Texas Prison Justice

Debbie and her 17-year-old daughter Tiffany had recently moved to south Texas from Chicago, Illinois. They lived in a rough Chicago suburb. Tiffany was a tall, very skinny, out of control teenager. She was in and out of trouble too many times to count. Debbie had family in rural Texas and thought the slower pace of Texas may have a positive impact on Tiffany.

Debbie could see a bit of her former self in Tiffany. Tiffany was disrespectful to her and pretty much everyone else. Tiffany had been in trouble with the police several times in Chicago. There was so much crime that the minor vandalism and curfew violations caused by people like Tiffany just seemed to fall through the cracks of the courts. The courts were so busy with serious crimes that Tiffany never had been in any real trouble for the things she had did. Debbie herself had been in minor trouble throughout her teen years but had managed grow out of it over the years and wanted better for her daughter.

Soon after moving to Texas, Debbie could see that Tiffany had resorted back to her old ways. She soon made new friends, much like the ones she left behind in Chicago. They all seemed to be trouble makers.

About a week before her 18th birthday Tiffany was out way past her curfew. About 1.00 am there was loud knocking at Debbie’s door. It was the county sheriff deputy.

When Debbie answered the door the officer said, “Mrs Shelton, I am here to advise you that your daughter has been arrested. She and two of her male friends were spraying graffiti on a government building.”

“Oh my God! I am so sorry,” Debbie exclaimed. “I will be right down to the station to pick her up.”

“I am afraid it isn’t that simple. Tiffany will have to spend the night in the juvenile detention center and attend court in the morning before she can be released,” the officer advised.

“Back in Chicago, I could just go pick her up at the station and she was summoned to court at a later date,” Debbie exclaimed.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid this isn’t Chicago, this is Texas. Here we take vandalism to government property very seriously. She will spend the night at the Smith Juvenile Detention Center. Since the county only has an adult jail, the minors are sent to a private-run juvenile center in the next county,” the deputy advised.

The deputy handed Debbie the address of the juvenile center and the address and time of the hearing at the courthouse the next morning.

Debbie was in tears. Her little girl had finally gotten into more trouble than she could get out of. Debbie tossed and turned all night worrying about Tiffany.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was in handcuffs across town headed to a detention center. She was defiant about nearly everything the officers were asking of her.

“Let me go! My mom will be here to get me,” she yelled in between profanities.

Once at the Smith Juvenile Detention Center, Tiffany was booked in. She was then placed in a cell by herself and locked up for the night. Tiffany was amazed how mean the guards acted. They were strict and to the point. No non-sense. She was forced to be handcuffed until she was locked in the cell. She was still being defiant and yelling profanities. She was so mad that she couldn’t leave, she could hardly sleep.

The next morning finally came and Tiffany was led to the patrol car in handcuffs by Keisha, a guard at the detention center. Keisha was the head guard at the detention center, right under the warden, Ms Stephanie Jackson. Keisha was an extraordinarily large woman, towering over 6 foot tall and pure muscle. No inmate, female or male, gave Keisha much of a hassle.

The sheriff deputy made his way to the courtroom with Tiffany, escorted by Keisha. There were several cases to be heard. Two of them were Tiffany’s friends that were also arrested. Both of their cases were heard and each was released to their parents and a trial date set for their crimes. Debbie was in the courtroom waiting for Tiffany’s turn.

When it was Tiffany’s turn, the judge asked her the same questions as he had asked the others.

While he was speaking, Tiffany interrupted.

“Why was I forced to stay in that shit-hole of a jail last night? That was bullshit,” she screamed.

Debbie shouted, “Tiffany, please shut up while he is talking.”

The judge slammed his gavel down repeatedly. “Order! Order in my court! If either one of you have an outburst again, I will find you in contempt of my court.” He pointed at Tiffany. “Young lady, you have no respect for the property of this county, no respect for your mother, and no respect for this courtroom.”

“Go to hell!” Tiffany shouted.

“Lock her up,” the judge yelled. “Lock her up pending her trial in a week. She will be tried for vandalism and contempt of court.”

Tiffany was led away by Keisha and the deputy, still yelling profanities. The judge told Debbie that Tiffany would be held pending her trial in 7 days’ time. Tiffany was transported back to the detention center. She was then put in with the general population of female inmates.

The detention center housed inmates 21-years-old and younger, males on one side and females on the other. It was led by the warden, Ms Stephanie, as she was to be called. She was a petite blonde woman in her late 30s. Ms Stephanie never spoke directly to the inmates. Anything she wanted done she spoke to a guard and the guard then relayed it to the inmate.

Tiffany had trouble fitting in with the others. She was full of anger and discontent. The other girls just wanted to pass their time quickly and get out. The other girls could not believe the story Tiffany had told about the way she spoke to the judge.

“Girl, you should have better manners,” they told her. “He is the man deciding your fate. He will likely have it out for you.”

“What can he do? Just sentence me to this shit-hole,” Tiffany said angrily.

“He has ways to make you respect him,” one girl said. “I found out once and I don’t want to find out again,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Tiffany asked.

The girl just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

“What does she mean by that?” Tiffany asked again.

No one said a word.

Tiffany soon realized that her 18th birthday would be in a couple days. She would be in jail awaiting her trial.

‘Some way to turn 18,’ she thought.

This made her even more mad at the judge for keeping her locked up. Her 18th birthday came and went and then her trial day came. Kiesha came to her cell and handcuffed Tiffany’s hands behind her back, then led her to the waiting police car. Soon Tiffany, Kiesha and the police deputy arrived at the courtroom. Tiffany’s public defender was there to represent her.

After a short trial the judge found her guilty and sentenced her to 6 months for vandalism and another 3 months for contempt of court. Tiffany was livid. She started in on the judge. Her public defender tried to quiet her. He asked that Keisha remove her from the court room immediately before she caused herself anymore trouble. Tiffany was transported back to the detention center.

Later that day, the judge called the warden, Ms Stephanie, on the phone.

“Stephanie, I am sure you are aware of one of your newest inmates, Tiffany Shelton, I believe her name is, has shown no respect for the county, the court or myself. I am certain she has shown no respect to you or your staff either.

“I am also certain that, with your faculty being a privately owned facility, you appreciate every inmate that my county sends you and the income that comes along with housing them.

“I am certain that you have measures to teach these young people some respect. I assure you that young Ms Shelton is in need of some of these measures, if you know what I am getting at.

“I will stop by your facility on Saturday afternoon for a brief tour of your facility and also to witness your methods of assuring Ms Shelton is more respectful in the future.

“Looking forward to seeing you, Ms Stephanie,” the judge said as he hung up the phone.

Ms Stephanie alerted her staff to the upcoming visit from the circuit court judge on Saturday. They had the inmates cleaning and polishing the facility, although the inmates didn’t know why. Saturday came.

Shortly after lunch, a guard went to Tiffany’s cell and told her it was time for her shower.

“A shower on Saturday afternoon?” Tiffany asked.

“Shut your mouth, get up and come to the cell door,” the guard said boldly.

Tiffany knew the routine. As she approached the door she put her hands behind her back to be hand-cuffed. The guard led her to the shower area. Tiffany was told to strip and get her shower.

“How about a razor to shave with?” Tiffany asked.

“You don’t need to shave. You are not going on a date. Get your shower and get done,” the guard ordered, looking toward Tiffany’s naked body as she was entering the shower. “Girl, you need some meat on those bones. You are skinny as a rail. A little fat on that rear end of yours would probably help you out here in a bit.”

“What?” Tiffany asked.

“Just hurry up and get washed and get dressed,” the guard said, changing the subject.

After the shower, the guard pointed to Tiffany’s clothes that had been laid out for her. They were like scrubs a nurse would wear; loose-fitting top, a bra and normal scrub pants and panties.

After she was dressed, Tiffany put her hands behind her back to be cuffed to be led back to her cell.

“Front side, this time,” The guard barked.

“Huh?” Tiffany responded.

“Put your hands in front of you. I am hand-cuffing them on the front this time,” the guard said harshly.

The guard led Tiffany down a hall way she had never been down. She saw a sign on the door that said: ‘Warden - Stephanie Jackson’.

They entered this room. It was the warden’s office, a very nice big office with nice wood trim, hardwood floors and a huge oak desk. Various paintings hung on the wall. There were three other guards in the room along with Kisha. Ms Stephanie was also standing in front of her desk. Once Tiffany got into the room she spotted the judge sitting in a chair kind of behind the door they just came through.

The guard led her to the front of Ms Stephanie’s super-size oak desk as the warden moved from in front of it to the rear of the room near the judge. Stephanie then gave a nod of her head to the guards.

“Ms Shelton, you have shown no respect to anything in your whole life, it seems. Today’s lesson is on showing respect,” Kisha said sternly.

Ms Stephanie again nodded her head to the guards. Two guards on either side of Tiffany grabbed her by the arms.

Kisha pulled a large leather antique prison strap from the desk drawer. It was nearly 36 inches long and 3 inches across, made of 1/2 inch thick leather with a wooden handle. Engraved in the leather was ‘Respect’. It was now obvious to Tiffany why her hands were cuffed to her front and not back this time.

Tiffany gasped, “You can’t do this to me. It is against the law.”

The guards pulled Tiffany across the desk, one on each side, holding her down by her shoulders. Another guard came up behind her, stuck her fingers inside the waistband of her pants and pulled them down as another guard held her legs. The guard then tried to pull her panties down and could not get them to come down as she was held to the desk. The guard took a razor knife from her pocket and cut each side of the waist band and let them fall to Tiffany’s ankles.

Tiffany’s pale white tiny butt cheeks were pulled tight as she was held against the desk. Each leg was held tight by a guard and her shoulders were pinned down to the desk by another guard. Her hands were still cuffed beneath her. Her body was bent in a 90 degree angle and her legs spread apart about 15 inches. The judge and Ms Stephanie sat in the rear of the room behind her.

Kisha walked to the front of the desk with the prison strap in hand.

“Ten,” Ms Stephanie said firmly.

Kisha lifted the strap high and mighty and slammed it down across Tiffany’s petite bottom. A 3-inch wide crimson welt immediately appeared as Tiffany screamed. Kisha pulled the strap back and laid another 2 stokes down. The long strap wrapped around Tiffany’s bottom and stroked the side of her leg as it landed. She was so small that the 3-inch wide strap covered about half of her backside with each stroke.

Tiffany screamed in agony with each burning stroke of the strap. Kisha was landing each stroke as forcefully as she could. With Kisha being nearly 275 lbs and nearly all muscle, she was able to apply the strap with pure force. As she dealt stroke after stroke, Tiffany would scream in agony. After the tenth stroke, Tiffany’s rear was severely marked from the strapping.

The guards let go of Tiffany’s legs as she sobbed, with tears flowing down her face. The other guard release her shoulders and let her rise up. Tiffany stood up as Kisha laid the strap on the desk.

“Get your pants pulled up,” Kisha ordered.

Tiffany bent over and tried to pull her pants back up, but had trouble since she was still handcuffed. Tiffany pulled the front side up as Kisha lifted the back. As Kisha pulled the pants back up, she yanked the ripped panties out from her pants.

Once Kisha had helped get the pants all the way back up, she gave Tiffany a surprisingly hard smack on the bottom with the palm of her hand.

“Come on, get your ass back to your cell. We don’t have all day.”

As Kisha led Tiffany out of the room, Tiffany caught sight of the evil grin on the faces of the judge and Ms Stephanie.

The End

© Seymour Jay 2019