"You, stay there, I'm coming to help. It is as slippery as hell so do not try to get out!" Penny warned.

By now, Gwen and Jim were arriving on the scene and Gwen's heart sank when she realised that not only was it three of her charges, but her daughter to boot.

"Stay there, you two! Where is the third, Izzy?" she yelled as she dismounted the buggy with her arms and legs flailing as she tried to get out quickly with her seat belt still wrapped around herself.

By now Izzy had, assisted by Penny, managed to extricate herself from her watery predicament and was standing, dripping, on the poolside. Thankfully the penguins, none of whom had come to any harm, just stood on the opposite edge looking at this very strange site.

"What on Earth were you doing, you silly, silly girl?" Penny scolded Izzy, who just burst into tears, which gained zero sympathy from the keeper.

"If you don't mind, may I take over, Penny?" asked Gwen. "Rest assured, this will be dealt with seriously. Now, as Penny asked, what were you doing?"

"Just helping, Miss." Izzy avoided the trap of calling one of her best friend’s mum by her first name. Then I ended up in the water, Miss," she sniffled.

"What did Mr Wilson say before you were allowed to explore and work, like adults? What did he say, Izzy?"

"Well Miss, he told us to obey the warning signs, Mrs Owen," she said glumly.

"And respect the animals, is that not correct, Mr Wilson?" she asked him firmly.

"You are indeed correct, Mrs Owens. This is a park, not a zoo and we treat our animals as we would our cat or dog at home; with love, care and respect," Mr Wilson said directly at Izzy who could not look him in the eye.

"How are the penguins?" Gwen asked, looking at both Jim and Penny.

Jim Wilson deferred to Penny, as she knew them best.

"They are OK, thank you. A little startled more than anything. They are used to me entering the water for sure, but I tend to do it in a more controlled way," she said, looking at Izzy slowly dripping on the footpath outside the enclosure. "They have been overfed, so one or two may have a minor tummy ache later, but nothing worse. They may just sleep it off. It could, however, have been more serious, but thankfully not on this occasion."

"I should really ask the group to leave right now, Mrs Owens, but I will let this pass. But I do expect the girls to be disciplined at school after this. Is that clear?" he said, more for the girls’ benefit rather than the teachers’.

"I can promise you that, Mr Wilson!" Gwen said, glaring at the three girls.

"Penny, would you find Izzy some dry clothes from the lost and found please, whilst I have a word with Mrs Owens?" Jim Wilson said, just as Mrs Pope arrived.

“Sorry, Mrs Owens,” Vera Pope said. “I only just heard. I was with the other girls, working with the chap at the Meerkats enclosure. Fascinating animals! Looks like it was fun and games over this side of the park?"

"These three are in big trouble. Izzy ended up in the penguin pool, no real harm done, but we have only just avoided being thrown out because of these three. Mr Wilson, however, has been very generous and allowed us to stay until we go at 4.00 pm, and with your permission I would, if possible, like to keep this away from the headmistress if possible," she said in a loaded tone.

"Any reason?" Vera Pope asked pointedly.

"No, not what you think, not because my daughter was involved. Our headmistress, Annabel, would have no option but to suspend them for at least a week, and with the exams coming up, I would not press for that, no matter who was involved. I have something more direct in mind. Jim, Vera, can we talk in private please? I am going to call the other mums for a quick chat."

Gwen had a plan.

Jim showed them into the staff room, which he knew would be empty at this hour. Gwen opened her mobile phone and called the two girls’ mums. Gwen indicated she wanted Vera and Jim to stay and listen, but out of camera shot so they did not influence the conversation but could hear everything discussed. First to pick up was Terri Welch, Izzy's mum, followed seconds later by Julie Smith, Bab's mother.

"Hi, how's it going? Everyone having fun?" Terri asked. "Something happened? I can't see why else you'd ring us both for a video chat?" she added, hitting the nail squarely on the head.

"No one is hurt, let me say that from the start. However, there has been an 'incident' just involving our three girls and we are only able to complete the trip due to the generosity of Jim Wilson, Pamela's husband from the tennis club. He manages the park," Gwen explained, and Jim nodded his appreciation for the mention.

"So what happened?" Terri asked with concern.

"The girls were being trusted to work in groups. The other seven have been as good as gold and worked really well independently in their groups. However, our three, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to ignore the warning they had been given in the briefing before, and climbed into the penguin enclosure, then decided to feed the penguins. Izzy then slipped and was lucky not to hurt either herself or any of the birds as she slithered into the pool."

Gwen left that to hang for a moment for any reaction from the other ladies.

"Is she OK? She must be soaked and frozen?" Terri asked with concern.

"She's fine. One of the keepers is sorting her some clothes out of the lost and found box and it is quite pleasant in the sun. Jim has arranged for them to wait in his office where it is quite warm," Gwen assured her.

"So, they are in the soup then?" Julie asked in an expectant way. "Shit, they'll get suspended, and they have exams looming!"

"Now, stop it and listen!" Gwen urged. "I have spoken with Jim and Vera, and they are OK with me not taking this to Annabel Granger, but only (she emphasised only) if we give them a suitable punishment ourselves. None of us can afford them losing a week off school, not at this stage, so I have assured them we will punish them appropriately."

Gwen again left that dangling for input from the other mums who were trying to keep up with the events.

"Punished? How do you mean? What have you said?" Terri asked, still concerned.

"That is what we have to decide between us. All three clearly are in the wrong and so all should really be punished similarly, out of fairness. I assume you all agree?" Gwen began.

"Yes, I suppose," Terri hesitated.

"Makes sense to me," Julie agreed. "So we have to agree on a unified course of action, ladies?"

"Remember, this is replacing a week-long suspension," Gwen reminded them.

"So what do we think?" Julie asked.

"Well, as soon as I get Debbie home, I will go up to her room and give her a good talking to. Then I’ll give her a spanking she won't forget in a hurry," Gwen said in a casual, very matter-of-fact way.

There were looks of surprise from both Jim and Vera, who were both taken aback by the casual way that Gwen dropped corporal punishment into the conversation.

"Oh, oh, I see," Terri stammered. “You see, I haven't, I don't."

"You don't spank Terri?" Gwen interjected. "That could explain a lot of what she does at school."

"I'm sorry, I seem to remember your spanked daughter is caught up in this as well, Gwen!" Terri said crossly.

"Sorry, that came out wrong,” Gwen quickly added. “What I meant was, we can usually tell which kids are grounded, say, and which get the backsides tanned occasionally. When you have been teaching as long as me, you see the signs," Gwen defended herself to her friend.

"So what about my Barbara then?" Julie cut in to break into the possible escalation by Terri.

"I would say, Julie, you have spanked her, but are reluctant to do so now she is in the sixth form?" Gwen predicted.

"You're spot on. She's not been over my knee for about, oh, 12 or 18 months. There are times I could have throttled her, but never spanked her bum. Can you really tell?" Julie was really impressed if she could.

"Nine times out of ten, yes. So, we have an issue. My Debbie is certainly getting her bottom spanked this evening. Julie, you may spank her but can't decide. Terri, you are not a spanking mum. We have an issue, ladies; a problem we need to solve. And quickly," she added.

"Jim won't know what we do to punish the girls, so what does it matter?" Terri pitched in.

Without glancing at Jim, Gwen responded by saying, "If I make a promise, I keep it, Terri. Julie, what do you think?"

"Babs is clearly well overdue for having her bottom spanked again. I am with you, Gwen. Bab's will also be going over my knee tonight. I only use my hand though," she added.

"Well, I am not spanking Izzy. I just couldn't even if she does deserve it, I just couldn't." Terri said, rather pathetically in Gwen’s opinion.

"Well, how about if one of us spanked her for you?" suggested Julie. "if it avoids my Barbara losing a week’s education, I would be happy to spank her bottom too, I suppose."

"Oh, I see. If you are sure this is necessary? But, sorry Julie, would you mind if I were to ask Gwen to do it for me, if you're willing, that is Gwen?" Terri conceded. "Just with you being an authority figure, that's all I meant."

"I am very happy to do that, Terri. So, if we are all agreed, can I tell Jim we have a plan going forwards?"

"Just one thing," Terri butted in. "Will you be doing it, you know, back at school?"

"Can't do that, Terri. I can't spank a pupil on school premises. I'd get sacked and banned from teaching. She can either come to ours or we'll come to yours."

"Can we come to yours, please Gwen?" Terri asked.

"Sorted, I'll see you back at school. Do you want me to tell the girls now, or wait until we get back?" Gwen asked before they all hung up.

"Tell them now," Julie said. "Let them stew for a while, it might make them think twice next time."

"Very well, thank you. I had better get to it then, see you about 4.30. Bye," and Gwen terminated the call. "Is that to everyone's satisfaction, Vera? We keep this to ourselves and I deal with two of the three myself? Jim, sorry once again. I know you are 'old school' and I am sure you can see the benefits of a quick sharp spanking applied to a girl's backside?"

"Not too quick, I hope! But yes, joking aside, I am more than happy with the way you have dealt with this. Better a sore bottom for an hour than missing a week of school, certainly," Jim agreed. "Would you both like a lift back to base?"

"I'll walk, thank you Jim," said Vera. "I think the rest of the group were finishing at the elephants. I'll let you go and break the bad news before they get back."

Jim and Gwen rode back to the office.

"So, you still practice the art of spanking, do you? You're a dark horse," Jim broke the silence.

"Yes, I do. It never did me any harm," she quipped. Seeing Jim trying to gauge the size of her bottom, she continued, "And don't you get any frisky ideas or you'll get a backhand smash to the head," she chuckled.

"No Miss, sorry Miss," he said in a mock cower in his seat. Gwen flicked his ear, hard. "Ouch, that hurt!"

As they arrived back at the office, Jim jumped off and made himself scarce, allowing Gwen to go into the office alone to pass on the news. The three girls were all sitting on a long table chatting when Gwen walked in.

"We are so, so, sorry mum!" Debbie was the first to speak. "Please tell me Mrs Dawson isn't going to suspend us, please mum!" Debbie pleaded, almost in tears.

"No Debbie, that isn't going to happen, but only because I have managed to get Mr Wilson and Mrs Pope to agree to, an, er, alternative strategy," Gwen said cryptically.

"I don't care, Mrs Owen," said Terri. "Just so long as we're not kicked out, thank you!"

"Don't thank me too soon, Terri,'' Gwen warned. “I have spoken at length to both your mothers. We needed to agree to a punishment that both Mrs Pope and Mr Wilson were OK with as well. So, we have all agreed that all three of you will receive a spanking when we get back later. Now, one else will know and I have no intention of letting anything of this agreement out to the other girls.

"Spanked? Me? My mum has never spanked me! My Nana did a few times when I was little, but she died when I was 6!" Terri was flabbergasted. "You two, are you still spanked, at your age?"

"I am yes, sometimes. I much prefer it to being grounded or losing my phone for a week. It hurts, yes, but then it's over," Debbie said, looking at her mum and half smiling.

"I haven't been spanked for over a year, Izzy, but I would take that any day compared to the alternatives," Babs confirmed.

"So my mum is going to spank me then?" Izzy was struggling with this.

"Actually, she was struggling too, Izzy,” Gwen said. “She has asked me to take care of it for her, Izzy."

"You, Gwen, Miss, Mrs Owens?"

"Do you have a major problem with that, Izzy?"

"But you are the mum of one of my best friends!"

"It is not that long ago when I would be allowed, no, expected to have spanked you at school, even slipper or cane you. My mother was caned three times, so yes, I have no issues with it, given your mother has suggested it, Izzy," Gwen said in her most stern teacher's voice. “So I suggest, young lady, unless you wish me to look for my slipper when we get to my house, that you do as you are instructed and we get this over with sooner rather than later!"

"Yes, Gwen, Miss. What should I call you?" Izzy was flustered.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with," Gwen replied more softly.

So, less than an hour later, the minibus arrived back at school and discharged it's passengers, most of whom were looking forward to the coming weekend. Julie and Terri were waiting.

"So, what have you been up to?" Julie asked Barbara directly.

"It was only a bit of high spirits, Julie," Izzy answered.

"It just got a little out of control," Debbie added apologetically.

"The main thing is, no one was hurt," Gwen said. "Well, not yet!" she said with menace.

"OK, I'm off to toast my daughter’s backside myself, then. I'll probably speak with you two later," Julie said, taking her offspring by the elbow and marching her to the car. "As for you, Barbara, I hope you have some sensible underwear on!" she continued, and Barbara's shoulders fell as she got into the back of the car.

"You follow me home and we'll get it over with," Gwen suggested in a way that was not actually a suggestion at all. The four of them got into their two cars and like a funeral procession made their way, in silence, through the slow moving traffic and the 20 minute drive home.

Julie and Babs were home within 5 minutes, and walked in silence to the front door which Julie unlocked. The two of them entered the house and took off their shoes.

"Go to your room and get yourself ready. I will be up in a couple of minutes, Barbara," her mother instructed as she went into the kitchen for a moment.

Babs trudged slowly up the stairs and into her bedroom. She knew the routine. She stripped off her jeans, sweatshirt and tee shirt and she stood briefly gazing in the mirror, looking at her shapely bottom dressed in pale cream panties with matching bra on top. Next, she pulled on a nightie made of a thin cotton material with small flowers in a pattern, not that the material mattered. The whole idea was to make her bottom more accessible. The nightie would be pulled up to facilitate this and gain access to her panties. Thankfully, her mum never spanked bare bottom. She folded her clothes as she heard her mother’s footsteps reach the top of the stairs. Rather than waiting for the knock, as usually happens, she opened the door as her mother approached.

"I see you are ready, Barbara. Good," Julie said, sitting at the foot of the bed. "I had hoped I wouldn't need to do this again, but you have left me with very little choice. Get over my knee," Julie instructed her daughter.

Barbara did as she was told. There was little point in doing otherwise. Her hands and feet felt warm in the thickly-piled carpet, but she could tell her bottom was only just covered by the short nightie she had chosen to wear.

"I'll be honest, it pains me to do this at your age," Julie said as she pulled up the hem of Bab’s nightie, leaving an uninterrupted view of her daughter's panties. "But, if you can't behave without sanction, I have little choice in the matter," she repeated the disappointment she felt towards her daughter. Then, with that, her hand rose and fell onto the meat of Barbara's bottom with a sharp 'smack'.

"Ouch!" Barbara exclaimed, having nearly forgotten how a well-delivered smack could sting on almost bare flesh.

"Ouch!" as a second, equally well-targeted, hand struck her upper thigh on the right hand side.

Whilst Julie's hand worked its magic, besides the odd squeal or grunt, Barbara remained quiet for the next 15 or 20 spanks. By then, the sharp smacks were merging into one red area covering pretty much the whole of Barbara's behind. As such, spanks were now landing on previous spanks and her bottom was becoming very sore indeed.

"I think I have learned my lesson now, mum," Barbara tried to get to the end of this most uncomfortable experience.

"Good, that is nice to hear. However, this isn't just a learning experience. It is, unless you have forgotten, a punishment. A punishment for not behaving, so now I see I am finally getting somewhere, I will continue a little longer!"

"Oh, mum!" Barbara wailed as she lay draped across her mother's knee like a toddler, with her behind getting more and more painful by the second.

Julie's hand rose and fell, rose and fell, beating out a steady tune on her daughter's upturned bottom. Barbara was struggling, her legs were starting to kick and tears flowed freely. Undeterred, the meaty sound of slap after slap rang out through the empty house, something Barbara felt thankful for, unlike Izzy and Debbie, she thought.

"There," smack. "Finished at last," her mother said, shaking her hand out of sight of Barbara as it sung through lack of practice. "Up you get," she said, pulling her daughter's nightie back into place, though Barbara did wonder why she bothered doing that.

"Oh, bloody hell, mother! You haven't lost your touch, have you?" Barbara said as she jumped up and vigorously rubbed her bottom through her nightie.

"Less of that, or you'll be straight back over my knee. Now, either get dressed or put your dressing gown on. I'll give you a shout when dinner is ready."

"Yes mum, and I am sorry, mum," Barbara said, trying to smile. Her eyes shone in the light as the tears continued to well up. Her mum closed the door and Babs took off her nightie and dropped her panties before taking a picture of her red bottom, which she sent to Izzy and Debbie, to prove she had received her share of the punishment.

"What was that?" Gwen said to Debbie as she heard her daughter's phone ping whilst they were at yet another set of red traffic lights. Debbie clicked the image to full screen and reached forwards so her mother could snatch a quick glance before the lights changed.

"Oh, looks like Julie made a good job of that spankiing."

"Alright mum, don't rub it in. I know I'll be getting mine in a few minutes, if we ever get through this bloody traffic!" Debbie huffed, just keen to get the whole episode dealt with.

Ping, Izzy's phone activated as they were stuck three cars behind Debbie in the traffic queue.

"I don't think it's the right time to be messing with your social media, do you?" Terri suggested.

Izzy sighed and showed her mum the image Babs had just sent.

"Mine will look like that in a few minutes, I expect. Mum, how can you let this happen?" she said crossly.

"Don't you take that tone with me, young lady, or I might just do it to you myself! If you hadn't acted so stupidly, you wouldn't be going over Gwen's knee in the next 20 minutes and you wouldn't be getting your bottom spanked. If you ask me, the more I think about it the more I wished I had been a spanking mother when the situation demanded it," Terri almost spat with anger.

"I'm sorry, mum. It's just, well, I'm actually a little scared right now. I pretty well know what is going to happen, and there is nothing I can do about it. I don't want to be spanked!" Izzy started to well up with tears.

"It's either that or exclusion," Terri spoke more softly now.

"I know," was all Izzy said, in a low, sad tone.

The traffic picked up after that last set of lights and they were at Gwen and Debbie's house in a couple of minutes. Gwen pulled onto the drive and Terri parked across the bottom of it. All four ladies made their way quietly into the house and took their shoes off. Terri and Izzy awaited a clue as to the proceedings to come.

"Izzy, Terri, if you would like to join Debbie in the lounge, please, I think we should just crack on. I assume you saw Bab's picture in the car?" Gwen asked, breaking the ice. They all nodded, Izzy glancing at Debbie for support and explanation as Gwen disappeared upstairs. She didn't need to go there, but wanted to give Debbie time to reassure her friend.

"So what happens now?" Izzy whispered so Gwen would not hear.

"If things go to form, mum will pull out a chair and sit down. I will drop my jeans and panties, bend over and she will spank me for a few minutes. That time depends on the crime, and by today's experience, I'll expecting a fair old whacking,” she said in a resigned and matter-of-fact way whilst resting her left hand flat on her bottom in anticipation of the pain to come.

"Your jeans and knickers?" Izzy yelped.

"My mum always spanks me flesh on flesh. Don't worry, she won't do that with you. On the odd occasion she has spanked anyone else, she always lets them keep their panties on,” Debbie continued.

"How can you be so calm about it, Debbie?" Terri butted in.

"Because today is nothing special. I misbehaved badly enough, I'll get my bare bum spanked. It's nothing. It smarts for a bit then it's gone, just don't overthink it," Debbie said, putting a friendly hand on both their shoulders as she heard the sound of her mother coming down to deliver her version of justice. Sharp, short and stinging!

"Ladies, I will deal with Debbie first, if that is alright with everyone?"

No one was going to argue, Izzy was desperately trying to put it off whilst Debbie wanted it over with and to move on.

"Good," Gwen said as she turned and pulled a chair out into the centre of the room, a mahogany straight-backed affair with a nicely padded seat making it perfect for both regular spankings with Debbie across her lap, or, for the most serious occasions, bent over the chair back with her hands flat on the seat. Gwen would then use her slipper or a large wooden kitchen spatula. Today, it was going to be over her knee as she had told Izzy.

“Izzy, if you and your mum stand by the door, please. Debbie, I think you know what to do."

"Yes mum," Debbie said as she took the 2 or 3 steps needed to stand at her mother's right hand side before unfastening the button and zip on her skin tight jeans and wiggling them over her hips. She looked at her mother to gauge whether she really did have to bare herself in front of her friend and her mother.

Gwen just looked at her panties, then into Debbie's eyes and down to the floor. Debbie huffed then, rather self-consciously put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them to her knees before laying over her mother's lap without a word being exchanged.

"Don't worry, Izzy. Whilst I will ask you to remove those ghastly jogging bottoms they gave you at the park, you can keep your panties on," Gwen explained.

Without any additional discourse, Gwen gave Debbie's bottom a cursory rub before planting a loud smack on her left buttock. Whilst her boobs and hair bobbed forwards and backwards under the impact, Debbie didn't utter a sound, a pink hand print was all that was left behind. Her lily white bottom received a second whack with Gwen's palm and a second hand print on the right buttock and still no sound.

Gwen now spanked her freely, sometimes alternately, sometimes several smacks on the same buttock. It didn't take long before the girl’s whole bottom was a collection of pink and red blotches and spank mark after spank mark. Her sit spot was a particularly meaty target and one Gwen spanked there more. The backs of her thighs received the occasional spank too. Debbie looked backwards towards her friend and even managed to give her a smile as her mother’s hand rose and fell many more times. Izzy was not reassured at all, knowing her bottom would soon look like that. Meanwhile, Debbie’s boobs and hair continued to bob back and forth in time to the spanks landing.

After a further minute or so, Gwen stopped spanking her daughter's bottom, resting her hand briefly to gauge the heat coming off the rosy buttocks. She unconsciously nodded to herself.

"Alright, Debbie, I think you are done. Up you get," she said.

Debbie got up and pulled up her panties quite swiftly. Her demeanour when she pulled her skin tight jeans back up did, however, betray the soreness of her bottom as she didn't wiggle into them as easily as she had lowered them a few minutes before.

Izzy looked panic stricken, and she looked to her mother for reassurance. None was forthcoming.

"Alright Izzy, I am sorry, but it is your turn. I promise I will not be as harsh with you. Debbie, bless her, is, shall we say, used to it. I know you are not. Come here, please dear, and take down your jogging bottoms for me, there's a good girl."

Gwen was trying to be kind and show humanity, but to Izzy it was like the hangman asking the condemned prisoner to please slip the noose around their own neck. Seeing Izzy’s reluctance, Debbie took her hand gently and took her to her mother.

"Here, let me help you with those," Gwen said, taking control again and gently pulling the waistband of Izzy’s jogging bottoms down as far as her upper thighs. The girl’s light green lacy knickers were still slightly damp from when she fell in the pool. Taking Izzy’s left hand, she gently guided the girl over her knee and she was soon in the same position as her daughter had been just a minute ago. "Just hold tight, this will not take long!"

Terri looked on with a mixture of horror and intrigue. Horrified at watching her daughter being spanked by her school teacher, but intrigued as she wondered if, in future, she could perhaps find a way to punish Izzy herself. Terri was soon snapped out of her thoughts as a fleshy smack rang out.

"Owww! Oww! That hurts, stop, please!" Izzy shrieked, more at the sound and shock than the actual pain as the second and third spanks made contact with her green knickers. Gwen could see pink marks appearing on the white skin visible through the lace, but she could see they were nowhere near as fierce as those on Debbie's behind. That did not stop the shrieking which, if anything, was getting louder and more guttural. Unphased, Gwen spanked on, peppering the hapless girl's behind from top to bottom and from left to right with one fresh spank every 2 or 3 seconds. The howling waned after the first minute and was replaced by sobbing, her chest heaving and her ample breasts wobbling like they had a mind of their own.

Debbie could see Terri was starting to get worried about Izzy, so Debbie took her hand and squeezed it as if to say, ‘She'll be alright, don't worry.’

Moments later, and keeping true to her word, Gwen stopped smacking Izzy's bottom. Debbie noted that Izzy's spanking has lasted only slightly longer than half the time her own spanking had and was nowhere near as bad. However, she was not bitter about that. This was alien to her friend and, at 18-years-old, she was very late into the experience of corporal punishment.

"Thank you Izzy, you did very well for your first spanking. Are you alright to get up, or would you like Debbie to help you?" Gwen asked kindly.

"No, I'm fine, thank you," Izzy said glumly, getting to her feet in quite a laboured fashion and with tears still streaming down her face. She stood and cried like a 6-year-old and held her bottom.

Out of Izzy’s line of sight, Debbie and Gwen exchanged glances, whilst Izzy and Terri just stood and hugged each other, eyes tightly closed. Terri felt like she had felt every blow of the spanking her daughter had just taken, and was glad the whole matter was behind them.

"How do you feel, love?" Terri asked Izzy.

"Sore, very sore!" Izzy said, giving her bum a decent rub. "But, in a way, I appreciate what has just happened. Thank you, Gwen. Mum, in future, when I have been especially bad, do you think, maybe, you could spank me rather than ground me? I know that probably sounds odd coming from an 18-year-old, but perhaps you should have spanked me when I was younger, mum."

"Look, now we have that out of the way and we can all be friends again, I have a casserole on a timer in the oven. Would you like to stay for dinner?" Gwen offered.

"Thank you, that would be great," Terri spoke first. "And whilst it is cooking why don't you two go to Debbie's room for a while. I am sure you are desperate to compare battle scars."

The girls did just that. First, Izzy examined her newly spanked, formerly white, bottom in the mirror whilst Debbie once again peeled off her skin tight jeans and did the same a moment later.

"Here, let me take a picture and send it to Babs," suggested Izzy."Good idea!" replied Debbie, giggling.

Click, the image was captured and sent to Barbara, with just the word 'snap'.

Seconds later, Babs replied with a heart imogie and the word 'ouch!'

"Do you think your mum will spank you?" Debbie asked Izzie as she slipped into some loose-fitting jogging bottoms.

"No idea, but like you said, it's over and the air is cleared, rather than days of ill-feeling and brooding as normally happens now," Izzy confided.

"Dinner!" came the cry 30 minutes later and, by now, the spankings were a memory and everyone could move on.

The End

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