Some Submission Guidelines

Fictional short stories from both experienced and novice writers are always welcomed, and we are always happy to offer assistance if needed. These guidelines are not exhaustive, so please feel free to contact Kenny at kennywalters@hotmail.com if you have any questions or need further information. Submitted stories should be sent to the same email address.

The type of story we’re looking for:

Stories must have the punishment of females as the main theme, whether it is school, judicial or domestic punishment. They must be disciplinary in nature. Husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, fun spankings, etc are not suitable for this website.

Realism is a key feature of our stories, whether or not they reflect what is actually happening in the world today. For example, judicial corporal punishment does not happen in many parts of the world now, but a story featuring it in a country where it does not happen might well make a good story. Punishments should be realistic. Excessive punishments do not work for us.

Some writers create their stories completely from their imagination, others from memories experiencing or observing corporal punishment. Some writers like their readers to know this, others don’t. Either is fine with us, but knowing that a story has a factual basis can enhance a story’s appeal. Never use the names of real people, places, products, etc as this can potentially cause problems.

Most punishments in our stories feature the implement being used on the bottom, but some UK schools did also cane on the hand and there are some schools around the world continuing this practice. It can still make for a good story.

Main characters should ideally be over 18-years-old, although slightly younger ages (17, maybe even 16) will be considered if the story really demands it.

Old-style stories of males punishing females on their bare bottoms, as in male headmasters caning female students on their bare bottoms, for example, are not accepted. Even fifty years ago, such action would likely result in criminal proceedings, and this type of story, even though totally fictitious, gets instantly condemned by our present day audience.

Our Readers:

More than half of our readers are female, and that is something writers need to consider. Stories need to be respectful of women and indeed all people.

Also, the site has so far reached over 80 countries, and many readers do not have English as a first language. Please make sure that any regional words and phrases you intend using are either carefully explained, or maybe they’d be better omitted.

Format to use:

We can accept most formats, although very occasionally one catches us out and we may have to ask for a story to be submitted in a different form. The most popular ways to send a story are either as an attachment to an email (Microsoft Word being probably the easiest to handle) or as text in the body of an email.

Please use standard margins and layouts. Arial 12 point is a good font for us, but not essential.

Also show your pen name after the title at the start of the story and also at the end. We have a large number of writers who submit stories to us and remembering whose pen name is whose can be challenging.

Kenny Walters