Second Chance Alternatives, LLC
Three women are offered an alternative to court action

Laura Lynch was broke. Her roommate, Jenny Douglas, was broke too. Tips were nonexistent and they needed gasoline to get home. They needed more gas to get back to work tomorrow. They expected their paychecks in the morning, but that would not help them tonight. The tank on Jenny’s old car contained fumes and little else. After some discussion, they borrowed $50 from the bar, The Watering Hole, where they worked. Laura did the sleight of hand work. Jenny was the lookout. As it turned out, Laura’s mom picked her up on her way home from the law firm where she was a junior partner. They stopped and had dinner, and Laura told her mom about the $50. Her mom was shocked and gave her daughter $50 with an admonishment never to do it again. Laura and Jenny paid back the $50 the next day. No one knew, or so they thought.

Friday: 1.00 PM - Back room of The Watering Hole

“Hello Ms Lynch, my name is Erika Appleton. My company is Second Chance Alternatives. I am here at the request of Tony, the bar owner, and your former boss. You stole $50 from the cash drawer a week ago, Thursday. Besides being bad manners, it is illegal. Technically it is a misdemeanor that can carry fines or relatively short jail times typically less than six months, but certainly less than one year.”

Laura looked at Erika Appleton. She was dressed in a white linen suit with a black blouse underneath the jacket. Erika had expensive, short spiky hair, dyed silver. She looked fit, mid-forties but, might be older, and blue eyes with glasses. Laura felt an uncomfortable, agitated sensation in her gut. Looking at the grey planked floor she quietly said, “I returned the money the very next day.”

“Commendable but, you did not ask Tony for a loan. You hoped Tony would not notice the drawer was short, but Tony has been in the bar business a long time. He counts the drawers himself every night before he goes home. $50 is significant. He went through the video recordings and there you are slipping a $50 bill into your pocket.” Erika picked up her tablet and started the video. The video was clear and in color. Laura saw herself stealing a $50 bill.

Erika allowed the video to sink in and looked at Laura. According to her application, she was 24-years-old and going to college. She was good at math and was working her way through engineering school. Laura had an athletic appearance; her red hair was long past her shoulders. She was dressed in blue jeans, a black t-shirt and black trainers. Her green eyes rarely left the floor.

Erika continued. “Tony always prosecutes. Prosecution involves the police, a mug shot, and a night in jail with people you really don’t want to meet. You will need a lawyer or maybe a public defender. After a lawyer empties your bank account, you will meet a judge in court. The judge might let you go home with your parents or the judge might set bail. This might involve a scummy bail bondsman. Then you get to go home and listen to your parents’ lectures for weeks if not longer. My guess, if you had to steal $50, you probably could not afford the pending criminal justice process.”

“But I returned the money.”

“Yes Ms Lynch but, you broke the law and you broke Tony’s trust. By the way, I have a letter of termination, your last paycheck of $237.00, and an option for you.”

“An option?”

“Yes, my company, Second Chance Alternatives, will allow you to avoid the prosecution process. All you must do is sign up for our disciplinarian services program.”

“Disciplinarian services?”

“Yes, we are in the business of saving taxpayers’ money. The judicial system has far better things to do than running an ex-waitress through the system. If you accept our offer, you will be subjected to corporal punishment. You will be spanked for your crime, and when the spanking is over you will be done. No record. No arrest. None of the unpleasantness. Of course, you will need to find a new job.”

“Corporal punishment? That sounds unpleasant to me.”

“I won’t kid you. You will be spanked. You will not like being spanked. But a little unpleasantness and you will have a clean conscience. Do you want to listen while I explain the process or would you like to begin the prosecution process? I can call the police right now if you like.”

Laura’s stomach was uneasy; she was anxious. She was astonished there was a company that spanked people. Why did she steal the money? Being arrested by the police was scary. Being spanked was scary, too. But her mom had spanked her a couple of times when she was young. She didn’t remember the details but it couldn’t have been too bad. “Go on, I am listening.”

“Good choice, Ms Lynch. May I call you Laura?”


Erika continued, “Laura, first we have a contract. It is simple. You are choosing the disciplinarian services program. Upon completion of the program, you will be done. You will not be arrested, nor appear in court, nor go to jail. You will waive your right to file a lawsuit against your former employer. You also will not be able to file a lawsuit against Second Chance Alternatives, but there is an arbitration clause.

“Second, you will need to bring a witness to our office. They provide moral support and transportation. You will not feel like sitting down and driving after the punishment.

“Third, you will consent to being photographed from head to toe before and after the event. The photographs are for our legal protection. However, Tony gets to see three pictures of your corporal punishment. He does not get to keep any pictures.

“You will be spanked on your bare bottom and then you will be free to go. Our fee for this service is $1,450, cash or certified check. We do not accept credit cards or personal checks. We will collect this the day you come in.”

“What? You are going to spank me and I am going to pay for the privilege?”

“SCA is in business to make money. Tony likes you, which is why he called Second Chance Alternatives. He’s not paying for our service. Calling the police is free. Believe me, you will pay far more in attorneys’ fees and court fees.

“Time for a decision,” said Erika. “Do you want to be arrested or do you want to work through your transgression with Second Chance Alternatives? This decision is not irrevocable. Once you sign the acceptance agreement and pay the $1,450, the decision is irrevocable. Any questions?”

“If I don’t sign?”

I just call the police. While we wait for your arrest you can sign your termination letter and I will give you your final paycheck. It’s not enough to cover bail.” Erika held out a pen for Laura.

Laura thought about it and accepted. “OK, I’ll do it. I’ll go with the option.”

“I do have one more question,” Erika stated. “I was watching the video from the security cameras and it looks like your mother picked you up. Did you tell her about the stolen money?”

Laura looked Erika straight in the eye and lied to her. Erika knew she lied.

“Please sign here. This signature accepts the SCA program. Please sign here, this states you will be required to bring a friend to witness and care for you afterwards. The third signature states you understand you have three days to make a final decision, and should that date and time pass the police will be called.”

Laura signed three times.

“And one last thing. I have your final paycheck, a check for $237.00. If I may have your cell phone for a minute?”

Laura handed her the phone. Erika added the SCA app, then escorted Laura out of the building. She expressed hope she would hear from Laura soon.

Laura left the bar through the employee door. She passed Jenny. Jenny was outside smoking. She wore the same outfit as Laura, except her trainers were hot pink.

Erika saw Jenny, called her name, and closed the door as she came into the building.

Friday Afternoon, 4.00 PM – Offices of Daggett, Ricardo, Grey & Lynch, LLC

“Abby, I have Ms Erika Appleton in the waiting room. She won’t tell me what it is about, but it concerns a personal matter.”

“What do you think, Mary?”

“Definitely not a process server or a cop. Her shoes are expensive-looking.”

“Hmm, OK, show her in.”

Abby Lynch put on her jacket, flipped her red hair out of the collar and slipped the document on her desk into a drawer. She closed her laptop and walked to her office door.

“Ms Appleton? A pleasure to meet you. Mary, no calls.”

“Thank you for seeing me Ms Lynch.”

“Please sit. You mentioned to my assistant that your business was personal. Can you elaborate?”

“I am the CEO of Second Chance Alternatives. We are a small boutique firm offering options to people who otherwise would be arrested, arraigned, and sentenced in our judicial system. I was just awarded a contract to terminate Laura and Jenny for stealing $50 from their employer.”

“My daughter is 24. Legally, she is an adult. I will discuss this with her. I don’t understand why you are here?”

“I came here to discuss your conduct.”

“Oh? My conduct?”

“Yes, essentially you drove the getaway car. Now, I don’t know what the legal charges would be. That is not my area of expertise. I am offering you an option.”

“An option?”

“Our premium disciplinary services program. This program is for people who want their transgressions handled quietly. For example, you are the newest partner at this law firm. You would not want anything getting back to your colleagues. If you decide to run for office, you would not want anything that could show up on the nightly news.

“The premium service is nearly a paperless transaction. There are three sheets of paper, but they are only checked. No signature, no names. We have a car service that will pick you up and take you back. The driver is a former embassy chauffeur. He keeps secrets. But you will not give him your name and he will not ask for it. The rear of our L-shaped building is a garage with an automatic garage door. The door would open and the driver would pull in and the door would close.

“You would be met at our private door, taken to one of our spanking rooms and be appropriately disciplined. There would not be any photographs or paperwork and you would only meet your disciplinarian. We have a building in an industrial park. All the rooms are sound-proof. The last occupant was a small law firm. The building is quite unremarkable with only the address numbers on the building. Our fee would be $5,000, cash or certified check.”


“Or I can call the police and have you arrested. I have video evidence of you driving away from the scene of the crime. And I must commend your daughter. She mentioned you knew nothing at all about the theft.”

“She loves her mom,” Abby Lynch responded. “So, what’s the other shoe, so to speak? By the way, I love your shoes.”

“Thank you. You know your daughter told you about the $50. I know your daughter told you about the $50. My daughter is just a couple of years older than your daughter. She tells me everything. I have mental pictures I’ll never forget. And of course, I have collaboration in the form of Jenny.”

“I have to think about it.”

“Of course. You have a choice. An arrest that might cause the senior partners to question their choice of the newest and youngest partner of this firm. Or a quiet disposition. You might plan a vacation or a quick business trip. You won’t feel like being at work for a couple of days. You have two days. Thank you again for seeing me.”

Friday Night: 5.00 PM - Rose’s House

Laura drove to her best friend’s house. Rose knew a lot about courts as she was an attorney, and she knew a lot about spanking as she was raised by strict parents. Rose had a lot of spankings, even in college, from her parents. If anyone could help, Rose could.

“Hi Rose. I hope I am not barging in at the wrong time.”

“I just made expressos. Have a seat.”

Laura followed Rose into the family room. Rose had two expressos on a table. She was dressed in pajamas and a sweater. Her feet were bare and showing recently pedicured feet. The nails were icy blue. Rose’s mother was Columbian and Rose had inherited her mom’s beautiful complexion and curvy body. She sat down next to Laura, handed her a cup, and said, “OK, spill. Tell me what’s going on.”

Laura took a sip and relaxed. She told her best friend everything.

“Wow! You have a choice of being arrested or being spanked? And you must pay to be spanked? But you would probably run up more bills being arrested? Blood-sucking attorneys make $300/hour.”

“Aren’t you a blood-sucking attorney?”

“Yes, and I charge $300/hour. And to top it off, you must pay the service provider $1,450 and take the spanking. I love it.”

“Rose, this is serious. I have $1,450, but mom would be alerted if I pulled that much cash out of my account. I don’t want to involve my mom.”

“So, you want to choose the spanking?”

“I don’t know. I am scared both ways. I don’t want to be locked up with criminals.”

“Wait a minute. You are a criminal. You would be locked up with your people,” smiled Rose.

Friday: 5.30 PM – Offices of Daggett, Ricardo, Grey & Lynch, LLC

Abby Lynch was exasperated. Her daughter involved her and now she would have to pay the price. Being arrested and explaining to her partners was a nightmarish thought. Might as well get it over with quickly. She asked for a week off and it was granted. She would be available by phone and computer, of course. But she would not have to come into the office.

When Abby hung up the phone, she shivered. She was going through with this. She could throttle her daughter. What was Laura thinking?

Her phone beeped, a text from Erika.

Our address is 7830 Lazy Lizard Lane. The building does not have any signs, just the numbers 7830. Please text our confidential car service with the pick-up location. See you tomorrow.

Friday: 7.00 PM - Rose’s House

“So, what is it going to be, Laura? Are you going to jail or spanking camp?”

Laura almost blorted her expresso. “Spanking camp?”

“Sounds better than disciplinarian services. You don’t need a criminal record. And believe me, you deserve the spanking. You made a bad decision.”

Laura had another drink of coffee and decided it was the best of all solutions. And, she guessed it would teach her a lesson. OK, let me use their app and accept. Laura received a notification back almost immediately.

“My appointment is Tuesday.”

“Change it to a Friday or Saturday.”


“Because you can spend the weekend with me. You don’t want to have your family wondering why you are squirming during dinner. Since you don’t want to talk about the spanking, you would have to find a plausible excuse. An excuse that would not have your mom inspecting your bottom. So, accidently sitting on a stove burner is out.”

Laura emailed SCA and asked for a different appointment, one on a Friday or Saturday. She got her request.

“OK, my appointment is tomorrow, Saturday at 1.00 in the afternoon. I need someone to come with me, someone who can drive me home after.”

“I can do that,” Rose volunteered.

“I will need to send them your picture. No electronics like cell phones, recorders, etc will be allowed in the disciplinary area. The app provides directions. 7830 Lazy Lizard Lane. It is an L-shaped building. The main door is in front. Ursula will greet us.”

Saturday: 12.00 PM - Second Chance Alternatives

Abby arrived at Second Chance Alternatives. The driver pulled in the open garage door and when it closed, he told her she may exit the car. A red door automatically opened when Abby left the car.

Abby took a deep breath and walked through the doorway. Abby carried a purse and bag in hand. She wore light blue pants with pleats, and a white blouse. A thick blue sweater was long enough to cover her bottom. Just inside the doorway, she met Erika.

“Oh, I thought I was to meet my executioner.”

“Disciplinarian. And I thought I would handle the transaction. One less person aware of what is going on. I hope you do not mind.”

“No, I appreciate it.”

Erika used a keycard and walked through another door.

“Follow me. We’ll go to my office. Everyone who is here has been told not to interrupt me.”

Abby was surprised at the size of the office. In the middle was a desk with two screens and a laptop. At a right angle there was a small conference table. There were two wingback client chairs.

To the right was a pillory. It was beautiful cherry wood with gold-like hardware. Abby’s tummy flipped when she saw the device.

Erika invited Abby to sit in one of the client chairs.

“OK, Abby. We know why you are here. Normally, there is a quick physical examination that would pronounce you fit for a spanking, and a disciplinarian who would explain everything. You look healthy to me, and I’ll be your disciplinarian. On the table are our standard forms explaining our terms and conditions. Please place a checkmark on each of the three pages.”

Abby tried to look comfortable as she read the paperwork. The first sheet was her consent to be spanked. The second sheet was a waiver. She would not be able to sue the corporation or the employees. The third sheet was about money. She checked all three.

She opened her bag and pulled out an envelope. She handed it to Erika, who counted the $100 dollar bills.

“OK, we have the fine print out of the way. It is time for your session. Come with me.”

Abby followed Erika over to the side of the room with the pillory. Abby had seen these in old movies. She knew where her hands and head, or rather wrists and neck, would go. Erika stopped in front of the device. Abby could tell Erika was proud of this device. She was radiant.

“So, let’s get you ready. Over there is a chair. You may take off your shoes and clothes, and then come over to the pillory.”

“As far as clothing, I will be spanking your bare bottom. So, I need your bottom bare. I can pin your blouse up out of the way or you can just wear your bra.”

Abby walked over to the chair and took a deep breath. In the chair was a pair of tan flip-flops in a sealed plastic bag. She took off her sweater, folded it and placed it on the seat. She stepped out of her shoes and placed them under the chair. She unbuckled her belt, rolled it and placed it on top of the sweater. She then unbuttoned and unzipped her light blue pants. She stepped out of them, folding them and placing them on top of the belt. While unbuttoning her blouse, she was thinking about leaving it on. She decided she didn’t want it pinned.

“Erika, I would like to leave my panties on.”

“No, it is for your own safety. I need to see the target.”

‘So, much for modesty! What the hell,’ thought Abby.

It was like being in a locker room. Erika, a woman she only just met, was going to see her down below. She just wanted to get this over. Dressed in only a turquoise bra, Abby walked to the pillory.

Erika asked her to come around to the other side. Erika had an electronic control in her hand. She pressed a button and the latches holding the top frame to the lower frame snapped open. Abby flinched at the sound. A quiet motor whirled and the upper frame was raised. The lower frame had three half-moon cut-outs. The upper frame had similar cut-outs. Laura bent over at the waist and filled the three cut-outs with her left wrist, her neck, and her right wrist. Erika lowered the upper frame.


Abby thought about the question. Her wrists were able to move back and forth a little. She could not pull them out. Her neck was OK, the felt between her skin and the wood frame helped. She had clamped her legs together for modesty, and her breasts were hanging in a not very dignified way, but they were covered by a bra.

“I guess I am as comfortable as possible.”

“Excellent,” said Erika.

Erika surveyed Abby. She was bent over, but her bottom wasn’t in the proper position. Erika lowered the entire holding frame about 10 inches. When the motor stopped, Abby was bent over at about 90 degrees. Erika thought Abby’s bottom was in the perfect position. Having her bent over meant the skin of her buttocks was pulled tightly. It was a good bottom. It should mark nicely. Erika looked at the credenza against the wall in front of Abby. She walked around and across the room. Erika picked up a crooked cane.

“Are you familiar with caning?”

“No, not really.”

“In the UK, until the 1980s, every schoolboy or girl could be subjected to the cane. They would bend over the headmaster’s desk and receive three to six strokes of the cane. The cane was applied to trousers and skirts. I am going to apply it to your bare bottom. Since you are an adult, I think we will do 9 strokes.”

“OK, the history lesson is just causing the butterflies in my stomach to flutter harder. Can we get on with it?”

Erika wanted the anticipation to build. Actually, she wanted Abby’s fear to build. She ignored Abby and continued.

“I purchase canes from JB Cane Manufacturing in England. They produce the finest canes in the world.

My canes are prepared in advance. They are soaked in water for a minimum of 6 hours. Then they are hung and allowed to dry for 4 hours. The handle is curved, termed a crook-handled cane. The business length of this cane is 33 inches, not quite a yardstick. And it is 5/16 inches in diameter, about the width of a standard paperclip. This cane is flexible.”

Erika swished the cane, watching the expression on Abby’s face. Abby was nervous.

“So, a couple of suggestions. Just relax. Tensing your muscles makes the cane hurt more. Also practice breathing. Breath in through your nose. Hold it. Breathe out through your mouth. Erika swished the rattan cane once more, watching Abby’s face. Abby flinched. Erika smiled.

“Relax? While I’m standing here naked, waiting to be beaten?”

“Actually, you are not naked, merely bottomless. And you are being caned. You are being spanked for your indiscretions. You’re getting off easy.”

Erika used the cane tip to get Abby to spread her legs a little.

“Abby, spreading your legs will make you stable. I wouldn’t want you to fall over and hurt yourself. When I say assume the position, this is the position, I want you to assume. I expect you to obey immediately and assume this position or you will receive extra strokes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Erika.”


Erika removed her shoes and set them aside. She loved the feel of the oriental rug beneath her bare feet. She walked up to Abby and stood on her left side. Erika tapped Abby’s bottom a couple of times. Abby jumped. She was tensed. She was afraid of the first stroke.

“Assume the position.”

Abby did. The last thing she wanted was extra strokes.

Erika tapped a couple more times. Abby held her ground. Erika pulled the cane back and struck Abby’s bottom on both cheeks, right in the center. It was a wicked stroke.

Abby felt the impact. It took her breath away, but she did not scream. Then she felt the flash of white-hot fire. The pain was bearable, but did it hurt!

“One,” Erika said.

She watched the skin swell into a welt. She tapped Abby’s bottom a couple of more times, and Abby knew she was lining up her next shot. Abby remained stationary and closed her eyes tightly. Erika pulled back and struck one inch below the first stroke. The skin bounced back. And Erika heard the yell. Now Abby had two burning sensations on her bottom.

“Two,” Erika said.

Erika admired her handiwork. The welts were parallel. She moved to the other side of Abby. Abby stood rooted to the spot. Erika decided to try her backhand. She tapped Abby’s bottom twice. And tapped it again twice. Then she struck.

Abby felt the third stroke of the cane and yelled. Her butt hurt and the third stroke pushed her over the edge, a tear ran down her cheek.

“Three,” Erika said.

Erika watched Abby trying to stomp her way out of the pain. Erika knew the lesson was working.

“Assume the position.”

Abby did.

Erika tapped Abby’s bottom once more and struck. Abby yelled and the crying began in earnest.

“Four,” Erika said.

Erika surveyed Abby’s bottom again. Four parallel stripes, like two sets of railroad tracks. Erika was pleased with her work so far. She walked around to the front of the pillory. Abby was crying. Erika found a box of tissues and used one to wipe Abby’s face.

Erika went back to the business end of Abby. She decided to finish this quick.

“Assume the position. Breathe in and exhale out.”

As soon as Abby was in position, Erika struck with the cane.

Abby yelled. And stomped her foot.

“Five,” said Erika. “Assume the position.”

Abby did, and Erika struck once more.

Abby screamed. The pain was unbearable. But bear it she did. She had no choice. She heard the command once more. Abby was determined not to get extra strokes.

“Six,” said Erika. “Assume the position.”

Erika was impressed. She struck again. Abby yelled once more.

“Seven,” said Erika. “Assume the position.”

When Abby put her leg down, Erika applied the eighth stroke. Abby yelled.

“Eight,” said Erika.

Erika once again walked to the front of the pillory and looked at Abby. She was crying and blubbering. Erika retrieved a tissue and wiped Abby’s face.

“We’re almost there. Only one more stoke and we will be done.”

Abby looked at Erika. “My butt hurts!”

Erika smiled. “Of course, it does. That is what a spanking is about. The next time you think about protecting your daughter, you will think about this day. OK, one more and we are done.”

Still crying, Abby said, “OK.”

“You know this will be the worst stroke. The final stroke is always the hardest.”

Abby shivered. “What kind of stupid rule is that?”

Erika smiled. She walked back and swished the cane a couple of times. Abby flinched. Erika swished the cane a couple more times. Abby flinched. Erika tapped where she planned to strike. This strike would be the lowest. It would be under the eight parallel stripes. She would strike the tender flesh where bottom flesh met thigh flesh. Erika raised the cane and struck with the raw brutality only a cane could deliver. Abby screamed.

“Nine,” said Erika. Her work was done.

Erika walked to the front and Abby was still blubbering.

“You survived.”

“Not that I had any choice, being in this contraption. Are you going to open it up?”

“I will. Do not touch your bottom or rub it. If you do, there will need to be extra strokes. You need a little corner time. A time to meditate about why you are here and what you can do to prevent a recurrence.”

Erika used the control box to raise the pillory. Then the latches opened and the upper frame was raised.

“Walk with me,” said Erika.

Across the room was something hanging from the ceiling. Erika walked to the wall and pushed a button. The hanging device was a pair of handcuffs. Erika snapped the cuffs on each of Abby’s wrists, walked back to the button and raised the handcuffs above Abby’s head.

“This is our version of corner time. This device means you must stand, and you can’t rub your bottom.”

Still crying, Abby asked, “How long do I have to stay here?”

“I think 35 minutes will suffice. Unless you argue about it.”

Still crying, Abby said, “OK.”

Erika walked around behind Abby.

“I want to look at your bottom.”

Erika examined Abby’s bottom. The first stroke and the last stroke were an angry red, each forming a welt. The other seven strokes were various shades of pink. A couple were forming small welts. She admired her handiwork.

At 35 minutes, and not one minute earlier, Erika unlocked Abby’s cuffs. Her hands went to her bottom. She could feel the welts. She dressed quickly, feeling every movement. Erika took her down the hallway. At the door, Erika handed Abby a gift bag without any name.

“Just some bottled water and tissues,” said Erika.

Abby took it and thanked her.

Abby left the building and climbed into the car.

“Four Seasons, please.”

Abby couldn’t get comfortable. She decided to lie down. It helped some. The driver would think? She didn’t care what he would think.

Saturday: 1.00 PM – Second Chance Alternatives

Rose drove Laura and Jenny in her BMW. The journey was quiet. Rose was sure she knew what Laura was thinking about. The SCA building was large and yet uninspiring. Rose found parking right in front. A Town Car was leaving the parking lot.

They got out of the car. Laura looked at the building. She been dreading this moment. She could jump in the car and have Rose drive her home. She could pack a bag and be working on a cruise ship in a couple of days. Jenny was quiet.

Rose looked at her friends.

“I can hear you thinking. Take a deep breath and let’s get this over with.”

They walked to the door. The door opened and the ladies were greeted.

“Welcome to SCA, where every client gets a new beginning. A clean slate, so to speak. You must be Ms Lynch, Ms Douglas, and you are the witness and designated driver, Rose Martinez?”

“Yes, yes, and yes,” said Rose.

“I am Ursula. They make me say that greeting. I will be your disciplinarian today. First, we have a few operational things to do. Behind you are lockers. Put all coats, jackets, bags and electronics inside, lock the doors and take the keys with you.

“Next, I need cash or a certified check for $1,450 from Laura and one from Jenny.”

Laura handed over an envelope containing 15 $100 bills. She was given a $50.00 bill back. This all started with the need for a $50 bill. Jenny, on the other hand, handed over sixty $20 bills and twenty-five $10 bills.”

Ursula looked at the cash. “Babysitting money?”

“I am a waitress. I earn tips.”

“I thought you were fired for stealing?”

“Well, yes,” Jenny whispered.

Ursula smiled. “This way, ladies.”

Ursula walked to a desk and sat down. There were two client chairs. Rose had to stand.

“I’m sorry. If I were a good hostess, I would find a third chair, but I’m not. Laura and Jenny, please sign these final release forms. They state you have not changed your mind and cannot change your mind from this point forward.”

Laura looked at the paper. She was anxious. Her hand trembled slightly when she signed the paper. She was going to be spanked. She trembled.

Jenny looked at the paperwork and signed it. Her parents spanked her as a kid. She knew what was coming.

Saturday: 1.30 PM - Photo Suite One

Ursula walked into a room that was well lit and had one wall that was brightly lit. There was a podium with some controls and a camera.

“This is where we do the pictures. Jenny, you need to wait outside. Rose you may stay with Laura or wait outside with Jenny.”

Rose went outside with Jenny.

“Laura, there is a screen in that corner and a chair where you may put your clothes. Please strip naked and put on the flip-flops. When you are ready, please stand on the ‘X’ on the floor. These are the before pictures. We want to record your physical condition. It is all automated. I do not have access to the photos. In fact, none of the disciplinarians have access to the photos.

Laura walked behind the screen and took off her skirt. It was white with sky blue trim at the hemline. Her top was a white blouse with a long tail. Laura thought it would provide some modesty. Hard to be modest when you’re naked. She saw the tan flip-flops and traded them for her flats. She removed her sports bra and finally slid her panties down and off.

Laura was not an exhibitionist. As she was walking to the ‘X’, she said, “I don’t see why I need to be photographed in the nude.”

“It is a legal thing. We are making sure you do not have any visible injuries. Or perhaps you were recently spanked and we would have to decide if it is too soon for this spanking.”

“Really? Do a lot of your clients come in pre-spanked?”

“I’m not allowed to say. That information is confidential. When you are ready, stand on the ‘X’ and I’ll push a button. All you have to do is rotate once with your arms down, and rotate a second time with your arms over your head. Just rotate slowly.”

The pictures took 2 minutes.

Ursula walked toward Laura and held her hand out. Laura extended her hand, thinking shaking hands while she was nude was odd. Then Ursula spun her around, landed a hard spank on Laura’s bottom and said, “Good job.”

Laura yelped.

Laura walked behind the screen to dress. There was a full-length mirror on the wall. She looked at her bottom. Her right buttock had a red handprint. Ursula’s handprint. It stung. Laura guessed she should get used to it.

Laura dressed and traded places with Jenny. A couple of minutes later, all four women were walking down the hallway.

Rose noticed a keycard was necessary to open every door. Ursula made chit-chat. She pointed out the rooms were all soundproof so the girls could yell and scream if they wanted, and no one would hear. Rose thought Ursula needed to work on her bedside manner.

Saturday: 1.45 PM - Spanking Suite One.

Ursula opened a door and Laura walked into the suite. The room was large with a pillory to the right, something hanging from the ceiling and, sitting in the center of a room, a back-to-back seat as one might find on a boat. Only this was leather. The walls were decorated with three large pictures.

“Laura, this is your suite. I will take Jenny to her suite and I’ll be back. Rose, please come with us as Jenny will be spanked first.”

Laura didn’t know if she should be relieved or disappointed that she was getting to be spanked after Jenny.

Saturday: 1.50 PM - Spank Suite Two

Ursula invited Jenny into the suite. This room had a pillory to the left, something hanging from the ceiling on the right and in the center of the room was an A-frame trestle. This room had royal blue carpet and the desk did not have a laptop. Large pictures adorned the walls.

“How this works. Jenny, you were the look-out. Clearly an accomplice to the crime. We, the disciplinarian staff, believe you are just as guilty as Laura who shoved the money in her pocket. We looked at the videos and determined Laura was the instigator and you were a follower. The final decision; you will receive 15 spanks with a wood school paddle on your bare bottom.”

“Wait a minute. I should be allowed to speak on my behalf.”

“Jenny, you made your choice when you stole $50 from your former employer. I brought Rose. She will be your chaperone. And I think we are ready. Do you have any questions?”


“Let’s get started.”

Ursula looked at Jenny. She was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt that displayed the following words in white; ‘I never finish anyth...’

Ursula said, “I think you should remove your jeans and panties. There is a chair over there. Your flats are fine or you can wear the flip-flops provided.”

Jenny knew it was time. But she didn’t like it. She unzipped her jeans and took them off. She slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. She put them under the jeans on the chair. She removed the flip-flops from the plastic wrapper, stepped into the flip-flops and walked back to Ursula.

“Wait a minute.”

“Jenny, I am not waiting a minute. Step up to the trestle. Bend at the waist and reach across to the other frame. Ursula walked around and handcuffed Jenny. There was a short chain to allow Jenny to move her arms just a little. Ursula walked to the other side and used ankle cuffs on each ankle. Jenny’s legs were spread. Finally, a leather strap was secured across her hamstrings. She could not move forward or backward. Ursula checked all connections, clipped Jenny’s shirt up her back so it would not cover her bottom, and said, “By the way, you will finish the spanking.”

Ursula walked around the trestle with a wood paddle in her hand. The blade of the paddle was about 15 inches x 4 inches wide. It was a half inch thick. The handle was 5 inches long.

“This paddle belonged to a school principal in Austin, Texas. The back side was not varnished like the front side and the edges. If you look at the backside you will see 17 names of people who were probably spanked with this paddle.”

Ursula looked at Jenny.

“Are you crying?”

“Yes, the paddle will hurt. I won’t be able to take it.”

“Nonsense. You are bent over, cuffed and strapped to this A-frame trestle. So, problem solved. You will take the spanking.”

Jenny, still crying, said that was not what she meant.

“So, what did you mean?”

“Can’t you stop? I promise I’ll never steal again.”

“I hear that a lot. If you don’t want the spanking, don’t do the crime. A very appropriate American proverb. You know the Russian’s have a proverb for this situation, too.”

“What is it?” Jenny didn’t really care; she was just trying to delay her spanking.

“In English, first you cry, then you scream.”


Ursula brought the paddle across on Jenny’s bottom. The impact was hard and covered both of Jenny’s cheeks. Jenny struggled to get free. The second impact was just as hard. The third impact was across both cheeks. Jenny yelled. And then Ursula started left cheek, right cheek.

Jenny was crying before the fifth spank.

“Stop. I’ll be good.”

Jenny believed she couldn’t hurt more if Ursula set her bottom on fire.

Ursula ignored Jenny and went about applying her trade. Each impact of the paddle resulted in Jenny yelping. Ursula applied a few spanks to Jenny’s lower bottom region and then a couple of spanks to the upper thighs. Jenny continued crying and yelped even louder.

Rose watched Jenny being spanked and being spanked hard. As a lawyer, she wondered if some of her clients wouldn’t benefit from a good spanking. Rose was sure this spanking would leave a lasting impression on Jenny. Not physically, although she would have difficulty sitting for a day or two. But mentally. This was a harsh life lesson, but far better than being in the justice system.

Ursula started spanking harder. The intensity caused Jenny to go from crying to blubbering. Those last few spanks were the most important. This is where Jenny understood right from wrong. This is where Jenny understood there are consequences. After a particularly hard spank, Jenny screamed.

“Fifteen. You are done, Jenny,” said Ursula.

Jenny was blubbering and had not noticed the spanking had stopped. Ursula gave her a minute.

Ursula removed the handcuffs first and then the ankle cuffs. She removed the leather strap last. She helped Jenny off the trestle and walked her over to a pair of handcuffs hanging in the air. No, they were on a chain and a motor quietly lowered them. When Ursula took her hand off the wall switch, it stopped. She snapped the handcuffs on Jenny’s wrists and raised them. The handcuffs were steel but covered in leather. Jenny’s hands were now above her head.

Ursula checked Jenny and spoke softly. “Jenny, think of this as detention. Try to use the time wisely. Think about reforming your life for the better.”

Rose looked at Jenny’s bottom. Ursula had clipped the t-shirt so it was not covering Jenny’s bottom. Her bottom was red, dark red in some spots. Rose asked for 5 minutes to wipe the tears from Jenny’s face. She was warned not to touch Jenny’s bottom.

Saturday: 2.05 PM - Spanking Suite One

“Laura, we will start in just a moment. Rose is wiping Jenny’s tears,” Ursula said.

Laura’s stomach flipped. “So, you made Jenny cry?”

“Old Russian proverb; First you cry and then you scream.”

Laura almost threw up. Ursula watched the young woman.

“Do you feel ok?”

“I’m fine.”

“You don’t look so fine. Are you nervous? There is a trash can by the desk over there.”

“I’m fine.”

Rose came into the room and looked at her friend.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m fine!” Laura snapped.

“Since, Laura is fine, let’s get started,” Ursula said. “How this works. Laura, you were the thief. You talked your friend into being a lookout. We, the disciplinarian staff, believe you are more guilty than Jenny. We looked at the videos and determined you were the instigator. The final decision; you will receive 20 spanks with a wood school paddle.

“Laura, over there is a chair. I think you should remove the skirt and your panties. We can pin the blouse or maybe just push it out of the way.”

Laura undressed. She was quick about it and so nervous she didn’t think about herself being half naked.

In the center of the room there was a back-to-back seat as one might find on a boat. Only this was white and green leather. On a boat, one person sits facing the bow of the boat and behind that person is a person facing the stern. This piece of furniture allows the person being spanked to be comfortable leaning over the middle section.

Laura climbed on the seat and bent over the back.

Ursula looked at the woman. “I am glad you want to get the spanking started, but I think we will use the pillory.”

“The what?”

Ursula walked to the pillory and said, “This device over here.”

Laura looked at the pillory and recognized it from old movies.

Ursula used the wall controls to unlock the top frame from the bottom frame. The locks opened with a loud snap. Laura flinched.

Ursula pressed a button and a motor made a whirling sound as the top frame rose. Both the upper frame and lower frame had three half-moon cutouts for a person’s wrists and neck.

Laura knew what was next. But her feet would not move. Ursula took her wrist in hand and walked her over to the pillory, and put her wrists in the cutouts for wrists and her neck in the large center cutout.

“Don’t move. I am going to lower the upper frame.”

Laura’s stomach was upset. Her anxiety heightened when the locks snapped shut. She flinched.

Ursula studied Laura’s position and lowered the whole frame until she was bent at the waist at a right angle.

“Perfect. Time for your punishment to begin. Ursula took Laura’s blouse, slid it up her back and clipped it.”

“Laura, spread your legs,” said Ursula.”


“I want you stable. A wider stance will keep you from falling over.”

Laura feared the wood school paddle.

“I promise, I will never steal again. Can we not do this?”

Ursula looked at the wood paddle and liked its size and weight. But spanking is as much mental as physical.

“Laura, this paddle is not too big. I’m sure it will not hurt too much. Yes, Jenny cried and screamed, but she’s a wimp. You are strong.”

“Please, don’t do this. I am really sorry.”

“Laura, all thieves are always sorry they got caught. As far as taking it, believe me, I have you right where I want you and you will not escape. But let’s prepare your mind. I am only going to spank you for 20 whacks. Let’s say the spanking takes 5 minutes. That is 4 whacks per minute. What can you do in five minutes? Visualize answering 5 emails. Review your calendar. You could visualize adding a new phone number in your address book.”

“None of those activities involve beating me with a paddle.”

“I am trying to help you. The next five minutes will be intense.”

Laura’s stomach was flipping and flopping. She couldn’t move out of the way. She had no choice but to accept the spanking. She knew she was wrong to steal the $50. And she knew Ursula was trying to get into her head. Not trying, Ursula had succeeded. Laura wanted the spanking to start.

“Let’s get on with it.”

“As you wish.”

Ursula tapped Laura’s bottom. Laura flinched. Ursula swung the paddle, connecting with Laura’s right bottom cheek. She watched Laura’s bottom flesh ripple and then heard the yell. Ursula repeated the action, except the impact was on the other cheek. Ursula waited. She didn’t want to go too fast. Laura would not get the full experience. The impact was, of course, causing pain. But as the buttocks heated up, the warming feeling was also painful. The wood paddle impacted each cheek, sometimes both cheeks. With each impact there was a grunt, or a cry, or yell.

“Stop! It hurts!”

Laura knew she sounded like a baby, but it did hurt. Laura started crying, she just noticed tears falling on the rug. How long had it been since Ursula had started? How many whacks had she taken? She had lost count. Her butt was on fire. She yelled again. Her yells were happening frequently.

Ursula was spanking Laura’s bottom, but her mind was on dinner. She was going to make home-made vegetable soup. Her mother’s recipe contained carrots. And Laura was spanked at the thought of carrots. Peas meant another spank; barley, another spank; cabbage, a spank; corn, a spank; green beans, a spank, and, oh yes, a piece of beef with fat for flavor, a double spank. Her shopping list was done.

Ursula continued spanking.

“Just a few more to go. Hold on tight.”

Laura heard the spanking was almost over. But it didn’t bring any relief. The next instant, the paddle struck hard, harder than it had been. Laura raised her foot to protect her sore bottom. She heard Ursula order her to assume the position again. Laura didn’t have a choice. She was going to see the spanking through because her disciplinarian was in control.

Ursula finally achieved the yelling level she desired. The spanking was now effective. Ursula struck the glute-hamstring junction. That was a wicked spank and Laura screamed. Ursula struck the second glute-hamstring junction. That, too, was a wicked spank. Laura screamed. And Ursula started spanking even harder, knowing she was down to the last 2 whacks.

Rose watched as Ursula spanked. The spanks increased in tempo and Laura cried and screamed. The wood paddle impacts were loud. Laura was loud. And then the spanking stopped. Ursula dropped the paddle on the floor. Laura didn’t notice. Rose knew from the sound that the last two were hard. Of course, the first 18 were not easy.

Ursula went to the control box and lowered both frames. Then the locks snapped open and the top frame started opening. Laura wanted out, but had to wait while the upper frame raised.

Ursula helped Laura get up and walked her over to a pair of handcuffs hanging from the ceiling. Ursula snapped the handcuffs on Laura to prevent her from rubbing her bottom. The handcuffs were covered in leather. They were raised so Laura arms were above her head.

Rose inspected Laura’s bottom. It was pink on the edges and several shades of red, but no bruising so far. Ursula knew her craft.

“Laura, I have to go check on Jenny. I think you are done.”

“I’m done alright. Well done. My ass is burning.”

Rose smiled. “Be right back.”

“OK, you have 60 more minutes to meditate and I will start the exit process,” said Ursula.


Abby was at the Four Seasons watching TV. She was wearing a crimson and white university sweatshirt. The lettering was white. Her bottom hurt and the ointments and lotions didn’t seem to help much. She had talked to Laura and she told her mom about the spankings. Both she and Jenny made it through the ordeal and were being pampered by Rose. Laura said she was spanked in a pillory. Her mom wondered about that coincidence, but merely replied she didn’t know they still used such devices.

The End

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