Three Mothers to the Rescue

Paula Gilmore was just about to take a glass of home-made lemonade out into her back yard to spend a peaceful hour or two reading her new book and sunbathing when her cellphone buzzed. The call was from a number she didn’t recognize.

“Hello, is that Mrs Paula Gilmore? I’m Sergeant Bob Temple from the Ailsbury PD.”

“Yes, I’m Paula Gilmore. Oh my god, what’s happened?”

“It’s okay, Mrs Gilmore. It’s just that we’ve picked up your daughter, Becca, and two of her friends down by the lake. Two of our officers found them with cans of alcohol and a small quantity of cannabis. They brought the girls into the station, more as a safety issue. We do, though, have to consider none of the girls are old enough to have possession of alcohol and cannabis is still an illegal substance. Are you able to come into the station so we can discuss the situation?”

“Yes, yes, of course. I’ll come straight there. I can be there in twenty minutes.”

“That would be fine, Mrs Gilmore. Drive safely and don’t rush. The girls are quite safe with us.”

Immediately the call ended, Paula was in a state of frenzy. She quickly rushed upstairs and changed out of her bikini and into bra and panties, and a bright yellow summer dress, pulled on shoes, found her purse and her car keys, and went down to her car. She cursed her daughter for getting into trouble with the police, and she cursed her husband, Tom, for being away on business for three months, leaving her to deal with this on her own.

The Saturday traffic into the town center was thankfully light, and she kept just to the speed limit thinking it would not be a good time to get pulled over for a speeding ticket. A parking space presented itself just thirty feet from the police station entrance and she pulled in next to a gold Honda.

“Paula? Not your Becca too?” She looked across at the gold car and saw the mother of Becca’s friend, Korey Jackson, getting out.

“Kathy? Hi. Yes, my Becca too!”

“You’d think those girls wouldn’t be dumb enough to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis in plain sight out by the lake, now wouldn’t you?”

“Up until now, yes. The officer who phoned me said there were three girls. Presumably the third girl is Alice Oldsmith?”

“This looks like Sally Oldsmith coming down the street, so I guess it must be.”

They were soon joined by Alice’s mother, Sally Oldsmith, and the women went into the police station together.

“May I help you ladies?” A smart young policeman asked as they approached the counter.

“Paula Gilmore, Sally Oldsmith, and I’m Kathy Jackson. We got phone calls to say you have our three daughters here.”

“So we do, ladies. Would you all take a seat? I’ll get someone along to see you.”

The three women went to sit on some metal-framed canvas chairs in the foyer while the young officer picked up a telephone and dialed an internal number. Five minutes later, a middle-aged male sergeant spoke briefly to the young officer and then approached them.

“Ladies, I’m Sergeant Bob Temple. Would you follow me please?”

They were taken through to a room towards the back of the police station that contained an office table and four chairs, three behind the table and one by the side.

“Please be seated. Your daughters will be along shortly.”

Sergeant Temple ushered the three mothers to sit behind the table while he sat to the side. They just got settled when the door opened and a young female officer led the three girls in and told them to stand against the wall opposite the table. Becca and Korey wore cut-down faded jeans and T-shirts, Alice wore full-length jeans and a crop top. All three had their wrists secured behind their backs with handcuffs, and they looked very sorry for themselves.

“We’ve given them coffee and cookies,” Sergeant Temple explained. “Now, we have to decide what to do with them.”

“Do we need lawyers, Sergeant?” Kathy Jackson asked.

“Not right now, but that could be something to consider later. We haven’t yet decided whether we are going to charge them. That kind of depends on how our little discussion here goes.”

“I’m sure I speak for all three of us when I say we’d do anything to avoid legal action, Sergeant,” Kathy continued, having adopted herself as their spokesperson. “Do they still need to be in those handcuffs?”

The sergeant smiled. “Let’s let them be for now. The thing is, ladies, there wasn’t a great deal of alcohol involved and they only had a tiny amount of cannabis, so this isn’t the crime of the century. That said, it probably wouldn’t do them any harm to get a good lesson in the error of their ways.”

“What is likely to be the outcome if you do charge them, Sergeant?” Sally Oldsmith interrupted.

“I’d reckon seven days community service.”

“What sort of community service, Sergeant?”

“We’d dress them up in orange jumpsuits and they’d go around the town picking up litter. Something like that anyway.”

“So, basically a menial task wearing those jumpsuits to humiliate them?”

“That’s about the size of it, ma’am.”

“Sergeant, you’ve kind of suggested there might be other ways they could be dealt with,” Kathy Jackson took back control of the conversation. “What’s your thinking on that?”

“Well ma’am, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s sensibilities.”

“I think our sole concern here is to get our daughters out of the trouble they find themselves in, Sergeant. I don’t think you need worry your head about our sensibilities.”

“Okay ma’am. This is Texas and we all know parents like to keep a certain order in their households.”

“Like parental discipline, do you mean, Sergeant?”

Sergeant Temple’s eyes brightened. “Yes, that kind of thing, ma’am.”

Kathy Jackson looked at each of the two mothers sitting alongside her. Both seemed vague on where the discussion was heading. The three girls also seemed confused.

“Sergeant, just suppose, for argument’s sake, you knew these girls would each be getting their butts spanked when they got home, would that affect your decision whether to prosecute or not?”

The sergeant smiled. “I do believe you’ve caught my drift, ma’am.”

“So, can we be certain we understand each other? If we promise to chastise our daughters appropriately when we get them home, can we be assured you won’t charge them?”

As soon as Kathy Jackson mentioned the word ‘chastise’, a look of horror immediately appeared on each of the three girls, whereas a broad grin broke out across the sergeant’s face. “You certainly can.”

“While I don’t think us mothers would have much of an argument with that course of action,” Kathy continued. “I’m mindful our girls are all seventeen-years-old and may have their own views on the matter. Could we have a few minutes to talk this over with them, Sergeant?”

“Of course. I’ll give you ten minutes.” The sergeant beckoned the female officer and they both left the room.

“Mom, what are you planning?” Korey Jackson led the protests.

“Mom, surely you’re not thinking what Mrs Jackson appears to be contemplating?” Becca Gilmore added.

Alice Oldsmith simply gave her mother a quizzical look.

“Girls!” Mrs Jackson silenced them. “You heard what the sergeant said. You can be charged, and you’ll likely get seven days community service which you’ll spend in orange jumpsuits picking up litter around town, or something like that. Against that, you can have us tan your butts. It looks like the sergeant is willing to let you have a choice.”

“Surely there has to be some other alternative, mom,” Becca appealed to her own mother.

“I didn’t hear the sergeant offering a whole load of choices, Becca. You might have to work with what you’ve got.”

A general discussion broke out where nobody could hear exactly what was being said, although most prominent was the girls’ protestations.

“Hold on!” Kathy Jackson held her hand up for silence. “Let’s take this one stage at a time. Do any of you girls have a preference for community service, bearing in mind what that would entail? The sergeant seemed to be quite certain that’s what you’d get if you went to court, and he would know.”

The three mothers looked at their daughters, who had suddenly gone silent.

“Okay, so does anyone favor letting us deal with you, knowing it’s going to mean a spanking of some sort?”

“Maybe you could tell the sergeant we’re going with that option, but not actually spank us?” Becca asked, looking directly at her mother.

“I would not feel comfortable lying, Becca,” Sally Oldsmith answered before Paula Gilmore had a chance.

“Me neither,” Kathy Jackson added.

“And I’m certainly not going to lie to the sergeant, Becca,” her own mother confirmed. “If I give my word I’m going to spank you, then you’re going to find sitting down a mite less comfortable immediately we get home.”

Becca blushed.

“Just thinking out loud,” Kathy began. “We probably should make some kind of effort to ensure each of the girls gets much the same punishment if we do deal with them at home.”

“How do we do that?” Sally asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“I guess we could all go back to my place,” Paula Gilmore offered. “My husband is away on business, so we’d have the place to ourselves. If we deal with our own daughters, but do it in front of the other two mothers, then we could get close to equal punishment for all three.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Sally Oldsmith nodded thoughtfully.

“I could go along with that,” Kathy confirmed. “Maybe we should set a punishment so the girls know the alternative we’re offering? Then they can decide which punishment is preferable, the spanking or the community service.”

“What do you suggest?” Sally asked.

“I’d say ten licks with a paddle, or maybe a leather strap.”

The three daughters looked worried, but none of them said anything.

“Do we have a paddle or a leather strap?” Paula asked.

“I still have an old leather strap my daddy used to use on me and my two sisters,” Kathy offered.

“So, we’re agreed on ten licks each with that old leather strap of yours, are we?” Paula sought confirmation.

The two other mothers agreed.

“Okay, girls, you heard that. Seven days of community service or ten licks of a leather strap. What do you girls think?” Kathy looked up at the three girls. “Better not think too long about it. The sergeant must be due back any moment now.”

Her daughter, Korey, shrugged her shoulders, looked briefly at her two friends, and said, “I guess I’ll take the spanking, mom.”

“Me too,” Alice Oldsmith quickly added.

“Becca?” Mrs Gilmore asked her daughter, the one girl who seemed undecided.

“I don’t like either choice, mom.”

“There’s nothing else on offer, honey. It’s a spanking or we get you fitted out for an orange jumpsuit, and orange isn’t really your color.”

“Come on, Becca,” Korey Jackson encouraged. “Getting your ass whupped isn’t the end of the world, and you’d die of shame if you had to spend seven days walking around town wearing that orange jumpsuit. You know you would.”

Becca thought about it for some seconds. “Okay, count me in.”

“So, are we all agreed?” Kathy looked around.

One by one, the three mothers and their three daughters all gave their approval. Barely thirty seconds later, Sergeant Temple returned. Mrs Jackson acted as spokesperson and told the sergeant they had all reached agreement. The girls would be taken to Paula Gilmore’s house straight from the police station and given ten licks of an old leather strap.

“A wise decision, ladies,” the sergeant remarked, turning to both mothers and daughters. “Let me get these girls out of their handcuffs and then you can take them away with you.”

It took just a couple of minutes for the handcuffs to be removed, and then the sergeant showed them out of the police station. They decided Korey would travel in the Gilmore’s car direct to their house, while Mrs Jackson would stop by her house to pick up the leather strap that was going to be used on the three girls. Alice and Sally Oldsmith would follow the Gilmore car.

“So, have you had this leather strap your mother’s gone to fetch?” Becca asked, sitting with Korey on the back seat of the car, whispering so her mother wouldn’t hear.

“A couple of times, when I’ve really messed up. Normally, she just uses her hand to spank me.” Korey thought about what she had just said and quickly added, “Not that she does it that often.”

“I guess it really smarts, huh, that leather strap?”

“Oh yeah, that old belt really lights your butt up.”

“Just what I need!”

“You want some more bad news? My mom reckons it has to be used on a bare butt to be at all effective.”



“This just gets worse!”

“Having felt it, I’d still probably go for it over a seven-day stint cleaning up the town in an orange jumpsuit.”

“Even when it meant getting it on your bare ass?”


Mrs Gilmore pretended not to hear any of the girls’ conversation, although in reality she heard every word. She found it hard not to smile. At least Becca was concerned enough for the punishment to likely prove effective. A short sharp shock wouldn’t do her any harm in the long term.

They arrived at the Gilmore house. Kathy parked their car close to the garage doors and Sally and Alice followed them on to the driveway. Kathy and Sally went into the kitchen to organize coffee and juice, and a few sandwiches, while Becca took Korey and Alice up to her bedroom.

“Important news!” Becca hissed in Alice’s ear.

“What news?” Alice asked when they were in Becca’s room with the door closed.

“Korey reckons this leather strap her mom has gone to fetch is only effective if applied to a bare butt.”



“So, not only are we getting spanked, we’re getting spanked on our bare butts?”

“I think we have to seriously consider the possibility,” Korey added.

“I do not like that idea,” Alice stated. “I do not like that thought at all.”

“The thing is, would you prefer doing community service and all that entails?” Becca asked.

“I think I’d stick with the spanking, even on my bare backside,” Korey confirmed.

“Yes, me too, I think,” Becca added. “It’ll be humiliating enough having our moms spank us bare bottomed, but still not like if we were seen around town in those awful orange jumpsuits. Then the whole town would know we were being punished.”

“So, like a humiliating punishment in front of our moms rather than a humiliating punishment in front of everyone?” Alice asked.

“That’s how I’m looking at it,” Becca replied.

Another car pulled onto the driveway.

“Sounds like your mom’s here,” Becca added.

“Should we go down?” Alice asked.

“Yes, let’s,” Korey confirmed. “Better we’re part of any discussions than having them plot away together without us having an input.”

The three mothers had congregated in the Gilmore’s front lounge. Kathy Jackson was showing the other two mothers a two-foot long, three-inch wide, brown leather strap. Their three daughters froze when they saw it.

“This is my daddy’s old belt,” Kathy held the belt for anyone who wanted to take a look. “He used to wear it every day and eventually the buckle part came away so he cut it down to make the ideal spanking implement you see before you today.”

“I guess that should do the job,” Paula assessed.

“You used to get spanked with that?” Sally asked. “I bet that smarted.”

“It sure did,” Kathy confirmed, her face reddening despite her smile.

“That looks mean!” Alice declared.

“Yeah,” Becca agreed.

“Hey girls,” Paula Gilmore turned to them. “Help yourselves to coffee or juice, and there’s sandwiches in the kitchen.”

“Maybe later, mom?” Becca suggested.

“They’re probably more concerned about when they’re getting their spankings, Paula,” Sally Oldsmith added, with a sympathetic look at the three girls.

“Oh, okay. I can draw the curtains and we can get straight on with it. Is that what you’d prefer, girls?” Paula asked.

The girls looked at each other, shrugged shoulders and looked blank, but no one actually took it upon themselves to ask for the spankings to commence.

“Let’s get organized,” Kathy Jackson took the lead. “We have the implement. We’ve already agreed on ten licks each. We need somewhere for them to bend over. Maybe we could use the back of your sofa, Paula? It seems to be about the right height and firm enough, yet comfortably padded.”

“Yes, fine with me, Kathy.”

“Okay, so we have the implement and somewhere for you girls to bend over. What else do we need?”

Paula Gilmore looked at Becca and Alice, and only just managed to avoid smiling. “Are we going to let them take their spankings wearing those jeans, back pockets and all?”

“Good point, Paula,” Kathy Jackson replied. “No, a leather strap like this is only really effective if given across a bare butt.”

“I had heard that,” Paula told her. “I’m not sure where.”

“Yes, we’ll definitely need them to lower their jeans and panties.”

“Judging by the looks on their faces,” Sally Oldsmith observed. “The idea of having to show us their cute little butts hasn’t come as any great surprise.”

Kathy and Paula immediately looked at the three girls. None of them looked fazed by the idea.

“I guess these girls talk about such stuff amongst their friends,” Sally added by way of an explanation.

“Do we get them to strip off down here?” Kathy asked.

“We could, or we could send them up to Becca’s room and undress up there,” Paula suggested. “They might prefer that. Then they could get themselves organized into the order they want to come down and get their spanking. It doesn’t make any difference to us which order we spank them.”

“How much do we have to strip off?” Becca asked.

“Again, up to you girls. I was just thinking you might not want to be standing in front of us all while you unfasten your jeans and take them down along with your panties. You could come down in your panties, or you could just come down with a top on. Your choice. Any more questions?”

The three girls all looked somewhat bewildered, but none had anything they wanted to ask.

“Okay, then I suggest you get yourselves on up to Becca’s room and get yourselves organized. The first girl can come down when she’s ready.”

The discussion seeming to be over, Becca led her two friends out of the lounge and up to her room. The three mothers immediately set about moving the furniture around so the sofa was in the middle of the room and the girls could come straight in the door, go straight up to the back of the sofa and bend over. A small table was placed handily to hold the leather strap, ready for use.

“I was surprised the girls didn’t protest more about our plan to spank them on their bare backsides,” Sally Oldsmith commented as she helped shift the sofa.

“I guess Korey knew what to expect,” replied Kathy.

“Yes, they were discussing it in the car on the drive home,” Paula explained. “They whispered so I couldn’t hear, but I managed to get most of it. Are we all ready now?” Paula Gilmore switched the lighting on and closed the curtains. “We just need the first girl now.”

Upstairs, the girls all sat on the edge of Becca’s bed.

“You were certainly correct about us getting spanked on our bare butts, Korey,” Becca remarked.

“I thought they expected us to protest about that,” Alice added. “I think my mom was surprised I didn’t argue.”

“Maybe your two moms might have been surprised,” Korey said. “My mom would expect me to know from past experience.”

“So, who wants to go first?” Becca asked.

“Not me,” Alice replied instantly.

“You’re going to have to face it sooner or later, Alice,” Becca told her.

“Maybe I should go first,” Korey suggested. “You know, having been whupped with it before?”

“Okay,” Becca agreed. “Then shall I go second and let you go third, Alice?”

“I guess,” Alice confirmed.

“Reckon I’ll leave these here,” Korey said as she started unfastening her faded blue cut-down jeans. She kicked her shoes off to facilitate peeling her jeans over her feet.

“You won’t need your shoes,” Becca said. “It’s carpet all the way.”

Korey was now dressed in just brief pink panties and her red T-shirt, which she rolled up to just show the lower trimming of her matching pink bra. She stood up and tried to cover as much of her bottom as the brief panties would allow, which did not include the lower portions or the highest parts.

“Okay. So, I guess I’m ready. Leave me space on your bed for me to lie face down, Becca!”

Korey left the room and the remaining two girls listened to her footsteps pounding down the stairs.

“She won’t really have to lie face down, will she?” Alice asked hysterically. “I mean, it’s not going to be that bad, is it?”

“Aw, I don’t know, Alice. Obviously, it’s going to hurt a whole lot more than if we were face-down over our mothers’ laps with them patting our bottoms using the palms of their hands. But I’ve never been spanked with a leather belt before.”

Downstairs, Korey walked straight through the open door into the lounge and saw the back of the sofa in the center of the room and facing her. Seeing Korey, Kathy Jackson stepped forward and picked up the leather belt.

“You wanted to get it over with, huh?” She addressed her daughter.

“Something like that mom. Where do you want me?”

“Hey, looks like you’ve come well prepared. Just drop your panties and bend over right here,” she replied, patting the top rail of the sofa.

Korey wasted no time in approaching the back of the sofa. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her pink panties and slipped them down to her knees with a courtesy-like dip. As she placed herself across the top rail of the sofa, her panties slipped all the way down to her ankles. Korey, being taller than the other two girls, managed to easily bend across the back of the sofa and still have the soles of her feet flat on the carpet. She also managed to fold her arms and place them on the seat cushion.

Her mother, holding the leather belt, moved round behind her, as did the other two mothers.

Korey looked round to her right and realised Paula Gilmore and Sally Oldsmith had moved simply to get a better view of her bare bottom. A brief glance to her left showed her mother was already lining up the first lick.

“Okay mom, do what you have to,” Korey said in a show of bravado.

Mrs Jackson immediately laid the leather strap across the center of Korey’s backside right where she intended to administer the first stroke. Three seconds later, the strap whipped Korey’s bottom. She grunted shrilly and jerked, but soon held still again. Her mother repeated the process, this time aiming the stroke slightly higher. It had a similar effect.

“Reckon Korey’s been in that position before?” Sally quietly asked Paula.

“Looks like it. Probably for a spanking with the same strap.”

They watched as Kathy slowly and steadily applied stroke after stroke to her daughter’s bottom, each carefully weighed up, each with similar force. After five strokes, the girl’s bottom was already looking quite red in color.

“You doing okay, Korey?” Sally Oldsmith asked, just as the sixth stroke hit the center of the girl’s bottom.

“Fine, thank you, Mrs Oldsmith,” Korey replied, her face screwed up against the pain.

“Not the first time I’ve had to do this,” Kathy Jackson explained with a smile to the other two mothers.

“Your experience shows, mom,” Korey remarked.

“Not a good time to get cheeky, Darlin’,” Kathy responded, and immediately lashed Korey’s bottom again.


Meanwhile, upstairs Becca and Alice were out on the landing listening to everything taking place down in the lounge.

“That belt sure sounds loud, don’t it?” Becca noted.

Alice didn’t reply.

“How many has she had now? I think that was the eighth, so just two to go.”

“You’d better think about getting ready,” Alice said.

“I guess. Oh god!”

Becca sat down on the edge of her bed and took off her shoes. She stood back up and started unfastening the top button and zip at the front of her cut-down jeans. Letting the garment drop to the floor, she stepped out of the jeans, bent down and picked them up. After folding them neatly, she placed the jeans on top of a chest of drawers and turned to face Alice.

“How do I look?”

Alice ran her eyes over Becca’s dark blue T-shirt that was long enough to reach down to the middle of her thighs.

“That shirt’s long enough to call a dress. You got panties underneath?”

“Of course!” Becca lifted up the hem of her T-shirt to reveal brief white panties. “I guess I could either roll the T-shirt up and keep my panties on or keep the shirt long and take my panties off now. Or go down just as I am. What do you think?”

“I’m thinking this isn’t a fashion show, Becca.”


They were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing and footsteps on the stairs. Then the door to the bedroom opened and Korey entered.


Korey almost dived face-down onto the bed and pushed her pink panties down.

“My butt is on fire!” she declared. “Becca, you’re wanted downstairs for your turn.”

“Wow! Your bottom is really sore-looking!” Alice exclaimed.

“It feels really sore! Becca, do you have some nice cold lotion?”

“Yes, I’ll get it for you.”

Becca opened a drawer and pulled out a white tube.

“Here, try this.”

Korey took the tube, unscrewed the cap and started applying a small amount of ointment to her sore buttocks.

“Ah, that definitely helps!”

“You better get going, Becca,” Alice advised.

“I guess.” Becca wavered. “Might as well copy you, Korey.” She rolled her T-shirt up to chest level, leaving her midriff bare and just her brief white cotton panties below.

“Good to go,” Alice commented.

“Yes, um, I guess I’m ready,” Becca continued prevaricating.

“See you in a few minutes then,” Alice said.

“Oh, I don’t want to do this!”

Becca did, though, leave the room and start down the stairs. Her bare feet pounded down, alerting the three mothers in the lounge that a second girl was on her way. When Becca opened the lounge door, she found the back of the sofa directly in front of her and the three mothers gaping at her.

“Hi, mom,” Becca murmured softly, needing something to say and trying to sound relaxed.

“Stand here, Becca,” Mrs Gilmore pointed to the center of the sofa’s top rail.

“Here?” Becca asked unnecessarily.

“That’s fine, honey. Now, slip your panties down and bend over.”

Becca inserted her thumbs into the waistband of her brief panties, took a deep breath and said, “Here goes.”

With the panties now nestling around her ankles, she bent over the back of the sofa, finding she needed to stand on tip-toe to keep her toes in touch with the carpet. She wriggled around, trying to get comfortable.

“That’s fine, honey. I can work with that,” her mother told her as she picked up the leather belt.

Becca held still. Any attempt at delay now would only prolong the anticipation. She felt the leather strap resting against the center of her bottom. When it finally left contact, she knew any second now she was going to feel an intense shock.

“Ahh!” The strap lashed across Becca’s backside and stung wickedly. She arched her back instinctively.

“Uuhn!” A fresh dose of pain shot across her bottom, and her eyes started to water.

With just four or five seconds between applications of the strap, Mrs Gilmore continued to spank her daughter. Becca felt the initial stings against a background of ever increasing soreness as the strap continued to whip her naked backside. Reaching down, Becca was able to grab hold of the front edge of the seat cushion, and she held on tightly.

After around five or six strokes, Becca became a little more conscious of her surroundings. Looking round to her right, she could see the other two mothers watching keenly as her mother continued to apply the spanking. Had her mother and Mrs Oldsmith watched with similar captivation when Korey was bent across the back of the sofa? She presumed they had.

Now Becca closed her eyes and lay there taking hard smack after hard smack, just allowing it to hurt and for her bottom to get ever sorer. There was nothing else she could do. And then the spanking stopped. She looked round. Her mother was placing the leather strap back on the side table.

“Okay honey, you’re done.”

Becca immediately eased herself back and off the top rail of the sofa until she could feel her feet firmly back on the carpet. She explored the damage done to her bottom with her left hand while resting her right hand on the top rail.

“I hope you learned your lesson from that, Becca,” her mother said.

“No doubt about that, mom.” Becca rubbed her bottom more enthusiastically. “You certainly give a girl a good spanking, mom.”

“I’m so glad you’re satisfied, young lady!” Mrs Gilmore tried to return what she thought was sarcasm.

“Oh, I am. I am!”

“Don’t you want to get back with your friends?”

“Good idea,” she replied as she pulled her brief white panties back up.

As Becca turned and started to leave the room, Mrs Oldsmith said, “Please tell Alice to get down here and not keep us waiting.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Becca climbed the stairs slowly, her left hand continuing to massage her sore bottom, now through the thin cotton material of her panties. She entered her room and found Korey and Alice both sitting on the side of her bed.

“You’re wanted, Alice.”

“I’m not sure I can do this,” Alice whimpered.

“I’ve been telling her she doesn’t have a choice,” Korey explained as she looked up at Becca.

“Well, no. Hey Alice, it’s just a spanking. That’s all. No big deal. Our mothers want to give us a stern warning about our future behavior, that’s all. They don’t hate us or anything.”

“No,” Korey added. “They’re doing it because they love us and care about us. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t bother. They’d just let us go to court and we’d get ordered to spend time around town in those orange jumpsuits.”

“Yes, but it hurts!”

“Yes, there is that,” Becca answered. “I guess that’s just the downside of a spanking.”

“Oh, what am I going to do?” Alice wailed.

“Stand up,” Becca ordered.

“What for?” Alice asked, although she hesitantly got to her feet.

“Let’s get your jeans off.”

Becca straightaway started unfastening the button securing the waistband of Alice’s jeans.

“Please don’t do this,” moaned Alice, although she made no attempt to stop her jeans being undone, nor did she resist when Becca pulled them down her legs.

“Lose the shoes,” Becca commanded.

Alice eased her shoes off and then cooperated with her jeans being threaded over first one foot and then the other.

“Panties off?” Becca asked Korey, looking at Alice’s crop top.

“Panties off,” Korey confirmed.

“Hey! Just a minute,” Alice protested. “With this crop top, I’ll be naked from my chest down!”

“So?” Becca asked. “You’re only going from here to the lounge. It’ll save you having to take them down yourself.”

Korey grabbed Alice’s hands and held them behind her back, while Becca gently took down Alice’s pale blue panties. When they were around the girl’s ankles, Becca smacked Alice’s foot, signifying she wanted her to lift her foot. She complied and Becca was able to finally remove the girl’s underwear completely.

“I can’t go down the stairs without panties on!” Alice argued again.

“Yes, you can. Anyway, you have no choice now,” Korey pointed out.

“This isn’t fair!” Alice moaned.

“Alice, just get going!”

“Can’t I borrow a T-shirt? A long one?”

“No! Now, get down there and get yourself spanked!” Becca slapped Alice’s naked bottom and pushed her towards the door.

“This is so not fair!” Alice protested.

When Becca made a move to give Alice’s bottom another smack, the girl almost leapt out the door. Having now left the bedroom, Alice continued down the stairs, slowly taking each stair at a time. She quietly opened the door to the lounge and stopped dead as the three mothers all turned to stare at her.

“Come on in, Alice,” her own mother said gently.

Alice, though, was staring at the leather strap her mother was holding.

“There’s no point you standing there gawping, Alice,” Mrs Oldsmith continued. “You’ve got a spanking you need to take and it’s not going to get any easier however much you try and delay things.”

Alice knew what her mother said made sense, yet she approached the back of the sofa very cautiously.

“You certainly came prepared, Alice,” Paula Gilmore commented as she stared at the girl’s bare bottom.

“She did, didn’t she?” Sally Oldsmith added with a smile. “Bend over, darling.”

Alice spared herself the embarrassment of telling Mrs Gilmore the other two girls had removed her underwear for her. Being the shortest of the three girls, she took a small jump up onto the back rail of the sofa and dived her head down towards the cushion.

“Good girl!” Her mother remarked.

With her daughter’s naked bottom perfectly placed for the spanking, Mrs Oldsmith swung the strap back and then sharply forward so it slapped sharply against the exposed target.

“Yoouch!! That hurts, mom.”

“It’s supposed to,” Sally Oldsmith responded unsympathetically as she lined up the next stroke.


Mrs Oldsmith continued to spank her daughter slowly and rhythmically, leaving around eight to ten seconds between each swat. Alice cupped her hands around the leading edge of the sofa’s cushion and hung on tight. The leather strap was scorching and stinging her bottom. It hurt and she was already feeling very sore. At least she would be able to go back to her friends with a bottom as sore-looking as theirs. Somehow, having a bottom equally as sore as theirs had become important to her.

Just when Alice was really hurting and beginning to feel she couldn’t take much more, the spanking stopped.

“Okay, that’s your lot, Alice.”

It took some moments for her mother’s words to sink in, but then Alice slowly eased herself off the top rail of the sofa, back onto the carpet. She grasped both buttocks with her hands, ignoring the tears that continued to roll down her face.

“Can I go back upstairs, ma’am?” Alice asked respectfully.

“Of course.”

Alice quickly turned and almost ran up the stairs and into Becca’s bedroom. Her two friends were both dressed and waiting for her.

“How’d it go?” Korey asked.

Becca grabbed a bunch of tissues and handed them to Alice to wipe her face.

“It hurt!” Alice sobbed as she wiped her face.

“Looks like your mom concentrated on the lower parts of your backside,” Becca said as she stooped down to inspect Alice’s bottom. “You’ll live,” she added with a pat on the right buttock. “Maybe sitting comfortably won’t be your thing for a while.”

“Ouch! Don’t do that!”

Downstairs, the three mothers were congratulating themselves on a job well done.

“I think we got it about right,” Kathy Jackson said.

“Yeah, we spanked them enough for what they did, but not too much either,” Paula Gilmore added.

“And we kept them out of the court, and the orange jumpsuits,” Sally Oldsmith confirmed.

“Yes, good job all round,” agreed Kathy.

“Do you think they’re still speaking to us?” Paula asked.

“Hey, they ought to be grateful to us for spanking them instead of letting the law deal with them,” Kathy joked. “Still, maybe we could buy doughnuts.”

“Or I’ve got all the makings of a barbecue. I could soon fire up and get cooking,” Paula suggested. “Which do you think they’d prefer?”

“I’ll go ask them,” Sally offered. “I’d like to see how Alice is doing.”

Mrs Oldsmith went up the stairs and looked through the open door into Becca’s bedroom. She found her daughter lying face-down across Becca’s lap having cold cream rubbed into her naked bottom. She took a couple of steps back and coughed discreetly. When she looked in again, she found all three girls standing and looking a little awkwardly.

“Do you girls want doughnuts or a barbecue?”

“Both would be good, mom,” Alice said cheekily.

The End

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