Sixth Form Punishment

“Look out! That sounds like Nadine Tranter coming!” Hilary Watson quickly extinguished her cigarette in the old tin ashtray and began waving her arms about to dispel the tobacco smoke out of the open window.

“Steady on, Hilary!” Rachel Forester slowly stubbed her own cigarette out before getting up and looking round for a likely cupboard in which to hide the offending ashtray. “We are sixth formers and this is the sixth form common room.”

Suddenly, the door was thrust open and Nadine Tranter, a tall slim attractive eighteen-year-old with shoulder-length light brown hair, marched in. Immediately, she started sniffing. “Have you two been smoking in here?” She demanded to know.

“Smoking, Nadine? Who, us?” Hilary pretended ignorance. The pretty eighteen-year-old with her blonde hair fastened back in a ponytail stood innocently with her hands clasped behind her.

“And what if we have?” Rachel questioned the importance of the matter from the comfort of the armchair she’d re-occupied, having concealed the ashtray in a suitable cupboard. “We are old enough, for goodness sakes!” Her darker, medium brown hair too was secured in a neat ponytail.

“This is still on the school premises, is it not?” Nadine addressed Rachel. The new arrival looked particularly smart and well-dressed in a tight black knee length skirt, white blouse and black jacket. “And smoking is prohibited throughout the school, is it not?”

“Well, technically, yes.” Rachel admitted reluctantly, her own tight thin black trousers and simpler white blouse appearing rather less imposing than Nadine’s attire. “But since all teachers are banned from entering the sixth form common room unless specifically invited, what does it matter?”

Hilary, also dressed in tight thin black trousers and a simple white top like her friend’s, stood silently observing the conversation between the other two.

“Good grief, Rachel! You’re never going to get your prefect’s tie with that attitude, are you?”

“There are other things in life beyond becoming a prefect, Nadine.”

“Never mind that!” Nadine found herself being drawn away from her point. “As head girl, it is part of my duty to uphold the school rules and smoking is, as you know full well, very much against school rules, even for sixth formers.”

“Technically yes, Nadine.” Rachel stood up and faced the senior girl. Not quite as tall as Nadine, Rachel was a little heavier built. “But no-one will know unless you tell, will they?”

“I really don’t have any choice in the matter, girls.” Nadine Tranter looked down at Rachel, then down even further at the short, slightly more rounded figure of Hilary. Seeing the two eighteen-year-olds were scarcely impressed, she added, “Smoking is still a caning offence, you know.”

“Sixth formers do not get the cane, Nadine.” Rachel said with a sigh.

“Only because they don’t get into sufficiently serious trouble!” The head girl retorted, then added for good measure: “Normally!”

“So you’re going to report us, are you Nadine?” Hilary asked quietly.

“I’ll have a word with the headmaster, Hilary. I have no choice. But I’ll ask that you each receive a reprimand. Okay?”

“Most kind, Nadine,” Rachel responded with a little sarcasm.

As soon as the head girl had left the room, Hilary turned on her friend. “Oh thanks for sweet talking her, Rachel!”

“Don’t worry about Nadine Tranter, Hilary. She’s all mouth!”

“Oh really? She’s right, you know. Smoking is still a caning offence. And old Grimshaw threatened two sixth form girls with a caning for truancy only a couple of weeks ago!”

“Hilary, you heard her. Even if she does report us, she’s only going to ask for our headmaster, dear sweet old Mr Grimshaw, to reprimand us. Sixth formers don’t get caned. We’re sixth formers, so what are you worried about?”

“And what about those other two?”

“They were only threatened with the cane, weren’t they? They didn’t actually get it.”


Soon, the confident Rachel and the less certain Hilary both got down to some quiet reading. After a quarter of an hour had passed, Nadine Tranter returned.

“Come with me, please. Both of you.”

A little taken aback by the sudden intrusion on their studies, both girls got up and followed the head girl out of the sixth form common room. They were led in silence to the headmaster’s study. Nadine tapped on the door, and they were invited to enter by a gruff call from within.

“What’s this I hear? Rachel, Hilary, have you both been smoking in the sixth form common room?” The grey haired, wizened old gentleman looked soberly up from his large desk.

“Yes sir,” both girls murmured in unison.

“Well! I don’t believe it! Two sixth formers? Really!” Mr Grimshaw took off his spectacles and placed them on the desk. He rubbed his eyes wearily as he pondered the matter.

“You realise this is a most serious offence, don’t you? You sixth form girls seem to be forever getting into trouble these days. I don’t know what the school is coming to. Really I don’t.”

“Yes sir,” the two eighteen-year-olds murmured, again together.

“You know, I haven’t had to cane sixth formers for, well, I can’t remember when. But it was a very long time ago.”

Hilary and Rachel looked down at their toes, their faces clearly showing their fear.

“You may like to know, girls, that Nadine here has asked me merely to reprimand you.”

Rachel cast Hilary a knowing smile.

“Well, I’m getting fed up with constantly issuing reprimands for one reason or another. You’re sixth form girls, for goodness sakes! You’re supposed to know better. If it weren’t for the disgrace it would bring on the school if it became known that two sixth form girls had behaved so badly they had to be caned, well…” Mr Grimshaw paused to let his words sink in.

At least Hilary had the good grace to appear contrite, and more than a little concerned where this conversation was heading. Rachel appeared quite happy, a faint smile on her face betraying the lack of concern she had for the headmaster and his threats.

“Don’t think for one moment you don’t both deserve a good caning!” Mr Grimshaw continued.

While Hilary frowned as she considered the thought of being caned, Hilary struggled to avoid breaking into laughter.

Mr Grimshaw looked up into the two girls’ faces, hoping to find his words had caused the appropriate contrition in both girls. He might have been convinced had Hilary been there before him on her own, but Rachel’s expression barely concealed the contempt she had both for the headmaster and his threats.

“Do you think you should be caned, girls?”

The question caught both girls by surprise.

“Probably, sir,” Rachel answered without giving the matter much thought. A glare from Hilary indicated she was taking the question rather more seriously.

“You think so, do you Rachel?” Mr Grimshaw considered the girl’s attitude as much as her answer. “And what do you think about the idea, Hilary?”

“Er, well, I suppose I can see how you feel our behaviour might warrant such a penalty. Yes, sir.”

“Well, that settles it then, doesn’t it girls?”

Suddenly, alarm bells began to ring in both girls’ heads.

“Sorry, sir?” Rachel questioned, not entirely certain she understood their headmaster’s words.

Hilary took a deep breath, quite convinced she knew exactly what Mr Grimshaw meant.

“It’s simple, Rachel.” Mr Grimshaw felt a smile stretch itself across his face. “Since we’re all three of us agreed you both deserve to be caned, that seems the obvious answer doesn’t it?”

“Sir?” Rachel queried again. “You mean you’re intending to…?”

“Precisely, Rachel. Not having second thoughts, are you?”

“No sir. I mean, yes sir. I mean…”

“Shall we do it?” Mr Grimshaw ignored Rachel’s stuttering attempts at a reply. “I think the traditional six of the best should suffice, don’t you?”

“But sir!” Rachel protested. She struggled to think of an answer to the suddenly very real threat. “What about the disgrace to the school if news leaks out that you’ve had to cane two sixth form girls?”

“Good point, Hilary! Yes, that’s a very good point.” Mr Grimshaw was enjoying watching Rachel squirm. “Thankfully, Nadine here has a possible solution.”

Nadine Tranter had been standing a short distance away from Hilary and Rachel, quietly observing the conversation between the two girls and their headmaster. As she took a step forward, Mr Grimshaw opened a drawer of his desk and extracted a large leather soled carpet slipper.

“The suggestion is, girls,” the headmaster sat upright in his chair again. “That Nadine here takes you off to the sixth form common room, locks the door and gives you both eight good solid whacks with that old slipper of mine! Needless to say, she will have complete discretion in the manner the punishment is given. The choice is yours, girls. Take the slipper from Nadine or, if you insist, I’ll cane the pair of you.”

The two eighteen-year-olds exchanged glances once more. Neither of them were smiling now.

“I’ll take the slipper, sir!” Hilary spoke quickly to avoid giving Rachel any opportunity to argue, fearful lest her friend might be stupid enough to insist on her right to be caned by the headmaster.

Rachel was clearly weighing up all the implications, for she remained deep in thought. Finally, she decided. “Yes sir, I’ll take the slipper too.”

“Good!” Mr Grimshaw exclaimed. “Over to you, then, Nadine!”

“Thank you, headmaster. Come along you two!” Nadine picked up the large old slipper, then led the two girls briskly and in silence back to the sixth form common room. She opened the door, allowed them to enter ahead of her, then closed and locked the door behind them.

“Alright Nadine, what are you going to do to us then?” Rachel grinned cheekily up at the tall head girl.

“Give you eight of the best each, of course. You know that already.” Nadine, too, had a glint in her eye.

“Am I missing something here?” Hilary looked first at Nadine, then at her friend.

“No, not really,” Nadine replied.

“Not really? What does that mean?” Hilary was even more suspicious.

“Go on, Nadine, tell us the worst,” Rachel encouraged the senior girl.

“Well girls, whilst your pert little bottoms might have looked quite fetching in those tight thin trousers of yours while you bent over Mr Grimshaw’s desk, now that we’re all girls together we don’t need to worry about preserving your modesty, do we?”

“Pardon?” Hilary struggled to make sense of the senior girl’s diatribe.

“What she means is, Hilary,” Rachel took it upon herself to explain. “Whereas Mr Grimshaw, being a man, could be thought of as an old lech’ if he told us to drop our trousers, Nadine, being female, or so rumour has it, doesn’t have the same problem.”

“Eh?” Hilary still seemed to miss the point.

“It means Nadine is going to tan the seat of our knickers, Hilary!”

“Oh.” Hilary seemed surprised, but nonetheless quite accepting of the situation.

“Am I?” Nadine enquired, the glint in her eye now positively glowing.

“Oh no!” Rachel moaned.

“Oh yes!” Nadine confirmed.

“Hold on. Not…?” Hilary was catching on fast.

“I’m afraid so,” Nadine confirmed, the look on her face displaying mock sympathy.

Rachel looked at Hilary and shrugged her shoulders. They both knew their headmaster had given Nadine permission to carry out the punishments in whatever way she chose, and they had accepted this condition.

“Of course, if you’d prefer the cane from Mr Grimshaw, we can always go back to his study,” Nadine continued.

When neither girl seemed particularly keen on that idea, the head girl pulled a chair away from an old school desk that lurked in one corner of the room. “I think we’ll use this old desk.” Nadine tugged the desk out into the centre of the room. “Whichever of you wants to go first can come over to the desk, drop ‘em, and bend over.” Nadine stood by the side of the small desk, tapping the heavy leather slipper against the palm of her hand in menacing fashion.

The two eighteen-year-olds stood looking at each other. Hilary appeared rather worried, and even a little annoyed, while Rachel even now still had the faintest of grins on her face. Rachel nodded for Hilary to go first.

“Why me?” The smaller girl demanded.

“I think Nadine is really looking forward to getting me across that desk!” Rachel said, looking knowingly across the room towards the senior girl. “It would be a shame to spoil her fun too soon.”

“Really?” Glumly, Hilary took the few steps across to the old school desk and waited, only too conscious of the tall figure of Nadine Tranter standing beside her.

“Don’t forget to tuck your blouse well up out of the way, Hilary.” The head girl prompted.

With a great sigh, Hilary began to pull her white cotton blouse out from the elastic waistband of her thin black trousers and fold it up neatly all around her body. Satisfied that it would remain in position, she then eased the top of her trousers down over her hips, bending to push them down to her ankles.

For some moments, it seemed Hilary was intending to stage some rebellion against further humiliating herself as she stood with arms folded in only the white blouse that only just concealed her ample bosom, the black trousers that now covered her shoes, and her very brief pink knickers.

“Take as long as you want, Hilary.” Nadine stood beside the shorter girl, tapping the large slipper against the palm of her hand. With a deep sigh, Hilary reluctantly thumbed the little panties down until they too rested around her ankles and bent herself forward over the desk, keeping her legs clamped tightly together.

“Any last words before you receive your punishment, Hilary?”

“No.” The voice was low, barely audible even in the silence of the common room.

“Really? What a pity! Well, if you’re not at all apologetic for your misbehaviour, I’ll just have to smack your bottom a bit harder, won’t I?”

Hilary ignored the remark, and braced herself for her punishment to begin. Just a moment later, the thick leather sole of the slipper collided sharply with the soft delicate curves of her bottom. She grunted. Another firm whack soon followed, and she grunted again.

The third stroke caught Hilary across her left buttock and she raised her leg as the stinging effect scorched the soft flesh. Almost as soon as her foot had been returned to the floor, another blow, this time to the right buttock, struck her sharply. She grunted loudly and raised her right foot in reaction to the stinging whack.

“Half time!” Nadine announced. “Let’s swap over!”

“What?” Hilary enquired incredulously.

“Swap over!” The senior girl demanded.

“Swap over? What are you talking about?”

“I’m allowing you a little rest, Hilary. Before I give you the remainder of your whacking. Let’s have Rachel across the desk now.”

“Very kind, I’m sure, Nadine, but I’d sooner get this over with, please.” Hilary protested.

“Not your choice, my dear, is it?” Nadine tapped the slipper against Hilary’s naked bottom. “Shift your bum and let Rachel have a go.”

Hilary eased herself up from the desk, her fingers gently exploring her bottom for signs of the effects of the slippering. She reached down and hastily pulled her knickers and trousers up in one go, and shuffled her way from the desk over to where Rachel still stood. As Hilary adjusted her clothing so at least her pants and trousers were roughly back in place, although she left her blouse tucked up around her chest, Rachel plodded over to the desk.

“You know how I want you, Rachel.”

Slowly, enticingly slowly, Rachel plucked her white blouse from the waistband of her trousers and tucked it well up out of the way as Hilary had done. She made a play of pushing her trousers down over her hips and bottom just an inch at a time, then bent right down with her bottom thrust up as she shoved the garment down to around her ankles. Nadine waited patiently, watching every move closely, as Rachel then thumbed her very brief black panties down, again very slowly, before bending over and pushing them right down to around her ankles.

Next, Rachel leaned down over the small desk, deliberately wobbling her bottom as she did so. With some fidgeting, she moulded herself over the hard edge of the desk, her bottom presented invitingly for Nadine to commence her slippering. Rachel was not kept waiting long. A sharp, heavy stroke was sent whistling down and the slipper crashed across the eighteen year old’s bare bottom.


As her friend braced herself for the next stroke, Hilary watched intently as Nadine raised the leather slipper right back over her shoulder and sent it rattling down until it collided with Rachel’s bottom.


For the third stroke, Nadine took a small step to one side so that, when the slipper was sent crashing down, it connected just with Rachel’s left buttock.


Still Hilary watched, studying carefully every move as Nadine changed her position again. This time she seemed to put in even more effort as she whipped the slipper down onto poor Rachel’s bare bottom.


“There! Now you can take a break, Rachel.” Nadine seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself as she watched Rachel stagger up from the little desk and begin rubbing her red sore bottom.

“Come on, change places!” The head girl hastened them. Rachel quickly bent down and pulled her panties and black trousers up and trundled over towards Hilary, grimacing as Hilary slowly returned to the little school desk for the remainder of her punishment.

As soon as she reached the desk, Hilary thumbed her trousers and knickers back down to her ankles and bent over until her tummy felt the wooden surface, still warm from the recent presence of her friend.

“Anything to say this time, Hilary?”

“I’m sorry for smoking in the sixth form common room, Nadine. Okay?”

“Hmm. Lacked a certain sincerity, I’d say. Brace yourself!”

No sooner had Hilary tensed the muscles of her buttocks than the slipper was sent rattling down across her bare bottom.

“Uuuuuuuuh! Steady on, Nadine!”

Pausing for just a couple of seconds, Nadine raised the old leather slipper and aimed another swift firm blow across the whole of the Hilary’s backside.


As the small eighteen-year-old fought to keep the tears from her eyes and with the last whack still stinging her smarting bottom, so Nadine took her time surveying Hilary’s now blotchy red bottom as she deliberated on which part to aim the next blow. Her mind decided, she raised the slipper and hurled it down to connect sharply with the right buttock.


Pausing just a second or two, the head girl delivered the final stroke of Hilary’s punishment, an equally severe whack across the left buttock.


“Right, you’re done!” Nadine spoke as though she’d suddenly lost interest in the pretty petite girl. Hilary eased herself up from the desk and rubbed and massaged her smarting bottom, while the head girl turned to Rachel. “Your turn again!” She said, with relish.

Rachel wasn’t smiling now. She waited patiently for her friend to pull her pink panties up and gingerly ease them back into position, followed by the thin black trousers. As the two girls changed places, Rachel noticed Hilary looked tired and drained.

When Rachel arrived at the desk, she took a deep breath to compose herself then pushed her trousers and brief black panties down in one movement. Placing herself carefully across the desk, Rachel waited for the first painful whack.

“Anything to say, Rachel?”

“I’m sorry for smoking in the sixth form common room, Nadine, really I am.”

“Yes. So you should be!”

A moment later, the heavy old leather slipper rattled through the air and landed with a resounding crash across the eighteen-year-old’s bare bottom.


“Getting the message, Rachel?”

Rachel took several deep breaths. “Yes, thank you for asking, Nadine.”

“For goodness sakes, Rachel! You of all people thoroughly deserve this spanking, so have the good grace to take your punishment.”

“Yes, Nadine.”

The next heavy whack with the slipper was delivered with even more fervour and determination, and the noise the slipper made as it impacted against Rachel’s naked bottom positively reverberated around the room.


Even though the stinging pain was about as much as she could bear, Rachel gritted her teeth and refrained from springing up from the desk, even though that was what instinct advised her to do.

Despite having anticipated it, Rachel was caught by surprise by the next stroke as it crashed firmly onto the whole of her right buttock.


“I hope you’re learning from this experience, Rachel.” Nadine commented as she watched Rachel writhing on the desk.

“Oh I am, Nadine. I am.”

Rachel braced herself. She knew this should be the final stroke, and she reckoned Nadine would make it the cruellest of them all. The eighteen-year-old was not disappointed. Even Hilary, who was already half shutting her eyes to her friend’s ordeal, looked up in surprise as she saw the head girl swing the heavy old slipper even higher above her shoulder.

When it came, the stroke whistled through the air and cracked across poor Rachel’s bare bottom so firmly the sound caused the windows to shake in their frames.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!” Rachel cried out, then added for good measure: “Shit, that hurts like hell!”

“Well done, Rachel! That was a cracking good spanking, and you took it well.”

“Huh!” Rachel eased herself slowly up from the desk and immediately began gently touching her red sore bottom with just the delicate tips of her fingers as she tried to ease the flaming rawness.

Nadine offered a vague sympathetic smile towards Hilary, but it was ignored as the girl waited for her friend to complete her ministrations. Soon, Rachel bent down and slowly pulled her brief panties back up, being exceedingly careful as she settled them in place around her hips and bottom.

She looked up as she tried to cope with the soreness of the flimsy material against her hot bottom, then finally reached down and retrieved her thin black trousers. With them back in place, she unfolded her white blouse and tucked it into the waistband of the trousers.

“Very well, you may go.” Nadine went to the door and got ready to open it and allow the two girls to leave the room.

Both girls now had tears trickling down their faces, making a streaky mess of their make-up. Their hair too seemed dishevelled despite being restrained in ponytails, and they both rubbed their smarting bottoms as they slowly approached the door.

“Thank you, Nadine.” Hilary spoke, then immediately questioned herself as to why she’d thanked the head girl for walloping her like that.

“Yes, thank you Nadine.” Rachel offered. “Oh, good grief!”

As Nadine swung the door open for them to pass, a group of twenty or more girls, all fellow sixth formers, began to disperse. Clearly, they’d been listening from outside the door. Hilary and Rachel’s faces turned as red as their sore bottoms.

The End

© Maggie Crawford 2009